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This article is about the kingdom. For the city, see Daggerfall.

Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Appears in Arena, Daggerfall, ESO
Daggerfall ca. 3E 405
Daggerfall's territory prior to the Warp in the West

Daggerfall is one of the eight major kingdoms in the province of High Rock,[1][2] located in the southwest portion of the province, on the north half of the Iliac Bay, named after its capital city, Daggerfall.


While all of the Iliac Bay region constantly jockeyed for power, two primary rivals for power emerged: Sentinel and Wayrest.[3] At many times throughout history the conflict was merely economic. During times of peace, the nobility of Daggerfall and Wayrest were often known to vacation in Sentinel.[4] The kingdom often cooperated with its neighbors throughout history to fight against Orcs and Orsinium.[5] [6][7] Still, large and bloody wars with its neighbors were common throughout the first and second eras.[8]

First EraEdit

Daggerfall was founded a little before 1E 246 by invading Nords from Skyrim, who brought a rough sort of civilization with them during the Skyrim Conquests.[3][9] Numerous legends exist for its name, including that the first chieftain threw a dagger and let the spot where it fell act as the border.[3] Skyrim only maintained control for roughly a century before the War of Succession cost it all its holdings in other modern-day provinces. However, Daggerfall actually thrived under Skyrim's rule and thus had an advantageous position over its neighbors upon independence.[3] The kingdom became a power center for the Direnni clan, but still continued to thrive after they lost power in High Rock.[3] By 1E 609, under the rule of King Thagore, Daggerfall was already the preeminent economic, cultural, and military force in southern High Rock, and it remained so for millennia.[3]

Second EraEdit

In 2E 541, Daggerfall was threatened by the Reachmen under Durcorach the Black Drake, whose army gathered in front of the city gates. However, the troops were attacked from behind by the army of Heavy Dragoons from Wayrest, who followed them aboard merchant ships. During the battle, Durcorach was slain by Emeric of Cumberland, and his banner was torn. This was a fatal blow to the Reachmen, and soon, the Knights of the Dragon under King Bergamot finished what the Dragoons had begun, scattering the remnants of Durcorach's army. Two weeks later, the kings of Daggerfall, Camlorn, Shornhelm, Wayrest, and Evermore signed the first Daggerfall Covenant.[10] During the Ranser's War, King Folbert sent Daggerfall's troops to aid Wayrest.[11]

In 2E 582, the Bloodthorn Cult tried to assassinate King Casimir in Castle Daggerfall as a part of their effort to destabilize Glenumbra. The king's life was saved with the help of the Vestige.[12]

Third EraEdit

In 3E 267, Daggerfall joined a large coalition of High Rock kingdoms to defeat Haymon Camoran, the Camoran Usurper.[13] Espionage often took the place of open warfare - for example, a Breton assassin who nearly killed Queen Akorithi of Sentinel is widely thought to have been an agent of Daggerfall.[14]

One of the more recent conflicts was the War of Betony: King Lysandus of Daggerfall led his armies to victory in several major battles against Sentinel, purportedly with the help of a Direnni sorceress.[15] Lysandus, wanting to retire from politics, hoaxed his own death during the battle;[16] his son Gothryd took command and killed King Camaron of Sentinel (Akorithi's husband) in single combat, ending the war with victory for Daggerfall.[8] Lysandus was later assassinated, and his troubled spirit began to haunt the city of Daggerfall.[16] This haunting played a major role in the events leading up to the Warp in the West, when Emperor Uriel Septim VII sent an agent to put the ghost to rest.[17]

Shortly before the Warp in the West, Daggerfall was bordered by Tulune, Glenpoint, and the Ilessan Hills to the north, and Shalgora to the east.[18] The Vraseth clan was the dominant vampire bloodline in the region.[17]

The spoils of the War of Betony paled in comparison to the influence the Warp in the West brought to Daggerfall: when the dust settled, King Gothryd and his wife Queen Aubk-i controlled all of western High Rock, their only opponents remaining in the Iliac Bay region being Sentinel, Wayrest, and Orsinium. All four kingdoms pledged allegiance to the Empire.[19]


Notable city-states and regions that are part of the Kingdom of Daggerfall are:

Notable LocationsEdit

Castle Necromoghan
A keep financed and used by the Dowager-Queen, Mynisera as a getaway from the castle.
The capital city of the region, generally located on the southern coast of the kingdom.
Privateer's Hold
A dungeon in the northwest corner of Daggerfall near Tulune. An Agent of the Blades landed here after a terrible storm.
Unnamed Island
An island located southwest of the capital city, between the mainland and Betony.
Daggerfall's banner, displaying its crest

Known RulersEdit


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  • ^  The source gives that Clan Direnni controlled Daggerfall in 1E 470, yet no specific name is given for its ruler. It is entirely possible that it refers to Raven. Nevertheless, the approximate reigns of Raven and the anonymous Direnni are listed here separately for completion's sake.
  • ^  The Real Barenziah, v 4 credits King Edward with reclaiming High Rock from the Nords, which would place him around 1E 369. By contrast, King Edward, Part X claims the Bretons drove the Nords out of High Rock some centuries before Edward was even born. King Edward, Part I says he was active some time "before the Redguards came [...] but after the goblins had driven the dwarves out of Hammerfell", which would place him between 1E 700 and 1E 808.
  • ^  Maxevian is only mentioned in one document and contradicts every other source for the monarchs of the Deleyn Dynasty of that time.
  • Kynareth is considered the goddess-protector of Daggerfall, and her place of worship, the Temple of Kynareth, operates in the region.[30]