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Type Island
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Region Iliac Bay
Appears in Daggerfall, ESO
Map of Betony circa 3E 405

The Isle of Betony,[1] called Betnikh by the Orcs,[2] is a strategically important island in the Iliac Bay, off the coast of Daggerfall.[3]

Besides being a prosperous fishing island,[1] Betony is also known for its lush, fertile interior. Its habitat includes the rare and exotic sixteen-eyed Habanoo caterpillar.[4] Perhaps because of this rich reputation, it has been a frequent target of pirates and others throughout the years.[3] Any would-be attackers must face Betony's steep cliffs and defensible nature, which may have inspired early legends claiming it was home to a mighty rock monster that flung its craggy spines into the sea, threatening sailors who drifted too close. The dominant vampire bloodline in the region is the Vraseth, and the regional deity is Mara.[3]


Betony wayshrine

Skyspire Keep was carved from the rock of the cliffs during the reign of Emperor Reman II, and has been touted as impenetrable and invincible, having held against countless attacks.[5] Bretons inhabited the island for untold years, but in the Second Era, despite the reputation of their defenses, they were driven off by War Chief Yzzgol and his Seamount Clan, who renamed the island Betnikh.[6][7] When the Daggerfall Covenant was formed, Bethikh was still ruled by the Seamount Clan, who did not initially join it. The Clan only joined the Covenant after the Vestige helped them repel the invading Bloodthorn Cult's branch led by Vardan and decided the fate of a dangerous Ayleid relic in 2E 582.[7]

Over the years, Betony changed hands again. Bretons once again took control and re-inhabited the island, though politically, they eventually came under the loose control of the Redguards of Sentinel. The island is perhaps best known for triggering the War of Betony in 3E 403. The island's ruler, Lord Mogref, asked King Lysandus of Daggerfall for protection against pirates and brigands. When Lysandus agreed, Sentinel attempted to enforce its own claim to Betony, resulting in a direct war between the two strongest powers in the region.[1][8] With Daggerfall's victory in the war, Betony fell under their sway, leaving it solely in the hands of Bretons once more.[3] In the period leading up to the Warp in the West, the town of Betony was a major settlement on the island,[9] although its political capital was Daggerfall City.[3]


  • Betony[9]
  • Chestercester[9]
  • Hawkhouse Hall
  • Kirkbeth Hamlet
  • Kirkhead Rock
  • Stonetooth Fortress - Orc coastal fortress that was present circa 2E 582
  • Warborne[9]
  • Westbury[9]
  • Westtale[9]
  • Whitefort


  • Carved Hills — A woodland in the island's southeast.
  • Carzog's Demise — Ayleid ruin in northeast Betony.
  • Eyearata — Small Ayleid ruin on an island off the coast of Betony, west of Moriseli.
  • Hold of Wickcroft — The ruins were known to be inhabited by vampires circa 3E 405
  • Moriseli — Ayleid ruin in northwest Betony.
  • Seaveil Spire — Ancient Nedic ruins that are located on an atoll somewhere off the coast of Betony. The islet's lagoon is noted for a strange underwater anomaly discovered by the Towerworshipping Nedic tribe who settled the atoll: a vast air pocket beneath the water's surface, maintained by some unknown force throughout the millennia.[10]
  • Skyspire KeepReman era fortress carved into the cliffs of Betony.
  • The Temple of Kynareth — Emperor Pelagius Septim III, died after a brief fever in 3E 153 in this temple.[11] At some point, the temple was destroyed and members of the Apostles of Light took every stone and rebuilt it into the Howling Halls. The halls are located in the sorrowed hills of Dementia, in the Shivering Isles.[12]


  • Grimfield - Large Breton cemetery in western Betony.
  • Wicksly Graveyard
  • Yeomhouse Crypts
  • Yeomton Tower



  • Betony is not to be confused with Greater Bretony (sometimes called Greater Betony), one of the major regions that make up mainland High Rock.

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