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Lore:Wayrest (kingdom)

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Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Demonym(s) Wayrester,[1] Wayrestian[UOL 1]
Appears in Arena, Daggerfall, ESO
Wayrest's territory prior to the Warp in the West
Crest of Wayrest

The Kingdom of Wayrest is located in the center of the High Rock province, at the mouth of the Bjoulsae River, named after its capital city, Wayrest.


First EraEdit

Wayrest has always been seen as a rival to Daggerfall, which was already well established when it first was founded as a sleepy fishing village at the mouth of the Bjoulsae River in 1E 800.[UOL 2] Wayrest prospered greatly after the Fall of Orsinium in 1E 980 when the commerce of all of Tamriel began to pass through its gates. The kingdom of Wayrest was established in 1E 1100 as a result of the downfall of Orsinium.[UOL 2] Today the city can boast the largest and richest population in High Rock. During its early years, the kingdom was ruled by the Gardner Dynasty.[1]

Second EraEdit

In 2E 541, the city was besieged by a horde of Reachmen, led by Durcorach the Black Drake, for fifty-seven days. After the Reachmen were defeated, Wayrest, along with Daggerfall, Shornhelm, Evermore and Camlorn, signed the first Daggerfall Covenant.[2] During the Ranser's War in 2E 566 - 2E 567, Wayrest was besieged again, this time by the forces of King Ranser of Shornhelm. His army stood firm, but after the other kingdoms of the Covenant and the Redguard sailors from Hammerfell came to Wayrest's aid, Ranser and his troops were forced to retreat back to Shornhelm.[3]

Third EraEdit

Emperor Cassynder and his half-brother Uriel Septim IV had been kings of Wayrest before they took the throne of Empire.[4]

Shortly before Warp in the West, Wayrest was bordered by the regions of Menevia, Orsinium Area, Gavaudon, Wrothgarian Mountains, and Mournoth. During that time, it was ruled by King Eadwyre.[5] After the Warp in the West, Wayrest became greatly enlarged, stretching from the former Anticlere to half of Gavaudon.[6]. After Eadwyre died, his daughter Elysana and stepson Helseth briefly fought over the throne, but eventually Elysana won and banished Helseth and his mother, Barenziah. [7]

Fourth EraEdit

In 4E 188 the kingdom of Wayrest was sieged by corsairs. A spy who was infiltrating the Dark Brotherhood was given the task of assassinating King Barynia. Fearing for his life and knowing about the conspiracy against him, he made a deal with the pirates and would betray his own kingdom by leaving the city gates open for them, so they could come in and destroy the conspirators who plotted to assassinate him. The Forgotten Hero would aid the city defenders in driving off the corsairs from the city gates. It's unknown if the Forgotten Hero spared the life of King Barynia and allowed him to sail away with the pirates, or if the hero went through with the contract and ended the king's life.[8][9]


Notable city-states and regions that are part of the Kingdom of Wayrest are:

Known RulersEdit


  • ^  Etien Lenac is said to have taken the throne in 1E 1270, though that would've been in the Middle Dawn.
  • ^  Magnus Septim left the throne of Wayrest after Cephorus Septim died, three years after the Siege of Solitude, which was in 3E 137.
  • ^  Later sources say that Magnus Septim married the Queen of Lilmoth, not Wayrest.

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