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Daggerfall:Lysandus' Revelation

Daggerfall: Quests: Main Quest
Time to find out who did it.
Quest Giver: Medora Direnni
Location(s): Direnni Tower, Isle of Balfiera and Lysandus' Tomb, Menevia
Prerequisite Quest: Dust of Restful Death and The Ancient Watcher
Next Quest: Lysandus' Revenge
Reward: None
ID: S0000022
Required Level: 10
Lysandus awakens

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Visit Medora at the Direnni Tower once she has finished preparing the Dust of Restful Death.
  2. Get the Dust of Restful Death from her.
  3. Travel to Lysandus' Tomb in Menevia and find his sarcophagus within.
  4. Use the dust to soothe the spirit of King Lysandus.
  5. Talk to Lysandus' spirit to find out what will put him to rest.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The tomb of King Lysandus

Return to MedoraEdit

After Medora has finished preparing the Dust of Restful Death you acquired from the mummy (this takes about 21 days), make your way once again through Direnni Tower and speak to the sorceress in her chambers. She tells you,

"The powder is ready. All you need to do is spinkle [sic] it on his true corpse. I must warn you. It will not put his shade to rest, but will soothe it sufficiently to allow you a chance to speak with him. The final exorcism is for Lysandus to choose. I do not know where he was buried. I do know that it is not on the field of Cryngaine where they erected that monument to him. If you do speak to him...could you tell him I still love him. Death will not be a barrier to us for long."

If you return too early, Medora simply tells you,

"I thought I told you it would take a month. The powder is not ready yet. Come back later."

With the Dust of Restful Death in your possession, you can go to Lysandus' Tomb to attempt to calm his spirit. Lysandus' Tomb is located in Menevia, and its location is revealed to you after completing the Castle Llugwych quest. Head there and enter the crypt.

Finding the Burial ChamberEdit

DF-map-Lysandus' Revelation 01.png

The burial chamber is located deep inside the tomb. Ahead of you lies probably the longest route of all Main Quest dungeons. From the entrance, walk west through the hall past some interesting statues of the various foes you can come up against in the game. At the end of the hall, go through the door to your left. Follow the hallway up until you come to an intersection. At this intersection turn north and follow the hallway until you reach a door; go through it.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revelation 02.png
A Skull Teleporter

Follow the hallway until you reach a floating skull. Click the skull and you will be teleported to a room with some torture instruments and an enemy, kill the enemy.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revelation 03.png

This room is also your way back in case you didn't set an anchor near the entrance. There is a secret door in the northeast corner; behind it is a low passage you can only use if you are crouching. At the end of this passage is yet another skull teleporter along with an enemy and some treasure piles. Clicking this skull will teleport you to a position only a few meters away from the first skull teleporter.

To proceed farther into the tomb, leave the room through the northwest door. Follow the hallway down and go through a room at the end.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revelation 04.png

Leave the corridor through the door and follow the hallway until you come to an intersection. Turn east and follow the hallway, jump or levitate across the pit and follow the hallway until it turns north.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revelation 05.png

Follow the hallway farther north, go through the door and turn west at the intersection, follow the hallway north until you reach a second intersection.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revelation 06.png

Turn east and go down the stairs until you come to a four-way intersection. Turn north and follow the stairs down and then up until you reach a second intersection. Go east and through the door; when you reach a third intersection, go up the stairs to the south.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revelation 07.png

Once you are at the top, head east and go through the door. Turn south at the intersection and go up the ramp leading south. Head east and walk up another ramp.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revelation 08.png

Follow the ramp farther east and turn north once you stand in front of the doorway. The doorway is hidden but will appear on the overhead map. Head farther north past an intersection, go around the corner, head east at another intersection and go through the door. You will notice that the textures of the environment have changed. Head farther east and turn north at another intersection. Once you come to the four-way intersection, head east again.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revelation 09.png

Go east and follow the hallway down through a room. Go north and follow the next hallway until it takes a turn to the east.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revelation 10.png

Until now you have encountered only vampires, wraiths and ghosts, but from this point you will encounter the more dangerous undead, namely vampire ancients and liches. A vampire ancient is just at the four-way intersection. After you take care of him, walk farther east, past the two rooms. Each room contains a lich, so either engage them or run past the rooms. Go up the stairs and head south, walk through the doorway leading east.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revelation 11.png

Walk up the ramp and head east.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revelation 12.png

Follow the hallway east up the stairs and walk past an intersection. Follow the hallway and turn south. You will encounter a vampire ancient on your way.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revelation 13.png

Follow the hallway farther south until it turns west. Go west and at the intersection go north, follow the hallway farther north.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revelation 14.png

Follow the hallway farther, you will encounter a lich on the way, until you reach an elevator, take the elevator down.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revelation 15.png
DF-map-Lysandus' Revelation 16.png

You are almost at the burial chamber; follow the hallway, but watch out since there are some small chambers along the way containing a single vampire. In the last chamber you will find an elevator, take it down and pull the lever in the room at the end of the small corridor. Ride the elevator back up and follow the hallway until you reach a door. This door leads directly into the burial chamber.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revelation 17.png

Pulling the previous lever has opened a secret door in the southeast corner of the burial chamber. Pulling the lever behind this door will lower the central platform, allowing you access to the level below where Lysandus' sarcophagus is located. There will be a couple of specters in the burial chamber, so take care of them first.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revelation 18.png
Lysandus' final resting-place
The former king needs your help to complete his vengeance

If you have the Dust of Restful Death with you, sprinkle it onto Lysandus' corpse and learn the truth about his death. Lysandus' ghost appears, and reveals the identity of his murderer,

"You soothed my rage. I do not seek to be placated; I seek vengeance upon he who slew me. If you'll truly lay my spirit to rest, be the instrument of my vengeance against Lord Woodborne of Wayrest."

The spirit can only be exorcised if Lord Woodborne is slain or suffers a massive reversal of fortune. Lysandus will mark Woodborne Hall on your map of Wayrest.

If you haven't set an anchor near the tomb's entrance, you must return to the room with the hidden skull teleporter, as mentioned earlier, to get out of the tomb. To get out from the lower level of the burial chamber, you must click the statue to the southwest of the sarcophagus. This will rise the central platform to the first level, or lower it again to the level with the sarcophagus.



  • If you play in DosBOX at 100% CPU speed, the game can glitch and not show you the animation with Lysandus revealing the mystery of his murderer. In order to watch the animation, save your game just right before sprinkling the dust, lower your CPU cycles down to 5-10%, and then sprinkle the dust. If it does not help, reload your saved game and try a different value for CPU cycles. ?


  • There are quite a few undead such as zombies, ordinary vampires and liches, as well as the occasional ancient vampire you will encounter inside the tomb. If you can't readily deal with these monsters, you aren't ready for this quest. The path to Lysandus' tomb is rather complex; you may wish to set a recall anchor near the entrance. The tomb is immense and difficult to map. Additionally, Lysandus' tomb cannot be reached with the "quest point" cheat keys, as it is not a standard quest location.

Quest LogEdit

Lysandus' Revelation (S0000022)
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
0 (Date): Medora has given me a powder that will soothe the spirit of Lysandus. However, it will not lay his shade to rest, but only calm it. Now I need only to find his tomb and use it.

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The Ancient Watcher
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