Daggerfall:Lysandus' Revenge

Daggerfall: Quests: Main Quest
Track down the traitor to the Empire.
Quest Giver: Lysandus' Spirit
Location(s): Woodborne Hall
Prerequisite Quest: Lysandus' Revelation
Next Quest: Totem, Totem, Who Gets the Totem?
Reward: see Rewards
Reputation Gain: see Reputation Gain/Loss
ID: S0000015
Required Level: 10
Find Lord Woodborne within his castle

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Travel to Woodborne Hall.
  2. Find either Lord Woodborne or his diary in the castle.
  3. Kill Woodborne or give his diary to an appropriate person.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

This quest is the last in the Lysandus series. Having successfully finished it, you have completed half of the original mission given to you by Emperor Uriel VII.

Having spoken to the ghost of King Lysandus, you learned that Lord Woodborne is the one who betrayed and struck down the King of Daggerfall. If you have already completed the Emperor's Letter series of quests through Orcish Emancipation, you may be aware that Lord Woodborne is also rumored to be in possession of a certain item of interest. That item is not the object of this particular quest, however.

Woodborne Hall in the Kingdom of Wayrest will be marked on your map after speaking to the king's shade. When you are ready, travel there and head inside to exact ghostly vengeance.

Gaining entrance to the main part of Woodborne HallEdit

DF-map-Lysandus' Revenge 01.png

You start at the entrance hall of the castle. A couple of enemies will be waiting to welcome you — kill them. To proceed further, you must reach the very top of the hall. If you have a Levitate spell, you can proceed onward to the next section of the walkthrough. If you can't leviatate, you must first find a way to reach the top level. This can be done by pulling four levers which construct a ramp leading up to the top. You can pull these levers at will—they don't need to be pulled in a specific order.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revenge 02.png

To find the first two levers, go south from the entrance and take the elevator up.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revenge 03.png

Jump down at the first level and go north from the elevator shaft. Follow the hallway until you reach a room with two levers. Pull the left one and the right lever will open a door to a small room containing two enemies. Go back to the elevator and take it to the top level.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revenge 04.png

From the elevator, go west past an intersection and into a room at the end of the hallway. Two enemies will be in this room. After you have taken care of them, pull the lever in the next room. Go back to the entrance hall.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revenge 05.png

From the entrance, go north and take the elevator up. The elevator goes up as soon as you step on the platform.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revenge 06.png

Jump off the elevator at the first level and go west until you reach an enemy next to a torch. After the enemy is disposed, pull the torch and a secret door will open. Inside this secret room, you find another lever you must pull. Go back to the elevator and ride it up to the top.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revenge 07.png

On the top level, follow the hallway past an intersection. On the north wall of the hallway is a secret door opposite a tiny room. Open the secret door and go through. Pull the lever at the end of the corridor. Go back to the entrance hall.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revenge 08.png

Now that the ramp is constructed, follow it up to the very top of the entrance hall and enter the main dungeon.

Main PartEdit

DF-map-Lysandus' Revenge 09.png

Once you are inside the main dungeon, go through the door at the end of the corridor. Follow the hallway and go north through a landing, then up a ramp to a second landing.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revenge 10.png

From the second landing, go north and turn east. Go through the door and walk further north.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revenge 11.png

Follow the hallway further north past a door and go through the door at the end of the hallway. Head west and go up to another landing. There you must choose whether you want to find and kill Lord Woodborne or go for his diary.

Path 1: Finding Lord WoodborneEdit

DF-map-Lysandus' Revenge 12.png

If you want to find Lord Woodborne, go north to another landing and turn east. Follow the hallway through yet another landing until you reach an intersection. Walk past this intersection and at the second intersection turn east. Go through the door at the end.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revenge 13.png

Follow the hallway east and walk north until you come to a four-way intersection. From there, go north and up the hallway. Follow the hallway until you come to another intersection, then turn north and keep walking until the hallway takes a turn to the west.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revenge 14.png

Walk up the hallway until you reach a fork. Take the southeast fork and follow the hallway. Enter the first room to your right and you will find Lord Woodborne, who is a knight-class enemy.

Lord Woodborne

Lord Woodborne looks like any other knight (sometimes even a female knight). As soon as you approach, Lord Woodborne attacks and shouts at you:

"You! You're that (player's race) (player's name). You have been a thorn in my side for a long time now. A wiser (player's race) would have let sleeping kings lie. Especially when I have gone to such great lengths to kill them. Yes (player's first name), I killed King Lysandus. And now it will be a pleasure to slay you. En garde!"

When you first attack him, he casts three spells: Spell Reflection, Shield, and Heal on himself. If you are a spellcaster, hit him with all kinds of nondestructive spells first. No matter what your skills are, don't waste a magical item or use a spell in the first attack that inflicts damage, since it will just get healed. Kill the nobleman to avenge Lysandus' death. When Lord Woodborne dies, he leaves you with these words:

"I am...done in. It is up...to...to Gothryd now. May you...rot in hell (player's name). I most...certainly shall."
Lord Woodborne is dead.

