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The CompUSA Special Edition was a limited edition version of Daggerfall available to CompUSA customers which included 16 new quests not found in the standard game. Bethesda Softworks later released it to the public as a patch. The patch can be downloaded here; it also comes with the unofficial DaggerfallSetup installer.

The Special Edition was created because the CompUSA brand was known for distributing exclusive versions, and told Bethesda that had no interest in carrying the game unless they received a special version of the game. Game Designer Kurt Kuhlmann was responsible for authoring these additional quests.[1]


Fighters GuildEdit

Knightly OrdersEdit

  • The Lost Artifact: Destroy a lich and embark on an optional quest to reveal a lost artifact.

Mages GuildEdit


  • Hunt for Undead: Find and kill an undead creature in a local dungeon.
  • The Relic: Retrieve a sacred relic guarded by a lich.

Thieves GuildEdit

  • Antique Ivory: Steal some antique ivory from a residence in town.
  • Drugs Delivery: Deliver a package containing drugs to a local in town.


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