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Hello, I am Vordur Steel-Hammer and I'm from Poland. I'm mainly interested in the integrity of the lore, especially in creating "bridges" between ESO and the previous content. If you find something interesting (eg. an inconsistency or an unusual reference), let me know!



Maps of all currently known Ayleid and Dwemer Ruins:

The map of Dwemer ruins does not include unnamed ruins inside caves (Sightless Pit, Tolvald's Cave). Also, Bamz-Amschend is marked where Mournhold is in ESO, not where it is on the background map.

Complete maps of the provinces of Valenwood and High Rock circa 2E 582:

A map showing boat and carriage travel routes and zone transition points in ESO:

Landscape map of TamrielEdit

This rough map is an attempt to summarize all the current geographical knowledge of Tamriel. I will try to update it as new regions in ESO are released.

Landscape map of Tamriel

Below are the maps showing all Ayleid and Dwemer ruins using the Landscape Map as a base:

Fictional lorebooksEdit

  • On the Diversity of Tamrielic Climate by Vordur Steel-Hammer, geographer of the United Explorers of Scholarly Pursuits — An overview of theories explaining the diversity of the climate of Tamriel
  • Mountain Ranges of Tamriel by Vordur Steel-Hammer, geographer of the United Explorers of Scholarly Pursuits — A description of the most important mountain ranges in Tamriel
  • The Mysteries of Mallarisel by Vordur Steel-Hammer of the United Explorers of Scholarly Pursuits — A report of an expedition to an Ayleid ruin
  • The Tale of Rorvik the Unlucky by Fjoknir Snow-Sage, Historian for the Court of Jarl Hjurgol Skjoralmor of Falkreath — A tale of an unlucky Nord who turned his fate around
  • On the Architecture of the Summerset Isles by Vordur Steel-Hammer, Scholar of the United Explorers of Scholarly Pursuits — A treatise about the architecture of the Summerset Isles and its historical implications
  • On the Languages of Tamriel by Vordur Steel-Hammer, Scholar of the United Explorers of Scholarly Pursuits — Historical conclusions of the study of Tamrielic languages
  • Sun's Height Report by Gilradhel of House Ravenwatch — A monthly report of the activities of a House Ravenwatch agent
  • The Aetherial Mirror — A series of books about the retrieval of an ancient artifact
  • Schools of Magic: A Scholar's View by Vordur Steel-Hammer, Scholar of the United Explorers of Scholarly Pursuits — A treatise upon the concept of the schools of magic in the eyes of a non-mage scholar

Roleplay resourcesEdit

This link leads to a list of texts used in past and future roleplayed stories.

Architectural styles in ESOEdit

Interesting stuff found in the ESO master text fileEdit

  • There are whole quests and dialogues from the zone in the southern Summerset Isle, which contains the cities of Sunhold and Dusk. The mentioned places include: Sunhold, Dusk, Varyllis, Isque and the Harmonium Fortress. From what I've been able to extract, is seems that the questline revolves about defending the area from a major Maormer invasion and acquiring some objects called "Batons of Fidelity" for Queen Ayrenn (which suggests that this zone is an extra AD zone and not another neutral Adventure Zone)
  • There are dozens of names of unknown dungeon-like places. One particularly interesting place is Norenen-dur, a Daedric shrine beneath Mournhold previously seen in Tribunal.
  • The isle of Cybiades. It was likely to be the setting of the Thieves Guild DLC before it was changed to Hew's Bane.
  • Quest objective "Rescue the Imga Chieftain". Imga coming to ESO?
  • Names of the future zones:
    • Sunforge (this one is actually mentioned in the game, in one of the letters from Madam Firilanya)
    • The Reach
    • The Weeping Desert
    • Hjaalmarch
    • Whiterun Hold
    • The Pale
    • Falkreath Hold (misspelled "Falkearth" in the file)
    • Gold Coast (already in the game)
    • Colovian Highlands
    • Tenmar
    • Quin-rawl
    • Anequina
    • Blackwood
    • Dregmire
    • Nibenay Valley
    • Nibenay
    • Southern Marsh (Thornmarsh?)
    • Topal Island
    • Velothi Highlands (Blacklight area?)

Cities and towns of Tamriel existing in or before 2E 582Edit

This table lists the most important towns and cities of Tamriel, which were mentioned or appeared in the games set in Third Era AND exist in or before the time of ESO, along with at least one source mentioning each of them. Green fields indicate ESO-specific sources, yellow fields indicate earlier books which reappear in ESO.

Places from Arena and Daggerfall reappearing in later titlesEdit

Note: Markwasten Moor is mentioned in ESO-specific books as the site of the final battle in which Ranser's troops were defeated, which would mean it's an alternative name for Traitor's Tor. Howewer, there is also a subzone in Rivenspire named Westmark Moor, which is similar enough to suggest that Markwasten Moor was an earlier name for this subzone, which was changed later in the development.