After this, a video sequence plays showing Lysandus' spirit finding eternal rest at last:

King Lysandus, avenged at last

King Lysandus is at last able to rest;
the wraiths and ghosts of his loyal soldiers
vanish as his soul passes to the underworld,
leaving the city of Daggerfall to the living.

Backtrack to the dungeon entrance if you haven't set a Recall anchor there and seek out or await your next quest.

Path 2: Finding Lord Woodborne's DiaryEdit

DF-map-Lysandus' Revenge 15.png

If you want to get Lord Woodborne's diary, go east from the landing and through another landing. Follow the hallway down and turn east at the intersection. Go through this hallway past a secret door until you reach a normal door. Go through this door.

DF-map-Lysandus' Revenge 16.png

Follow the hallway east and watch out for enemies that are waiting in the rooms along the way. When you reach an elevator shaft, you will notice a wall blocking your way to the west. Just drop down the shaft and ride the elevator to the top. Ride it down again and the wall will be gone; however, if you go too far away from the shaft the wall will come up again. In this case you must take the elevator up and down again. Once the wall is gone, go into the room. Watch out for the two enemies there, usually a battlemage and a spellsword. Among some treasures, you will find a page of Lord Woodborne's diary. Grab it, and read it if you wish.

Orchestrating Lord Woodborne's DownfallEdit

A page of Lord Woodborne's diary

The diary page reads as follows:

Page 7
...from childhood. I know that Gothryd would not refuse
his aid, but I must bide my time to ask. After all,
Elysana is still heiress of Wayrest and I am her
bethrothed. So it should be that when Eadwyre dies
(which he is bound to do, sooner rather than later)
I will be king.
If it weren't for that bitch queen and her brats,
I would and could be patient. Never trust a dark elf
the old saying goes, for you cannot read truth in
their eyes. If Barenziah has her way, Helseth will
be heir and Elysana will be married off to some far-
off kingdom. Morgiah is already promised to the
heir of Firsthold, but they keep her around to spread
the poison against Elysana, and especially, me.
Barenziah doesn't trust me, this I can tell.
I will deal with her just as I did with Lysandus.
The fool should have agreed to support me. Gortwog
and his orcs almost saved him. I'll deal with those
sub-humans once I sit upon the throne of Wayrest.
First it is important to solidify my power base.
I can (almost certainly) rely on Gothryd to support
my bid for the throne, if Helseth is made heir. I
have a spy network equalling Eadwyre, Gothryd,
Akorith-i, or the Emperor. Perhaps the Necromancers
and the Underking's networks are more extensive, but
I doubt it. The problem is raw physical power. I do
not have a standing army. I need the gold to raise...

This passage contains many interesting revelations:

  • Lord Woodborne's implicit admission that he was the assassin who slew King Lysandus.
  • Woodborne is betrothed to Princess Elysana, and is plotting against King Eadwyre, Queen Barenziah, and Prince Helseth to usurp the throne of Wayrest upon the king's death.
  • Lysandus was allied with Gortwog and the orcs, who tried to prevent his murder.
  • Lysandus' son, King Gothryd, is allied with Lord Woodborne.

Your goal is to use this information to choose an individual to deliver the diary page to; someone who can use it against Lord Woodborne, thus sealing his fate and avenging Lysandus' death. If this is properly accomplished by giving the page to one of the right people, you will see the video sequence of the king's spirit finding rest, as seen above. Delivering the page to the wrong people will prevent Lysandus' revenge at best, at worst you will be betrayed and attacked. Backtrack to the dungeon's entrance if you haven't set a recall anchor there, and seek out someone who can finish the task.

The pool of potential recipients includes most of the major nobles and powers in the Iliac Bay region. The response (and any attendant reward) you receive depends on whom you choose to give Lord Woodborne's diary to.

"This means little to me. It is trash fit only for being burnt. Gothryd and Woodborne plotting to kill Lysandus. Really! Go away."
"Lord Woodborne is the slayer of my dear Lysandus. There shall be justice, and it shall come from my hand! You would do best to stay clear of Woodborne Hall and Wayrest for some time (player's name)."
  • If you give the dairy to either Barenziah, Eadwyre or Helseth:
"This is atrocious! After all the affection we showered on that fool Woodborne! We nearly married that villianous [sic] swine to Elysana -- nearly handed the throne of Wayrest to a cad of the first order! Good (player's first name), it was the right thing to do to bring this to our attention. Rest assured that Lord Woodborne will be arrested and executed for his treason, his name barred from the books of honor, his acquaintances interrogated, his fortune confiscated. As a gift, please allow me to give you (random gold) gold pieces as your share of his property confiscations."
"This information is quite valuable (player's first name). Let me gift you with (random gold) gold for giving it to me. This will be quite handy in the coming conflict."

