Online:Intimidating Presence

Elder Scrolls Online: Skills: Fighters Guild
ON-icon-skill-Fighters Guild-Intimidating Presence.png Intimidating Presence
Line Fighters Guild
Skill Rank Line Rank
Rank I 1 1
Intimidating Presence: Allows you to Intimidate NPCs in conversation. Reduces the Stamina cost of your Fighters Guild abilities by 15%.

Intimidating Presence allows you to use intimidation options in conversation, which can reduce the leg-work in some quests. It also allows you to rob from some merchants you may find on the road, which can earn you the Crime Pays achievement. Intimidation options are easily recognized, as they begin with the text: "[Intimidate]", and are usually in red text. Since Update 12(?), it also reduces the Stamina cost of all Fighters Guild abilities.


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