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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Skyshards 1
Only during the quest: Bloodfiends, Gargoyles, Montclair Immortals, Montclair Knights
Found just outside the city walls: Montclair Archers, Montclair Chargers, Montclair Marauders, Montclair Soldiers
Northeastern Rivenspire
Other Buildings
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Northpoint was founded in the 9th century of the First Era by Captain Yric Flowdys, a Breton trader. He ran ships during the summer months around the northwest coast of Tamriel from Daggerfall to Solitude, and needed a safe and reliable anchorage at midpoint.

Northpoint is the primary city of House Dorell, located in northeastern Rivenspire. Northsalt Village lies to the west. A chest can spawn on the side of the road outside the city, to the southwest. When you enter the city through the southwestern gate, Jerick's House will be to your immediate right, and Derre's Smithy to the left. Plenty of livestock can be found on this side of town. If you move past Jerick's House and head southeast, you'll end up in Northpoint's graveyard. The stocks and a set of training dummies line the road leading there, past Dorell Manor. Covenant Guards patrol the streets.

Chirane Manor is west of the fountain in the square containing Dorell Manor. Serielle's House is adjacent to Chirane Manor, and lies northwest of it. The street this house is on leads out the northwestern gate. The Sloshing Tankard inn lies north of Dorell Manor's plaza. A chest can spawn in a shed on the northern end of the Sloshing Tankard, outside the building. Several sheep are grazing behind the inn. The Fighters Guild is across the street from the inn. The marketplace and the local Mages Guild lie east of the Fighters Guild.

The lighthouse is located upon a cliff northeast of the city, past Urbyn House and Innkeep Balik's House. A skyshard can be found at the top of the lighthouse. The lighthouse is owned, and taking from the containers within counts as stealing. The upstairs portion of the lighthouse is called "Lanthorn". Northpoint Defenders can be found in the city working with Blademaster Qariar during a side quest.

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Northpoint Lighthouse

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Northpoint Wayshrine

Northpoint Wayshrine is located outside the walls west of the city, south of Northsalt Village.



A map of Northpoint