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Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Subregions Cambray Hills
King's Guard
Demonym(s) Glenumbran
Appears in Daggerfall,ESO
Glenumbra, circa 2E 582

Glenumbra is the western peninsula of High Rock separating the Iliac Bay from the Eltheric Ocean. The peninsula's geography is a mix of rugged woodland and fetid swamps. Snag-weevils have been known to plague the area, and werewolves are particularly prevalent. The famed city of Daggerfall is found along the coast of the southern region of Daenia. The forests of Daenia give way to the Cambray Hills, the central region of Glenumbra, which is home to the city of Camlorn and the marshland of Hag Fen. Farther north is King's Guard, which takes its name from the mountain range which separates Glenumbra from Stormhaven and Rivenspire. Farwatch is a coastal region between Daggerfall and Camlorn.[1] Numerous other settlements are scattered throughout Glenumbra, such as Crosswych, a town in eastern King's Guard along the land route to and from Daggerfall. The peninsula is home to Cath Bedraud, the great cemetery where monarchs of High Rock are interred, as well as Glenumbra Moors, the site of the famous Battle of Glenumbria Moors.[2]

As of the Third Era, the following regions are located in the Glenumbra peninsula:

A map of the Iliac Bay region in the Third Era depicting the Peninsula of Glenumbra


Map of Anticlere

Anticlere (formerly known as Reich Gradkeep) is a historical country in southwestern High Rock, right on the Iliac Bay region. Beyond the three original kingdoms in the region, Anticlere is one of the primary powers in the Iliac Bay. The region, as well as southern High Rock is known for its rolling, verdant hills. The Goddess of Love and Fertility, Mara is considered the goddess-protector of Anticlere and by the late Third Era, the Knights of the Flame served as the region's knightly order and protector of the royal family.


Map of Bhoriane

Bhoriane was a Third Era county on the southern coast of High Rock stretching along the northern coast of the Iliac Bay. Its capital was the city of Bhoriane. Two islands just west of the Isle of Balfiera were also part of this region. The mainland shared borders with Dwynnen to the west, Kambria to the north, and Koegria to the east. The Montalion clan was the predominant vampire bloodline in the region. Bhoriane was briefly mentioned in the Charwich-Koniinge Letters during the quest for Azura's Star.


Map of Daenia

Daenia is a region located in west-central High Rock, in the greater Iliac Bay region of northwest Tamriel. Daenia is mostly comprised of woodland and it is the home of the Beldama Coven, an ancient gathering of wyrd that worship Jephre the Singer. They gather in the north-central part of the region, near Greenham Manor.


Map of Dwynnen

Dwynnen is a barony found in the province of High Rock, in the region of the Iliac Bay. Dwynnen played a large role in the battle against the Camoran Usurper, whose legion came across western Tamriel like an unbridled plague. It was the region's first baron, Othrok, who led the assault and overcame the warmonger.

Dwynnen is normally temperate, and verdant all year long, except come wintertide. It largely consists of woodland from the northernmost portion to the southern coastal region. Dwynnen is neighbored by Anticlere to the southwest, Bhoriane to the southeast, Kambria to the east, Phrygias to the north, Urvaius to the west, and the Wrothgarian Mountains to the northeast.

The Order of the Raven is the barony's knightly order and they serve to protect both their country and their lordship. The patron deity of Dwynnen is Julianos. The Thrafey clan of vampires are active in Dwynnen.


Map of Daggerfall

Daggerfall is one of the nine historical Breton kingdoms in the province of High Rock, located in the southwest portion of the province, on the north half of the Iliac Bay. Throughout much of history, Daggerfall was one of the largest kingdoms in High Rock, from the early First Era before the rise of its rival, Wayrest and its incorporation into the Third Empire, to the turn of the Third Era, where it was one of the province's five kingdoms. It is named after its capital city, Daggerfall.


Map of Glenpoint

Glenpoint is an inland march in the province of High Rock, specifically found on the mainland portion of the Iliac Bay region. Despite its proximity to the Kingdom of Daggerfall and the urban Iliac Bay, Glenpoint is a remote region, split between the large mountain that encompasses the southeast and the forests of High Rock. Most of the region is found within a wooded highlands biome. The Knights of the Owl is the march's knightly order and they are sworn to protect both the royal family and their country.

Glenumbra MoorsEdit

Map of Glenumbra Moors

Glenumbra Moors was a Third Era barony in southwestern High Rock. To the northeast was Northmoor; east lay Glenpoint, while Tulune was situated to the south. The provincial capital was called Glenumbra, and the regional deity was Mara.

