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"Perched on the edge of the great Elden Grove, Silvenar is a City-State of breath taking beauty. Tall minarets and spires worked out of marble rise out of the forest..."
AR-mapicon-City-State.png Silvenar
(lore page)
Type City-State
Province Valenwood
The location of Silvenar in Valenwood
Yellow pog.png
The location of Silvenar in Valenwood

Silvenar is a city-state located in north-central Valenwood. The ruler is King Paligorn. Its rivals are Arenthia, Eldenroot, and Falinesti.


  • Black Dagger
  • Dancing Djinn
  • Devil's Golem
  • Dirty Castle
  • Dirty Skull
  • Flying Mug
  • Haunted Sword
  • King's Mug
  • King's Wolf
  • Laughing Sword
  • Queen's Golem
  • Queen's Skull
  • Restless Pit
  • Thirsty Goblin
  • Thirsty Guard
  • White Goblin
  • White Skull
  • Brotherhood of Seth
  • Conclave of Baal
  • Order of the Golden Tomb
  • Order of the Knights of Hope
  • Order of the Red Rose
  • Bargain Sundries
  • <random>'s Professional Equipment Store
  • <random>'s Supply Store
  • The Adventurer's Merchandise
  • Unearthed Supply Store
  • Vintage Merchandise


  • Silvenar is a possible starting location for Wood Elves.