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Lore:Gavaudon (fiefdom)

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This article is about the Third Era fiefdom. For the geographical region, see Gavaudon.

Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Appears in Daggerfall
The area in which Gavaudon was found

Gavaudon was a Third Era fiefdom in central High Rock, northeast of the mouth of the Bjoulsae River in the Iliac Bay region. It was bordered by Wayrest to the west, the Bjoulsae River to the south, and the Wrothgarian Mountains hedged the remainder of the region.[1] Its capital was the city of Gavaudon. The Montalion clan was the predominant vampire bloodline in Gavaudon.[2]

During the Warp in the West in 3E 417, Gavaudon was caught in a battle between Wayrest and Orsinium.

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