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This article is about the geographical region in High Rock. For the Hammerfell fiefdom, see Mournoth (fiefdom).

Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Appears in ESO
Mournoth circa 2E 582

Mournoth is a region in eastern High Rock, within the Bangkorai region. It borders Gavaudon to the west, Ephesus to the south, Wrothgar to the north, and the Reach of Skyrim to the east. The region contains the city of Evermore. The most important landmarks are the Halcyon Lake on the Bjoulsae River, Murcien's Hamlet, Jackdaw Cove, the Viridian Woods, and the Viridian Lake.[1]

Mournoth used to belong to the Reachmen as part of the Western Reach, and they often tried to reclaim it, along with the city of Evermore and settlement of Murcien's Hamlet, which had mixed Breton and Reachfolk population.[1][2][3] One such attempt happened in 2E 541, when Durcorach the Black Drake captured the whole of Bangkorai.[4] Another attempt took place in 2E 582, when the armies of Reachmen under the Hagraven Uela captured the northeastern Mournoth and threatened to attack Evermore. The Reachmen were eventually driven away, and Uela was killed.[1]


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