The province celebrated three local holidays. On the 8th of Sun's Dawn, the people of Glenumbra Moors remembered the battle between Aiden Direnni and the Alessian Army in the First Era in a holiday called the Day of Release. On the 8th of Sun's Dusk, the province celebrated the Moon Festival, celebrating the ancient goddess of the moons, Secunda. On the 23rd of Frost Fall there was another holiday called "Broken Diamonds", in remembrance of the death of Kintyra Septim II. The author Ryston Baylor wrote a book, also called Broken Diamonds, about the holiday and its origin.

After the Warp in the West, this region became a part of the kingdom of Daggerfall.

Ilessan HillsEdit

Map of Ilessan Hills

The Ilessan Hills is a political entity found in the province of High Rock, in the region of the Iliac Bay. It is a landlocked region known for its ancient pine forests. It mostly consists of a vast mountain range that spills into neighboring countries and the wetlands in the northeast section of the barony. The region is the home of the local Glenmoril Wyrd, an ancient coven of witches that worship the natural world and the less-feral aspects of Hircine.


Map of Kambria

Cybiades is an island off the northern coast of Sentinel, within the Iliac Bay. It has a tropical coastal climate with a vibrant variety of plantlife. The people of Cybiades create an oil condiment from hot peppers.

By the fifth century of the Third Era, the only notable structure on the island was the ruins of Cosh Hall, where armed human squatters had taken up residence. Although otherwise uninhabited, Cybiades was considered a separate political entity until the Warp in the West, when it was most likely subsumed by the massive expansion of the Kingdom of Sentinel.


Map of Northmoor

Northmoor is a region on the western coast of High Rock in the Iliac Bay region. Northmoor lies on the Eltheric Ocean and only a small portion of it is not part of the Iliac Bay. The region is heavily forested and geographically, it is located in Glenumbra. Caecilly Island was located somewhere off its coast before it disappeared.[Note 1]


Map of Phrygias

Phrygias was a barony on the western coast of High Rock, in the Iliac Bay region. It existed in the late First Era, as well as in the late Third Era. It was surrounded by the Wrothgarian Mountains to the east, Dwynnen and Urvaius to the south, and Ykalon to the west.

The Garlythi clan was the predominant vampire bloodline, and the regional deity was Stendarr. The provincial seat was the city of Phrygias. Phrygias was one of the primary members of a coalition that fought and defeated the forces of the Camoran Usurper in the massive Battle of Firewaves.


Map of Shalgora

Shalgora was a Third Era county on the southeastern coast of High Rock, in the Iliac Bay region. It shared borders with Daggerfall to the west, the Ilessan Hills to the north, Daenia to the northeast, and Anticlere to the east. Its capital was the city of Shalgora. The Haarvenu clan was the predominant vampire bloodline in the region, and the national deity was Arkay.



Tulune is a coastal city-state of High Rock. Situated at the most western end of the province, it is bordered by Glenumbra Moors to the north, Glenpoint to the east, and Daggerfall to the southeast. The largest city is the city of Tulune. The dominant vampire bloodline is the Vraseth, and the regional deity is Julianos.


Map of Urvaius

Urvaius is a county in south-central High Rock, in the Iliac Bay region. It has existed since at least the late First Era. After the Warp in the West, it became a vassal of the Kingdom of Wayrest.

It is bordered by Ykalon and Phrygias to the north, Dwynnen to the east, Anticlere to the south, and Daenia to the west. Its capital is the city of Urvaius. The Thrafey clan is the predominant vampire bloodline, and the regional deity is Stendarr.



Ykalon is an area in the Iliac Bay region, before the Warp in the West it was a fiefdom, but then became a part of the Kingdom of Daggerfall after the Warp. It is surrounded by Phrygias to the east, Urvaius, Daenia, and the Ilessan Hills to the south, and Northmoor to the west. Its capital was the city of Ykalon. Castle Llugwych, one of the headquarters of the Blades is located in this region. The Plessington Clan is a noble family of Bretons from Ykalon that led a knightly order called the Order of the Cup. In 3E 405, Lord Plessington led the order and sent them off to right a wrong and come back with a story or two.

Thrafey vampires are known to stalk prey here, and the regional deity is Mara. Forces from Ykalon participated in the Battle of Firewaves which brought about the defeat of the Camoran Usurper. Perseverance Day is a festival held every year by the people of Ykalon during Sun's Dawn, though it was originally a solemn day of memorial for those killed in the battle.


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