Daggerfall:Vampire Ancient

Daggerfall: Bestiary
Vampire Ancient
DF-creature-Ancient Vampire.gif
Level: 20
HP: 30-170
AC: -5
Damage: 20-60
Spell Points: 300
Strength: 120 Intelligence: 90
Willpower: 80 Agility: 90
Endurance: 95 Personality: 100
Speed: 120 Luck: 50

The Vampire Ancient (sometimes styled Ancient Vampire) is possibly the most dangerous foe in the game. Unlike Ancient Liches and Daedra Lords, they appear very frequently at higher levels and have no ranged spells—therefore, they can't blast themselves into Oblivion with their own attacks.

Vampire Ancients are able to detect camouflaged or invisible foes, so these types of spells provide no protection. They can be hit by weapons of mithril quality or higher.



Fighting StrategiesEdit

Spell Reflection is a life saver, but Shock or Spell Resistance are of great use. Having healing spells at the ready is also recommended, provided you have the chance to use them.

Ranged weapons are almost useless, since Vampire Ancients are very fast and can be within melee range before you have reloaded your weapon. Spell Absorption is little help, unless you have a lot of empty Magicka which can be restored by the Ancient's Shock spells, and these attacks are quite powerful. Characters with a capacity of at most 50 Magicka will probably not be able to absorb even a single Shock spell before it causes damage.

On the other hand, if you have a powerful Spell Reflection spell, the Vampire Ancient will kill itself easily with its own Shock attacks. And although they are immune to paralysis, they can be paralyzed if their own spells are reflected back at them (making for an easy target).