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Glenumbra Moors: Region Summary
DF-map-Glenumbra Moors.png
Province High Rock
Ruler An unknown Baron
Capital Glenumbra
Populace Breton
Knightly Order None
Patron Deity Mara
Regional Temple Benevolence of Mara
Vampire Bloodline Vraseth
Distinct Locations 173
Cities, Towns, Villages 41
Homes, Farms, Taverns 67
Temples & Shrines 28
Distinct Dungeons 37
Witch Covens 0

The Glenumbra Moors is a barony in High Rock. To the northwest is Northmoor; north lies Glenpoint, while Tulune is situated to the east. The provincial capital is called Glenumbra, and the regional deity is Mara.

Political ViewsEdit

Political Factions
(by influence)
Glenumbra Moors
Court of Glenumbra Moors
People of Glenumbra Moors
Allies None
Enemies None

Service LocationsEdit

Location Name Guild Locations Merchant Locations Temple Locations
Dark Brother-
Fighters Guild Mages Guild Thieves Guild Alche-
Armorers Banks Book-
Clothing Stores General Stores Gem Stores Libraries Pawn Shops Weapon Smiths Mara * Other
Baelwark Commons TG Arm Gen Paw Mar Arkay
Broadbrugh Gen Julianos
Broadmore FG MG TG Gen ZZ
Broadwall Gen Wea ZZ
Cathmarket Gen Stendarr
Cathtown Arm Ban Clo Gen ZZ
Charcroft Commons Gen ZZ
Deerpath Arm Gen ZZ
Eastford Gen ZZ
Eastgate DB Boo Gen Paw Mar Zenithar
Eastidge Gen Wea ZZ
Fonthope Gen Kynareth
Fontville Gen ZZ
Fontwell Gen ZZ
Gallowold Gen Stendarr
Glenumbra DB FG MG TG Alc Arm Ban Boo Clo Gen Gem Lib Wea Mar ZZ
Gothhope Alc Arm Clo Gen ZZ
Gothwall MG TG Alc Gen Gem Mar ZZ
Graytale Gen ZZ
Grimley DB FG MG TG Arm Ban Boo Clo Gen Gem Lib Paw Wea Mar ZZ
Grimwich Gen ZZ
Holvale Gen ZZ
Ipswich Gen ZZ
Kirkdale Gen ZZ
Kirkton Gen ZZ
Longmont Gen ZZ
Merwall Gen ZZ
Newcastle Gen ZZ
Oxpath End DB MG Alc Arm Gen Paw ZZ
Ripbrone Alc Arm Clo Gen ZZ
Stoktower FG Gen Mar ZZ
Tambridge MG Gen Mar ZZ
Tungate Gen Mar ZZ
Uphead Gen Akatosh
Upmont DB FG MG TG Alc Arm Ban Boo Clo Gen Gem Lib Paw Wea Mar ZZ
Upmore MG Gen Paw ZZ
Vanwich FG MG Arm Gen Gem Paw Mar ZZ
Westbeth DB FG Boo Gen Gem Paw ZZ
Whitegate Arm Gen ZZ
Whiteidge Boo Clo Gen Paw Akatosh
Wilderbrugh Arm Ban Clo Gen ZZ

* Regional Temples are not listed

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