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Lore:Bergama (barony)

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Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Hammerfell
Appears in Daggerfall
Bergama ca. 3E 405

Bergama is a region found in the Iliac Bay region of northern Hammerfell. it is a small and landlocked country completely surrounded by the vast expanse of the Alik'r Desert. The capital city was founded by the Na-Totambu as a place to preserve their ancient and sacred traditions, away from Tamrielic influences.[1] The people of the barony can tell little to no difference where their ends and where the Alik'r Desert begins. To them, they are one with the Alik'r, which is the philosophy of the desert people as the scholar, Enric Milres wrote in his memoir.[2]


The original Bergama settlement can trace its origins to the early-mid First Era, when the ancient Redguards first embarked on Hammerfell. The capital's seat of power was built by the Ra Gada[3] While, the rest of the city was founded by the Na-Totambu, the former ruling class of Yokuda that eventually became the modern-day Crowns.[1][4] When the barony was founded is unknown. Many people call Bergama their home. From the Redguards that comprise its primary population to desert inhabitants like the Orcs of Druerlath.[5] The Anthotis clan of vampires are active in Bergama[6] and Glarkim's Guard is the region's local vampire haunt.[5] There is a local species of Fennec Fox that has dark fur and a light furred underbelly.[7]

By 3E 405, the Barony of Bergama was ruled by an unknown Baron[6] and it was completely surrounded by the Alik'r Desert.[8] At the time, the barony consisted of five cities; including the capital of the same name, Behla, Kaluhbia, Puweyn, and Tulaeh-Hassi. When the province was incorporated into the Third Empire, the barony was given a patron deity in the form of Akatosh, who is represented through the Akatosh Chantry.[6] When the Miracle of Peace occurred in 3E 417, Bergama was captured by the Kingdom of Sentinel, at the time led by Queen Akorithi. The city was in chaos while the Lord of Bergama's palace was wrecked.[9]

After an unspecified plague passed through the Iliac Bay, Queen Akorithi and her heir apparent, Greklith died and Sentinel's throne was passed to the youngest child, Lhotun.[10] As the King of a Forebears kingdom that wielded former Crown territory like Bergama, Lhotun underwent military, diplomatic, and even religious missions to keep them under his control. His decision to form the Lhotunics party created controversy among contemporary kingdoms like Elinhir. The High Prophet of Elinhir, Ayaan-si urged True Crowns of the north to rebel against Sentinel and even financed forays against Bergama and Dak'fron's borders.[11]

Known RulersEdit

  • The Third Era

City of BergamaEdit

The City of Bergama
The capital city in the Bergama region

Bergama is a large city found in the dry canyons of the Alik'r Desert, in the province of Hammerfell. Despite its intentional location in the deep desert, Bergama is a bustling trading hub that provides travelers with a safe sanctuary in the harsh desert environment. It was established by the Na-Totambu, the former nobility of Yokuda as a place to preserve their ancient tradition and customs from Tamrielic influence. In the present day, Bergama is associated with their descendants, the Crowns. It is the capital city of the eponymous barony, which is completely surrounded by the unconquered Alik'r Desert territory.



  • Bergama is the name of a district in the İzmir Province of western Turkey.

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