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Shornhelm is the capital city of Rivenspire, located in the center of the region. The city is split into two main districts: the Upper City contains the castle and manor houses, while the Lower City contains the stores and other residences. The ruler of Rivenspire holds court in Shornhelm Castle, but since the events of Ranser's War, the province has had no king or queen; instead, Rivenspire has been ruled by a triumvirate comprising House Montclair, House Tamrith and House Dorell.

The front gate is located to the south. A set of stairs leading up to the city crosses through the South Shornhelm Stalls, where guild traders gather. When you enter the city, you'll find yourself in the Shornhelm Market Plaza. The Navigators are in the northeast corner of the market, in front of Sorick House and Candile Elles' House. The Dead Wolf Inn is in the northwest corner of the market.

If you head down the street east from the market, you'll go down a street called Tailor's Way. The leatherworker, Endless Autumn Outfitters, is the first building on the left. Westmark Boots and Apparel, the tailor, is just across the street. A ruined home is next door to the leatherworker on the east side. There's a trapdoor leading to a Hidden Basement inside the building. You'll find the Fighters Guild in the southeastern corner of the city. It is connected to an armory called The Fighting Edge.

The street passing the Fighters Guild leads north. On the west side, the first thing you'll pass by is the Shornhelm Smithy. The local Outlaws Refuge lies just southwest of the smithy; a cat sits next to the grate leading inside. If you head down the road east of the smithy, you'll pass by Hammer & Saw Carpentry and Moorside Mounts. The city's eastern gate lies beyond the stable. You can turn in crafting writs at the eastern gate; there's also a refugee camp here. The wayshrine lies northeast of the smithy, up a flight of stairs. The bank lies down the street heading west, north of the smithy.

If you head west of the market plaza, the first shop you'll pass by is Untamed Elixirs, which is on the north side of the street. The outfit station is right next to the alchemist's shop, and Tildus Falon's House is at the southwest corner of the road. Merethrin's House is the next house over. A copy of the lore book, Vivec and Mephala sits atop a fence behind the house. The road turns north from here. The Mages Guild is on the west side of the street, and Stoneglow Enchantments lies across from it. The western gate lies north and west of the Mages Guild. The Shornhelm Chapel lies down the street heading north from the guildhall. An abandoned cistern lies across the street west of the chapel, in front of Haliyya's House.

Brea Knodel's House lies up the stairs north of the market plaza. From in front of this building, you can take the road west to go to the chapel, or you can head east towards the bank and the smithy. Davin's Books lies to the west, between the chapel and Brea's house.

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Transport Services
  • ON-icon-Caravan.png Covenant Navigator: Azoufah Navigator (Stormhaven, Alik'r Desert, Greenshade, Shadowfen)(Stormhaven, Alik'r Desert, Greenshade, Shadowfen)

Other PlacesEdit

  • Fevered Mews — A cave system in the hillside behind Shornhelm.
  • ON-mapicon-Wayshrine.png Shornhelm Wayshrine — Located in northeastern Shornhelm. (map)



Shornhelm Wayshrine

Shornhelm Wayshrine is located on the eastern side of the city, below the gate to the castle grounds.


A map of Shornhelm
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