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Online:Order of the New Moon (faction)

Elder Scrolls Online: Factions
Ra'khajin, Dragon Priest of the New Moon
A cult member consumed by aeonstone

The Order of the New Moon (also called the New Moon Cult) is a Khajiiti Dragon Cult that worships a Dragon named Laatvulon. They are dedicated to helping Laatvulon's master Kaalgrontiid ascend to become a new moon called the Dark Eon, and shift their worship to Kaalgrontiid after Laatvulon's death.


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Shared DialogueEdit

During Order of the New Moon, several members of the Order will call out to you as you escape the fortress.

"You won't leave this fortress alive!"
"Stop them!"
"By the New Moon's light, I will end you!"
"Don't let them get away!"
"Intruders! After them!"
"You'll make a fine sacrifice to the New Moon!"
"Stop them!"

During The Dark Aeon, several cultists will sacrifice themselves at the aeonstone ritual sites on Dragonhold.

"Our lives for the Dark Aeon!"

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