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There are eight different Temples in the Iliac Bay, each devoted to one of the Eight Divines of Tamriel. In the lore, each temple is associated with a templar knightly order (not to be confused with Knightly Orders) considered to be the temple's military arm, although they are not actually present in the game.

You may only join one temple as of patch v1.04.191. If you try to join another temple by clicking the "Join Guild" button, nothing will happen.

Temples provide benefits and services such as free healing, skill training, and Daedra summoning. Some of the higher benefits can only be used by members with high reputation and rank in the temple. Services that cure diseases are also available to non-members.

Temples and Templar Knightly OrdersEdit

For Knightly Orders, see Knightly Orders.
The Order of the Hour — The military arm of the Akatosh Chantry.
The Knights of the Circle — The military arm of the Order of Arkay.
The Order of the Lily — The military arm of the House of Dibella.
The Knights Mentor — The military arm of the School of Julianos.
The Kynaran Order — The military arm of the Temple of Kynareth.
The Maran Knights — The military arm of the Benevolence of Mara.
The Crusaders — The military arm of the Temple of Stendarr.
The Knights of Iron — The military arm of the Resolution of Z'en.

Temples OverviewEdit

Political AffiliationsEdit

All Temples of the Iliac Bay are bound to a generic faction called "Generic Temple" for game-internal purposes. This faction is structured as seen below.

Political Factions
(by influence)
Generic Temple
Temple Blessers
Temple Healers
Temple Treasurers
Temple Missionaries

Note: the above factions appear to be shared by some NPCs in all Temples, such as quest givers. The remaining types of NPCs are members of Temple-specific factions, and grouped with their individual Temples.


Promotions within a temple are based on your reputation with the deity, not the temple itself.

Rank Rank Title Reputation High skill Low skill
0 Novice 0 22 4
1 Initiate 10 23 5
2 Acolyte 20 31 9
3 Adept 30 39 13
4 Curate 40 47 17
5 Disciple 50 55 21
6 Brother 60 63 25
7 Diviner 70 71 29
8 Master 80 79 33
9 Patriarch 90 87 37

Benefits and ServicesEdit

Temple advantages with their required minimum ranks.
Deity Special Access to library Heal wounds free and Restore Attributes Buy Potions Potion Maker Buy Magic Items Item Maker Buy Spells Spell Maker Buy Soul Gems Daedra Summoning
Akatosh Fast travel: ((95 - rankInTemple) ÷ 100 × normalDuration) 2 1 4 5           7
Arkay Heal diseases cheaper: ((10 - rankInTemple) ÷ 10 × normalPrice) 3 0 1 4         4 7
Dibella 4 2 1 5           7
Julianos 0 2     3 5     4 * 6
Kynareth Deep breath: Underwater breathing lasts normalDuration × ((rankInTemple + 10) ÷ 10) 4 1         3 6   7
Mara Rank added to die roll when talking to members of the opposite sex 4 1 2 5           7
Stendarr Avoid death: Rank × 2% chance to survive death (except from drowning) in a weaker state 4 0 2 5           7
Zenithar   4 2 1 6           8

* Magic Item merchants of The School of Julianos also sell Soul Gems at Rank 4. This could be because Magic Item Merchants of Julianos and The Mages Guild share the same in-game resource for their service. Magic Item Merchants of The Mages Guild sell Soul Gems regularly to members once they acquire Rank 4.


The following quests are available from Temples:

General Quests and Information
Quest Name Quest Text Description Rank Required
Quests for non-members
The Healing The best way to get in good with the temple is...
I am (quest giver's name). You aren't high in the hierarchy ...
Find a cure for a deathly ill person. Not in Temple
The Spook You are not a member of (Temple), (player's name). However,...
If the haunt is too tough for you to handle yourself
Perform an exorcism at a haunted house in the region. Not in Temple
The Stolen Item Normally I would not give work to someone not a member of (Temple). However,... Find and retrieve a religious item stolen from a temple. Not in Temple
An Errand Blessings upon you, (player's name), even though you are a heathen... Deliver a religious item to a priestess in a nearby town. Not in Temple
Quests for members
The Haunted House A house over in (town) is being haunted... Perform an exorcism at a haunted house in the region. In Temple
The Heretic (Temple's deity) be with you, (Player's guild title). You may have heard of (prophet's name)....
It falls upon us to investigate the claims of...
Take care of a heretic. In Temple
The Possessed Child Would you be willing to assist in an exorcism, (Player's guild title)?
(Guardian's name), a local knight, has entreated us to help (his/her) ward...
Assist in the exorcism of an obviously possessed child. In Temple
The Missing Scholar (Player's guild title), one of our clerics, a (cleric's description) named (cleric's name) has disappeared...
"I fear that one of our noblest scholars...
Find a cleric who has gone missing in a local dungeon. In Temple
The Insane Priest (Temple) often delves into mysteries of cosmic proportions,...
Old (priest's name) is on a rampage again. Could be that...
Find a priest on a rampage in a local dungeon and bring him back. In Temple
Hunt for Undead * (Player's guild title), I have a dangerous mission for you. Find and kill an undead creature in a local dungeon. In Temple
The Cursed Weapon (player's name), we have a very dangerous mission for you. The temple... Deliver a cursed weapon wanted by the orcs to a cleric in a local dungeon. Rank 1 or higher
The Expiatory Sacrifice They tell me that you quite loyal to the temple. I need... Collect an ingredient from a local dungeon. Rank 1 or higher
A Delivery Blessings upon you, (player's name). (Temple) needs you to run an errand... Deliver an item to a character in a nearby town. Rank 1 or higher
The Relic * (Player's guild title), (Temple) needs you for a dangerous mission to retrieve one of the lost (relic)... Retrieve a sacred relic guarded by a lich. Rank 1 or higher
The Rite of Atonement They tell me that you quite loyal to the temple. I need... Collect an ingredient from a local dungeon. Rank 2 or higher
The Great Evil (player's name), my name is (questgiver's name). (Temple's deity) has prophesied a great evil... Find and retrieve an object of great evil from a local dungeon. Rank 3
Temple specific Quests
The Price of Knowledge We have but one rule at the School of Julianos -- knowledge is to be shared... Kill a nightblade who has stolen knowledge from the School of Julianos. School of Julianos
Any rank
Avenge the Dragons If you are, by chance, looking for work, an easy (random gold) gold pieces... Kill a member of the Order of the Hour who has attacked the holy dragons of the Akatosh Chantry. Akatosh Chantry
Any rank
The Desecrated Temple As a matter of fact, we could doubtlessly use someone like you. There's a desecrated temple nearby...
The Balance in (dungeon) has been unbound by a new intrusion that...
Kill a lycanthrope that desecrated a sanctuary of the Temple of Arkay. Order of Arkay
Any rank
Desired Artwork One of the more important functions of the House of Dibella is the preservation of great works of art...
In over four thousand years of high civilization in Tamriel, the House of Dibella has worked tirelessly...
Deliver some prized artwork for the House of Dibella. House of Dibella
Any rank
The Arm of Fury Our order demands retribution on a former member...
The Goddess has spoken to us in our auguries, and she demands...
Kill a traitor to the Kynaran Order. Temple of Kynareth
Any rank
A Powerful Spirit ...would you be prepared to destroy an unclean spirit that is haunting one of our sacred shrines? Lay to rest the spirit haunting a sanctuary of the Benevolence of Mara. Benevolence of Mara
Any rank
A Special Plant Our healer needs some sort of a special plant... Pick up a plant for a healer of the Temple of Stendarr. Temple of Stendarr
Any rank
The Bounty ...It's a messy little affair, involving punishing a thief... Hunt down a highwayman who ransacked a caravan of the Resolution of Zenithar. Resolution of Zenithar
Any rank

* Quest is only available with the CompUSA Special Edition Patch (see Patches and Official Utilities).

Note: The deity of the Temple which offered the quest is considered the "Main Faction". All other factions aligned with the deity are considered as subgroups.

Note: temple quests are offered based on rank only, and not character level.


  • Due to map data bugs, some temples may appear on the map as a templar order, for example The Order of the Hour instead of The Akatosh Chantry. They still function as the corresponding temples though.

Temple Map BlocksEdit