If you give the diary either to Aubk-i or Gothryd:

"You were completely correct to bring this to me. Otherwise it might have gotten out where it could do Lord Woodborne damage. Guards! Kill this (player's race)!"

In addition, giving the diary to Akorithi, Aubk-i, Gothryd, Gortwog or the King of Worms will NOT trigger the video sequence, as they are unwilling (or unable) to exact vengeance on Lord Woodborne. Therefore, to complete the quest you have to give it to one of these people: Barenziah, Eadwyre, Helseth, Medora, Mynisera, or Nulfaga.


Depending on the person to whom you gave Lord Woodborne's diary, you will gain the following reward (see Bugs for more information):

  • Akorithi: Nothing.
  • Aubk-i: 5x One Spellsword every one in-game minute.
  • Barenziah: 10,000-20,000 gold (will disappear, however, once the quest is over).
  • Eadwyre: 10,000-20,000 gold (will disappear, however, once the quest is over).
  • Gortwog: Should be a random amount of gold, but actually you get nothing.
  • Gothryd: 5x One Spellsword every one in-game minute.
  • Helseth: 10,000-20,000 gold (will disappear, however, once the quest is over).
  • The King of Worms: Should be a random amount of gold, but actually you get nothing.
  • Medora: Nothing.
  • Mynisera: Nothing.
  • Nulfaga: Nothing.

Reputation Gain/LossEdit

If you gave the diary to Akorithi, you will not gain or lose any reputation.

If you gave the diary to either Medora, Mynisera or Nulfaga:

Factions/Person Reputation Gain
Isle of Balfiera +25
Medora +25
Balfiera's associated factions +12
Nulfaga +25

If you gave the dairy to either Barenziah, Eadwyre or Helseth:

Factions/Person Reputation Gain
Wayrest +50
Eadwyre +50
Wayrest's associated factions +25

If you gave the diary either to Gortwog or the King of Worms:

Factions/Person Reputation Gain
Orsinium +20
Gortwog +20
Orsinium's associated factions +10
The King of Worms +20
The Necromancers +20

If you gave the diary either to Aubk-i or Gothryd:

Factions/Person Reputation Gain
Daggerfall -40
Gothryd -40
Daggerfalls's associated factions -20
Wayrest -40
Eadwyre -40
Wayrest's associated factions -20
Legal reputation in Daggerfall -50



  • The start of the Totem quest is triggered from within this quest, but not before all three subplots of the Main Quest (finding the emperor's letter, helping the King of Worms acquire the Soul of a Lich and avenging Lysandus' death) are completed successfully. Hence, it is theoretically possible to kill Lord Woodborne and get the reward by handing over the diary if at least one of the two other subplots has not yet been completed.
  • The streets of Daggerfall will be safe to wander at night after this quest, as Lysandus no longer has any reason to haunt the city in search of revenge.


  • The reward you get from Barenziah, Eadwyre or Helseth will disappear once the quest is over due an oversight.
  • It is intended for Gortwog or the King of Worms to give you a random amount of gold if you bring the diary to either of them, but actually you get nothing.
    • DFQFIX addresses both of these issues; you will now properly receive your reward from any of these NPCs.

Additional DialogueEdit

After you have accepted this quest, NPCs may say when asked for any news:

  • "There were some strange men here asking about a (player's race) named (player's name)."
  • "Didn't like the look of those thugs. Thank (random god) they moved on."

If you fail the quest, NPCs may say when asked for any news:

  • "The stars foretell dreams that will never come true."
  • "There are dangerous portents the oracles of (region) have foreseen."

If you successfully complete the quest, NPCs may say when asked for any news:

  • "I hear things are getting kind of rocky in Wayrest."
  • "I heard that they found the body of King Lysandus!"

Depending on how the quest ended, NPCs may also comment:

  • "I hear Lord Woodborne was beheaded for treason."
  • "They caught Lord Woodborne and tried him for treason."
  • "I heard a flock of Daedra descended upon Lord Woodborne and carried him off."
  • "Things from beyond the grave rose assaulted Woodborne Hall!"
  • "I hear Lord Woodborne cheated the Mages Guild. They sent demons kill him."
  • "I heard that Lord Woodborne will be marrying Princess Elysana."
  • "Lord Woodborne is in high favor these days at Castle Wayrest."

Quest LogEdit

Lysandus' Revenge (S0000015)
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
0 (Date): Lysandus' ghost appeared to me and told me that only the death or humiliation of his murderer, Lord Woodborne, would lay his soul to rest. Lord Woodborne is a noble of Wayrest and betrothed to Princess Elysana. He has a castle in the wilderness of Wayrest.
1 (Date): I found a most damning couple of pages in Woodborne Hall. I'm sure Lord Woodborne would be quite livid if they were to fall into the wrong hands.

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