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For the region, see Sentinel.

Sentinel City: City Summary
City State Sentinel Buildings
Walled Yes Type Count
Palace Yes Alchemists 3
Cemetery No Armorers 2
Guilds Banks 1
The Dark Brotherhood No Bookstores 1
The Fighters Guild No Clothing Stores 1
The Mages Guild Yes General Stores 5
The Thieves Guild No Gem Stores 1
Knightly Order Order of the Candle Libraries 1
Temple Knights of Iron Pawn Shops 1
Quests Residences 182
Quest Locations 68 Shopping Plaza 0
Houses associated with Faction Taverns 7
Weapon Smiths 5

The City of Sentinel is the capital of the corresponding Sentinel, a province of Hammerfell and also the capital of the imperial province of Hammerfell.

The Crest of Sentinel
City Map of Sentinel

Castle SentinelEdit

Palace Sentinel
Palace Sentinel (rear view)

The Palace of Sentinel, or Samaruik as it is also called by the citizens, is the dominant structure of the capital of Hammerfell. The castle is enormous and, together with the extensive parkway surrounding it, occupies a good part of the city's total area. The royal family of Sentinel as well as the courtiers and the diplomatic body of Daggerfall reside inside this citadel.

Dungeon LayoutEdit

Using in-game denotation for dungeon-modules:
     b007 b001
b006 n085 n070 b010 b011
b005 n083 s042 s041 s040 b012
     b002 s043 b014 b013

Dungeon-Modules: 18
Quest Locations:  7

Related QuestsEdit

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