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Daggerfall:CompUSA Special Edition


The CompUSA Special Edition was a limited edition version of Daggerfall available to CompUSA customers which included 16 new quests not found in the standard game. Bethesda Softworks later released it to the public as a patch. The patch can be downloaded here; it also comes with the unofficial DaggerfallSetup installer.


Fighters GuildEdit

Knightly OrdersEdit

  • The Lost Artifact: Destroy a lich and embark on an optional quest to reveal a lost artifact.

Mages GuildEdit


  • Hunt for Undead: Find and kill an undead creature in a local dungeon.
  • The Relic: Retrieve a sacred relic guarded by a lich.

Thieves GuildEdit

  • Antique Ivory: Steal some antique ivory from a residence in town.
  • Drugs Delivery: Deliver a package containing drugs to a local in town.