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This article is about the region. For the city, see Satakalaam (city).

Satakalaam: Region Summary
Province Hammerfell
Ruler An unknown Count
Capital Satakalaam City
Populace Redguard
Knightly Order None
Patron Deity Julianos
Regional Temple School of Julianos
Vampire Bloodline Montalion
Distinct Locations 156
Cities, Towns, Villages 42
Homes, Farms, Taverns 57
Temples & Shrines 17
Distinct Dungeons 40
Witch Covens 0

Satakalaam is a region on the western coast of Hammerfell, on the eastern coast of the Iliac Bay. To its south lies Lainlyn; to the north, Mournoth; while Totambu is situated to the east. Its provincial seat shares the same name. The Montalion bloodline predominates among vampires in the region.

On 3rd of Sun's Dusk, the region celebrates a holiday named "Serpent's Dance", which seems to celebrate a now-forgotten serpent god dating back to the time when the Redguards lived in their former home of Yokuda.

Political ViewsEdit

Political Factions
(by influence)
Court of Satakalaam
People of Satakalaam
Allies None
Enemies None

Service LocationsEdit

Location Name Guild Locations Merchant Locations Temple Locations
Dark Brother-
Fighters Guild Mages Guild Thieves Guild Alche-
Armorers Banks Book-
Clothing Stores General Stores Gem Stores Libraries Pawn Shops Weapon Smiths Julianos * Other
Aguhzar MG Arm Boo Gen Paw Jul ZZZ
Apperano FG TG Arm Gen Gem Arkay
Appunnusia Gen Kynareth
Baghenaria TG Gen Paw ZZZ
Baghiitor Gen Jul ZZZ
Beton DB FG MG TG Alc Arm Ban Boo Clo Gen Gem Lib Paw Wea Jul ZZZ
Cerajrea Boo Clo Gen Paw Wea ZZZ
Cudahasa Gen Akatosh
Cudoaweyn Gen ZZZ
Cudotu-Thar Gen Paw Arkay
Damibuga Gen ZZZ
Damissila Boo Clo Gen Paw Mara
Damohazar Gen Akatosh
Hiiplex FG TG Gen Paw Jul ZZZ
Isfe-Korom Gen ZZZ
Isfyryus Boo Clo Gen Paw ZZZ
Javibia MG Arm Gen Gem Paw ZZZ
Javoniplex Gen Wea ZZZ
Kaladdax Gen Wea ZZZ
Kalelius Gen ZZZ
Liga Gen ZZZ
Lijer Gen Arkay
Lopadai DB FG Gen Arkay
Mesumbasia Gen ZZZ
Moradza Gen Zenithar
Morissibia Gen ZZZ
Moroccoa Gen Zenithar
Naranu MG Ban Gen Paw Kynareth
Pheonirila DB FG MG TG Alc Arm Ban Boo Clo Gen Gem Lib Paw Wea Jul ZZZ
Pireg Arm Ban Gen Jul ZZZ
Rameralah DB FG TG Arm Gen Gem Jul ZZZ
Rhogadrana Gen ZZZ
Rhogaj-Hassi MG Gen Mara
Rhogastabu Gen Gem Paw Arkay
Rhogocco-Korom Gen ZZZ
Satakalaam DB FG MG TG Alc Arm Ban Clo Gen Gem Lib Paw Wea Jul ZZZ
Syrascu-Thar DB FG MG Alc Arm Ban Clo Gen Lib Paw Wea Jul ZZZ
Syrunnuweyn DB FG MG TG Ban Boo Gen Gem Lib Paw Jul ZZZ
Tasehkat Gen ZZZ
The Tower of Cyoll Alc ZZZ
Tulaascunis Gen ZZZ
Tulajidax Arm Ban Clo Gen Akatosh
Zenakaara Gen ZZZ

* Regional Temples are not listed

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