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Daggerfall:Azura's Quest

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Kill a priest for the mistress of dawn and dusk.
Location(s): Any Daedra Summoner on the 21st of First Seed
Reward: Azura's Star
Reputation Gain: see Reputation Gain/Loss
ID: t0c00y00
Required Reputation: Any
Difficulty: Hard
Azura the mistress of dawn and dusk

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Summon Azura on the 21st of First Seed.
  2. Head to the dungeon named by Azura.
  3. Find the priest and kill him.
  4. Travel to the town named by Azura.
  5. Meet her worshipper there within the time limit and receive Azura's Star.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The Healer should not have been so uncouth
Azura's Worshipper
Azura's Star

The Lady's RequestEdit

Azura speaks to you:

"You dare summon forth Azura of the Crimson Gate, pleading for power? I don't know if you are worthy of such favor. In fact, I doubt it very much. I suppose that if I demanded that you murder a priest who has been saying very, very rude things about me, you would refuse even that small, simple request. Would you do that for me?"


Azura goes on:

"You would! Oh jolly good. Well, this perfectly awful priest is also a Healer, if that means anything. Isn't that just typical? As usual with these self-rightous [sic] types, (priest's name) is secluded in (dungeon), cleansing or some such ridiculous thing. Anyway, why don't you hop on over there and stick a sword in (him) or something. And then scurry over to (town) and see my dear darling (worshipper's name) who will give you my Star. That's enough power for anyone. I think (time limit) days is time enough for this, don't you? Oh, good. Hurry along then, (player's first name). And don't be a stranger. Say hi to (worshipper's name) for me. Okay, 'bye."


Azura yells:

"No! You're supposed to say yes! You're supposed to say: Yes, beautiful Azura, I would gladly murder at the snap of your ivory fingers. Boor! Bigot! Barbarian! Now, I must go before I forget that I am a lady and say something that I'll regret."

Teaching MannersEdit

Travel to the dungeon named by Lady Azura. Once inside, find and kill the priest. Your target appears as a Healer; there may be multiple instances of this enemy type within the dungeon, but you must slay the specified target in order to successfully complete the quest. When the target dies, a notification appears:

You have killed the Healer, as you promised Azura.

Once your job is complete, travel to the town named by the Daedra Prince and meet her worshipper. Ask around in town to determine where to find your contact, who waits in a local library. Enter the building and speak to Azura's worshipper for your reward.


Speak to Azura's worshipper and be told:

"Hmm? What? Do I know you? Oh. Oh, (player's name)! Have you been here long? I'm sorry, I was just day-dreaming about my mistress, the Lady Azura. That candle reminded me of the scintillation of her eyes, you see. How silly of me. Well, here's Azura's Star. She doesn't give this to just anyone, but don't let it go to your bean. She was mine first."

Reputation Gain/LossEdit

If you successfully complete the Daedra Prince's task and receive the artifact, you will gain reputation according to the table below.

Faction/Person Reputation Gain
Summoner's faction +5
Summoner's associated factions +2

If you fail the quest, you will lose reputation according to the table below.

Faction/Person Reputation Gain
Summoner's faction -2
Summoner's associated factions -1


  • Random dungeon monsters
  • Quest Target: One Healer NPC


  • Azura's worshipper is a member of the Mages Guild, so it makes sense to find him or her at a library. However, if the current region doesn't have a single library (like some of the smaller regions of the Iliac Bay) then the worshipper will be missing from the quest. As a result, you will not get your reward.

Additional DialogueEdit

If you ask about Azura, you may hear:

  • "Azura is one of the Daedric Regents of Oblivion. Her sphere is vanity."
  • "Lady Azura is the Daedra Prince of Vanity and Egotism."

If you ask an NPC about Azura's worshipper, you may be told:

  • "(Worshipper's name) is that (worshipper's description) I saw daydreaming at (library) to the (direction)."
  • "(Worshipper's name) is that sleepy-eyed (worshipper's description) in (library), (direction) of here."
  • "(Worshipper's name) is one of the Lady Azura's lovers and an agent of hers in (region)."
  • "(Worshipper's name) is a (worshipper's description) who Lady Azura has bewitched into a virtual slave."

If you ask an NPC about Azura's Star, you may hear:

  • "Azura's Star can transform living creatures into statues forever."

After you have accepted this quest, NPCs may say when asked for any news:

  • "Did you hear (priest's name)'s speech about the sin of vanity when (he/she) came to town?"
  • "If you talk to (priest's name), you'll recognize how egotism is the worst of sins."

If you fail the quest, NPCs may say when asked for any news:

  • "(Priest's name) has moved on, but (his/her) message about the virtues of humility remain."
  • "(Priest's name) has left (region), still spreading (his/her) messages about vanity, I hear."'

If you successfully complete the quest, NPCs may say when asked for any news:

  • "It's not a real tragedy about (priest's name) -- I mean, (he/she) was a real goody-goody."
  • "I'm not glad (priest's name)'s dead, but (his/her) message was ... well, rather extreme don't you think?"

Quest LogEdit

Azura's Quest (t0c00y00)
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
0 (Date): I have an arrangement with one of the Daedra Princes, Azura. If I will slay a monk who lives in a deserted temple, (dungeon), and meet her contact, (worshipper's name) of (town) within (time limit) days, I will be given Azura's Star.