Arena: Places


The world of Arena contains many important places. In total, there are 387 cities and dungeons, plus the "outside" locations.

  • Note: The settlement where the player's character starts after leaving the Imperial Dungeon depends on the character's race. For example, a Breton will always start in a city of High Rock.

AR-mapicon-Fang Lair.png Main Quest LocationsEdit

AR-mapicon-City-State.png City-StatesEdit

AR-mapicon-Town.png TownsEdit

AR-mapicon-Village.png VillagesEdit

There are sixteen villages dotting each province except the Imperial Province.

Black Marsh Elsweyr Hammerfell High Rock Morrowind Skyrim Summurset Isle Valenwood

AR-mapicon-Dungeon.png Random DungeonsEdit

In addition to the fixed Main Quest dungeons mentioned above, each province contains fourteen additional dungeons which can be unlocked by accepting certain random side quests. These dungeons are fixed in number and location, but not in name, which is determined at the time of the quest which first unlocks them. Once you've unlocked all fourteen dungeons in a province, subsequent side quests will begin to send you back into dungeons you've already unlocked, which keep their original name.


You may ask townsfolk for general directions (for non-unique places such as Inns and Shops you need to choose from a sub-menu). Alternatively, all doors will be marked by a red square in your map, and doors which you can enter have a gray square in front of them. After identifying a certain place (by right-clicking on the door) its name will appear on the map.

"Outside" LocationsEdit

"Outside" locations are those that you can find when venturing out of towns and cities. These locations are all procedurally generated, and there is a nearly infinite number of them, making them impossible to fully document.


  • Inn and store names are defined by city, however their location is randomly generated every time you enter the city whereas the city map is not. This can lead to the city map showing wrong building names, or showing two or more names (stacked on top of each other) to the same building. However if you ask NPCs for locations they will point you in the right direction (i.e., not the one displayed in the map). This can be fixed by reloading the game.
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