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This article is about the region. For the city, see Alcaire (city).

Alcaire: Region Summary
Province High Rock
Ruler An unknown Lord
Capital Alcaire City
Populace Breton
Knightly Order None
Patron Deity Kynareth
Regional Temple Temple of Kynareth
Vampire Bloodline Lyrezi
Distinct Locations 159
Cities, Towns, Villages 28
Homes, Farms, Taverns 72
Temples & Shrines 16
Distinct Dungeons 42
Witch Covens 1

Alcaire is a region on the south-central coast of High Rock, on the north shore of Iliac Bay. Koegria lies to the southwest, and the Wrothgarian Mountains surround it to the north. The provincial capital is the city of Alcaire and the regional deity is Kynareth.

The region is home to The Witches of Alcaire and the Alcaire Coven can be found here.

Political ViewsEdit

Political Factions
(by influence)
Court of Alcaire
People of Alcaire
Allies None
Enemies None

Service LocationsEdit

Location Name Guild Locations Merchant Locations Temple Locations
Dark Brother-
Fighters Guild Mages Guild Thieves Guild Alche-
Armorers Banks Book-
Clothing Stores General Stores Gem Stores Libraries Pawn Shops Weapon Smiths Kynareth * Other
Alcaire DB FG MG TG Alc Arm Ban Boo Clo Gen Gem Lib Wea Kyn ZZ
Arkmont Gen ZZ
Blackbury FG TG Gen Gem Mara
Broadidge TG Boo Gen Kyn ZZ
Cathborne DB Gen ZZ
Crommarket Gen ZZ
Fontford Gen Mara
Fontway TG Arm Gen Paw Kyn ZZ
Gothleigh Gen ZZ
Gothshire Arm Gen ZZ
Grimham DB FG MG TG Arm Gen Paw Stendarr
Grimmarket Gen ZZ
Horwark Gen ZZ
Kirkcart Gen ZZ
Knightslech Gen Mara
Lamwych Boo Clo Gen Paw ZZ
Longleigh End Gen ZZ
Merpath FG MG TG Gen Paw Stendarr
Newwood Gen ZZ
Penfort Gen Wea ZZ
Reyborne DB FG Boo Gen Paw ZZ
Reybridge Moor FG Gen Paw Mara
Stokwood Arm Boo Gen Mara
Tunpath Arm Ban Clo Gen ZZ
Vanbrugh Minster Boo Clo Gen Paw ZZ
Wargate Gen ZZ
Westwych DB TG Boo Gen Paw Zenithar
Whitetale DB FG MG Arm Gen Gem Paw ZZ

* Regional Temples are not listed