Daggerfall:Dust of Restful Death

Daggerfall: Quests: Main Quest
Find some dust to exorcise Lysandus' spirit.
Quest Giver: Medora Direnni
Location(s): Stronghold of Orsinium, Orsinium, Direnni Tower, Isle of Balfiera and a random dungeon
Prerequisite Quest: Medora's Freedom
Next Quest: Lysandus' Revelation
Reward: The Dust of Restful Death
ID: S0000018
Required Level: 10
Lich dust

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. About thirty days after freeing Medora, receive a vision from the sorceress.
  2. Travel to Orsinium and ask Gortwog about the Dust of Restful Death.
  3. Travel to the dungeon on the Isle of Balfiera named by Gortwog and search for the Dust within.
  4. Locate the Dust and a letter on a mummy within the dungeon.
  5. Return the Dust and letter to Medora, who will provide additional insight into King Lysandus' assassination and begin preparing the Dust of Restful Death for use.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The Sorceress and the OrcEdit

About a month after completing Medora's Freedom, you receive an informative vision from the sorceress:

Your vision hazes and the world grows dim. Out of the gray, a woman's face appears. Medora!
"(Player's first name). Your efforts to free me have not been in vain. I have discovered a powder that will soothe the ghost of my beloved Lysandus. However, it is in the hands of Gortwog, Warlord of the Orcs, in his steel citadel of Orsinium. Go to him in Orsinium and see if there is anything that can be done to persuade him to give it to you. Bring the powder to me in Direnni Tower once you have it."
The vision clears. Sometimes you wish sorceresses would just send letters like other folks do.

Take care of any pressing business and head to Orsinium to meet with Gortwog as soon as possible. Speak to him, and he says:

"So Medora wants the Dust of Restful Death. Only because I respect the memory of King Lysandus will I do this. The Dust can be found in (dungeon) on her own island. Tell Medora that the price is her support of my claim to the heart. She'll know what it means."

Finding the Dust of Restful DeathEdit

The Dust of Restful Death is carried by a mummy in the dungeon Gortwog points you to. While this can be any random crypt on the Isle of Balfiera, there is a very high chance that this dungeon will be The Masoleum of Darkivaron. If so, click the link for a walkthrough. If not, carry out your search as any standard dungeon crawl.

After locating and slaying the mummy, search its corpse to find a packet of midnight black powder wrapped in parchment. Unwrapping the parcel reveals the parchment to be the remains of a letter from Gortwog to Medora: |}

This parchment was used as a wrap for the
packet of powder. Some of its message is
now illegible.
Lady Med...
...favor. They intend to slay him. I am
sending ........ers to stop them. You must
support me. If the empire finds I have
attacked royal advisers of Wayr......ven
if they are assassins, my people will never
win the same status and respect as the
Khaji................ians. However, with
your support I c............. a hero of the
empire, and win respect for my people.

Return to MedoraEdit

Even though the letter is half gone, it still presents some interesting information. Now that you have the items, return to Medora. Make your way once again to her chamber in Direnni Tower and speak to her. She says:

"This is indeed the Dust of Restful Death. As for that letter, it was from Gortwog to me, though I never got it. I heard from him later that his orc warriors were slain attempting to ambush the assassins. Gortwog and his orcs are not the villains most people seem [sic] them as."
"Eadwyre and the court of Wayrest have never been particularly loyal to the empire. To assassinate a king is treason. I will have my revenge, but first I must find out why Eadwyre would risk this."
"I will need a month to prepare the Dust. Come back to me at that time and I will give it to you, along with instructions for its use."

There is nothing more you can do at this time but wait for Medora to prepare the Dust of Restful Death. This takes approximately 21 days, after which you can return to her for the next quest.


  • Random dungeon Monsters
  • Quest Target: One Mummy



  • If this quest takes place at a random dungeon other than The Masoleum of Darkivaron and you get stuck, try this, but only if you get stuck because of a bug.
  • The location of the random dungeon is already revealed on your map when this quest starts, even before you have spoken to Gortwog. Additionally, he tells you the location of the dungeon at any time after you have freed Medora—even before you get her vision.

Quest LogEdit

Dust of Restful Death (S0000018)
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
0 (Date): Medora came to me in a vision and told me that Lysandus [sic] ghost could be soothed if I can convince Gortwog, Lord of the Orcs in Orsinium, to tell me where it is.
1 (Date): I have spoken with Gortwog. He claims that the Dust of Restful Death can be found in (dungeon) on the Isle of Balfiera. He also instructed me to tell Medora that she must support his claim to the heart of Tiber Septim, whatever that is.
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