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Daggerfall:Akatosh Chantry

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The sign of the Akatosh Chantry

The Akatosh Chantry is devoted to the worship of Akatosh, the Great Dragon. Akatosh is the most constant of gods, for his sphere is time itself. The priests and priestesses here have a variety of other skills and services available for members of the Akatosh Chantry. Naturally, one has to be judged worthy before one is sheltered under the Great Wings of Akatosh.

Akatosh Chantry OverviewEdit

Political AffiliationsEdit

Political Factions
(by influence)
Akatosh Chantry
Order of the Hour
Apothecaries of Akatosh
Mixers of Akatosh
Summoners of Akatosh
Teachers of Akatosh
Allies Benevolence of Mara
Enemies House of Dibella


Your rank in the Akatosh Chantry is determined by a combination of your reputation with Akatosh and your two highest associated skills:

Rank Rank Title Reputation High skill Low skill
0 Novice 0 22 4
1 Initiate 10 23 5
2 Acolyte 20 31 9
3 Adept 30 39 13
4 Curate 40 47 17
5 Disciple 50 55 21
6 Brother 60 63 25
7 Diviner 70 71 29
8 Master 80 79 33
9 Patriarch 90 87 37

Temple SkillsEdit

The following skills are used to determine your rank in the Akatosh Chantry:


Advancing in rank within the Akatosh Chantry affords the following advantages:

Benefits by Rank
each rank Fast travel time = (95 - rank)/100*travel time
Rank 1 Heal all wounds, no cost
Rank 2 Access to Library
Rank 4 Access to Potion Seller
Rank 5 Access to Potion Maker
Rank 7 Access to Daedra Summoning

Regional TemplesEdit

The following regions have Akatosh as their chosen deity:


The people of the Iliac Bay may discuss the Akatosh Chantry if asked:

"The Akatosh Chantry is one of the temples dedicated to the Dragon, the God of Time, Akatosh."
"The priests of Akatosh always call their temples chantries. I suppose it's because they do a lot of singing there."
"Akatosh is a Dragon God of Time, and the temples devoted to Him are always called Chantries."


If you are of at least Initiate rank, your health will be fully restored if you speak to another member of the Chantry.

Apothecaries of AkatoshEdit

The Chantry's potion seller

The Apothecaries of Akatosh sell potions to members of Curate rank or higher. Their assortment is determined randomly. Your reputation with the Apothecaries will influence the price of their wares.

Mixers of AkatoshEdit

A Mixer of Akatosh

The Mixers of Akatosh offer potion making services within the Akatosh Chantry. They allow members of Disciple rank or higher to make their own potions, provided they have the required ingredients and recipes. Their services are free.

Summoners of AkatoshEdit

A Summoner of Akatosh

As their name implies, the Summoners of Akatosh will summon a Daedra Prince for you if you hold the rank of Diviner or higher. In order to use these services, you must first possess the immense amount of gold required to make the attempt. Summonings can only take place on certain days of the year. Your reputation with the Summoners will affect the price of their services.

Teachers of AkatoshEdit

A Teacher of Akatosh

The Teachers of Akatosh offer training in skills related to the Chantry. The cost of a training session is dependent on your character level, 100 gold per level to be precise. The Teachers will also train non-members, however this will cost 400 gold per character level. Like all trainers, they can only train a skill up to 50%.

Teachers offer training in the following skills:

Temple BlessersEdit

Collecting donations at the door

The Temple Blessers collect donations for the Temple. Large donations will improve your reputation with the Deity.

Temple HealersEdit

One of the Chantry's Healers

Temple Healers can cure every known disease, including the early stages of vampirism and lycanthropy. These services are available even to non-members. The costs of these services depend on your Mercantile skill, the severity of the disease, and your rank within the Temple. Additionally, these prices may be discounted (or free) on certain holidays.

Healers will also restore any damaged Attributes for free, however this service is only available to members of the Temple.

Temple MissionariesEdit

Missionary of the Akatosh Chantry

The Temple Missionaries are the devotees who offer quests for the Temple, and reward you for successfully completing them. Missionaries may offer a multitude of quests for Temple members (including one Temple-exclusive quest), and a few for non-members.