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Lore: Places: A
Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Appears in Daggerfall, ESO
Alcaire ca. 3E 405

Alcaire is a region on the south-central coast of High Rock, on the north shore of Iliac Bay. Alcaire borders Koegria to the west, the Wrothgarian Mountains to the north, and Menevia to the east.[1] The largest city in the region is the city of Alcaire. The regional deity is Kynareth. The dominant vampire bloodline in Alcaire is the Lyrezi.[2]

Before 3E 405, an eponymous polity ruled the area but following the Warp in the West, the region became a part of the kingdom of Wayrest.[3]

The climate of Alcaire is described as pleasantly mild and dry, with farmers and fishing villages depending upon the favorable weather and bountiful harvests.[4]


In 2E 541, Durcorach the Black Drake and his Reachmen invaded the province of High Rock from the Western Reach. Eventually, the Black Drake reached Alcaire, which resulted in people evacuating to the city of Wayrest, hoping for protection from the Reachmen. Eventually, the Siege of Wayrest began, which occurred for 57 days. The crowded conditions in Wayrest were a small price to pay for the protection of Wayrest. Because the Reachmen lacked siege weapons or battleships, the Siege of Wayrest ended in a stalemate, forcing the Reachmen to advance westward to the city of Daggerfall. Wayrest and the citizens of Alcaire were saved, and the Reachmen were defeated at the city gates of Daggerfall. Out of the battle came the First Daggerfall Covenant.[5]


Alcaire celebrates Tibedetha (middle Tamrielic for "Tiber's Day") on the 24th of Mid Year, honoring its most famous son, Tiber Septim, with a great party[6][7] It is said that one Hjalti Early-Beard was born within its borders, and that Hjalti would go on to become Tiber Septim.[8][9] Despite this, it is also said that the Emperor never returned once to his beloved birthplace.[7]

During the New Life Festival, Alcaire locals are known to enjoy sword-pies, a hearty meat pie served with a miniature bone sword cooked inside, recovering the sword is said to grant the luck of Magnus.[10]

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Alcaire - The largest city of the region
  • Firebrand Keep
  • Grimham - A city in Alcaire
  • Koeglin Village
  • Moravagarlis - An Ayleid ruin that was inhabited by the Bonesnap tribe of goblins.



  • The region shares its name and approximate geographical location with the Second Era Stormhaven duchy of Alcaire.
  • In the Skyrim quest The Ghost of Old Hroldan, the eponymous ghost holds a dialogue with "Hjalti", and makes reference to the time they spent together as students of "the sword masters of Alcaire".
  • Despite being referred to as an "island kingdom" in The Arcturian Heresy, Alcaire was ruled by a lord. It was also located on the mainland.