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Quests are sorted by the factions who give them. There are 227 distinct quests in the original game (excluding a Vampire Quest whose questfiles are misnamed and therefore cannot be given to the player unless both questfiles have corresponding names). The CompUSA Special Edition Patch adds 16 new quests.

Daggerfall side quests do not have official names. Those from the Main Quest are taken from The Daggerfall Chronicles, the official strategy guide. The exceptions are the "Tutorial" and those under "Quests running in the Background".

For general quest related hints read this page.

Main QuestEdit

All the parts of the game's Main Quest.

Optional QuestsEdit

Quests running in the BackgroundEdit

Quests running in the background used to control various events regarding the Main Quest

Dark BrotherhoodEdit

All quests for the Dark Brotherhood.

Fighters GuildEdit

All quests for the Fighters Guild.

Knight OrdersEdit

All quests for the Knight Orders.

Mages GuildEdit

All quests for the Mages Guild.

Temples and Templar OrdersEdit

All quests for the Temples.

Temple Specific QuestsEdit

Thieves GuildEdit

All quests for the Thieves Guild.

Merchants and InnkeepersEdit

You can be assigned these quests by any NPCs in guildhalls, temples, taverns, etc. However, the chances of getting them from merchants and innkeepers is much higher. When you ask for work in town, you will be eventually pointed to an NPC that offers you one of these quests. Upon completing (or failing) these quest, you gain (or lose) reputation with the faction to which the quest giver belongs, which may not necessarily be The Merchants faction. For example, if a member of the Mages Guild gives you one of these quests, you will gain/lose reputation with the Mages Guild and its associated factions. To get one of these quest from any quest giver of a faction click the Talk button immediately after you have reported back for a successful quest.


You can get these quests from some (but not all) royals and all nobles, as long as your reputation with the noble is sufficiently high. Specifically, only the following people offer Nobles Quests: Akorithi, Barenziah, Charvek-si, Eadwyre, Gothryd, Greklith, Lady Bridwell, Lady Northbridge, Lord Bridwell, Lord Darkworth, Lord K'avar, Lord Provlith, Lord Vhosek, Mobar and Mynisera.

The remaining nobles, that are in one or another way affiliated to the Main Quest, including Cyndassa, can also offer you these quest, but not until the Main Quest Start-Up is completed. However with an unpatched questfile, this will never be the case, since the Main Quest Start-Up will never end.


All quests for the Witch Covens.

Vampire ClansEdit

These are the quests for a vampire character. One can get any of these quest after the player turned into a vampire. All quest are given to the player via a letter. You are offered these quests randomly from time to time, apparently one quest per month.


Quests to cure yourself of Vampirism or Lycanthropy.

Daedric QuestsEdit

All quests for the Princes of Oblivion.

Quest BodiesEdit

Five "quest bodies" can be found along with the quests listed above. These "bodies" consist of either a single quest-binary file or a single quest-text file. In any case, these quests cannot be played. Occasionally, one of these quest bodies will be selected according to the same rules that are applied when giving quests to the player's character. However, since the corresponding quest-file is missing, the game is unable to process the start of the quest. This results in a frozen game, which can only be fixed by restarting DOSBox or a reboot under a DOS-OS.

Following quest bodies exist:

  • 80C00Y00 (binary-file) -- an alternate file for Malacath's Quest; it contains the same data as the standard quest.
  • A0C00Y04 (binary-file) -- contains the same data as the Impostor quest.
  • M0B40Y04 (text-file) -- contains the same quest-text as the Fighters Lich quest.
  • N0C00Y01 (binary-file) -- contains data for an unfinished Banish Daedra quest for non-members of the Mages Guild.
  • R0C40Y23 (binary-file) -- contains the same data as the Daedric Book quest and also gives the wrong location for the Skeffington Coven.

Unofficial QuestsEdit

Over the decades since Daggerfall's release, a number of additional quests have been created by the community. These quests are non-canon but are mentioned here in an effort to prevent confusion, in case players encounter quests not listed on this page.

DaggerfallSetup is one of the primary recommended methods of installing the DOS version of Daggerfall on modern computers. It includes numerous user-created quests as optional add-ons in its installer. Information about these quests can be found on the legacy quests page.

Daggerfall Unity is a re-creation of Daggerfall in the Unity game engine to allow for improved presentation and easier modding. More than 150 quests have been created for use in Daggerfall Unity, and information about them can be found on the Daggerfall Unity Quest Pack 1 page.