Daggerfall:Orcish Emancipation

Daggerfall: Quests: Main Quest
Get the Emperor's Letter for Mynisera.
Quest Giver: Dowager Queen Mynisera at Castle Daggerfall
Location(s): Stronghold of Orsinium
Prerequisite Quest: The Emperor's Courier and Morgiah's Wedding or Barenziah's Book
Next Quest: Who Gets The Totem and The Mantella Revealed
Reward: None
Reputation Gain: see Reputation Gain
ID: S0000020
Required Level: 5
The Emperor's Letter

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Mynisera at Castle Daggerfall and receive a letter from her.
  2. Give this letter to Gortwog at his stronghold in Orsinium.
  3. Find the emperor's letter in Gortwog's Fortress.
  4. Return the emperor's letter to Mynisera.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Mynisera needs your assistance once more
Gortwog gives you an opportunity to take back the emperor's letter

Return to MyniseraEdit

When you last spoke to Mynisera, she asked you to return if you discovered who has Emperor Uriel VII's missing letter. After completing a personal quest for either Princess Morgiah or Queen Barenziah, you learned that the letter is in the hands of Gortwog of Orsinium. However, while the nobles of Wayrest have this information, only Mynisera can make a treaty with the Orc Warlord. Speak with her once you have learned the letter's location and she says:

"So Morgiah says Gortwog has the emperor's letter. Very interesting. I think I have a way to get Gortwog to turn over that letter. Are you willing to brave the depths of Orsinium to try to retrieve it?"

Agree, and Mynisera continues:

"Gortwog wants very badly to be recognized by the empire. It would mean the beginning of peace between the orcs and the other races of the empire. Present this letter to Gortwog. Hopefully it will persuade him to cooperate."

Mynisera's letter to Gortwog appears in your inventory. It reads:

Lord Gortwog,
King of Orcs,
Warlord of the Subterranean Realms
Hail and long life King Gortwog. Long
have you and the Orcish people sought
formal recognition by the empire. My dead
husband King Lysandus supported your claim
to sovreign [sic] rule. I would now help you in
your cause. Sadly, a minor missive from
the emperor has been misplaced. For me to
truly hold the trust and ear of Emperor
Uriel Septim, I need to reclaim this note.
Should you be able to place in my servant's
hand this trifling letter, I would be far
better able to forward your claim to the
emperor and his court.
The Dowager Mynisera,
Queen Mother to King Gothryd of Daggerfall

In the Hall of the Orc KingEdit

Travel to Orsinium. Enter the fortress and speak to Gortwog. Gortwog will respond to Mynisera's suggestion as follows:

"So, Mynisera seeks to sweet talk me. Bah! Her letter is of no value to me anymore. She may have it. However, my people may not be so lenient toward a (player's race) wandering the halls of Orsinium. If you can survive my realm and find the letter, you make [sic] take it back to her. I will also consider you to be a worthy (player's race)."

While Gortwog 'allows' you to fight your way through Orsinium to find the letter, it will not be an easy task. Be prepared before venturing onward.

Finding the LetterEdit

DF-map-Orcish Treaty 01.jpg

Upon entering the stronghold, you find yourself in the main hall, together with Gortwog and three orcs. The warlord will not attack you unless provoked, but the soldier will attack you as soon as he detects you. Go past Gortwog and through the left door at the back of the great hall. Once you open the door the orc shaman will attack you. Follow the hallway up and go through the door. Beware of the various orc warriors and shamans you will encounter along your way. In the bowels of the stronghold you may even encounter some Daedroths.

DF-map-Orcish Treaty 02.jpg

Follow the hallway further upwards.

DF-map-Orcish Treaty 03.jpg

Follow the hallway until you come to an intersection, from there go south.

DF-map-Orcish Treaty 04.jpg

Follow the hallway until you come to a sort of dining-room. Leave the room through the west door.

DF-map-Orcish Treaty 05.jpg

Go down the hallway and through the door.

DF-map-Orcish Treaty 06.jpg

Walk down the hallway until you come to a door. Go through it and you will find yourself in a huge chamber with a hollow truncated pyramid.

DF-map-Orcish Treaty 07.jpg

To proceed further, you must reach the level above the truncated pyramid. If you cannot levitate to the level above by yourself, jump into the fountain in the northeast corner of the chamber, it will teleport you to the platform right above the pyramid. Alternatively, you can take the staircase behind the south door, which will also lead to the upper level.

DF-map-Orcish Treaty 08.jpg

From the platform go up the west staircase and head south past an intersection until you come to a second intersection and a door. The door will be locked, so open it with either lockpicks, magic or your weapon. Once the door is open, go through it.

DF-map-Orcish Treaty 09.jpg

Follow this hallway past an intersection, then head south, past a secret door and go through the door at the end of the hallway.

DF-map-Orcish Treaty 10.jpg

Follow the hallway further south, walk through a short cavern passage and head east. Follow the hallway once again through a short cavern passage, head west than turn north. Go through the door at the end of the hallway.

DF-map-Orcish Treaty 11.jpg

Walk downwards the hallway and south past an intersection until you reach a second intersection. Head west at this junction and follow the hallway north.

DF-map-Orcish Treaty 12.jpg

Head west through the door and the textures of the environment will change. Head south at the intersection and follow the hallway until you reach a door, go through that door.

DF-map-Orcish Treaty 13.jpg

Finally you have found the room where the emperor's letter is hidden. It will be on the pedestal in the middle of the pit. There is a ramp in the northwest corner leading down. When you approach the pedestal, four orc soldiers will come out from the north and the south door, so be prepared for them. Pick up the letter and bring it back to Mynisera at Castle Daggerfall.

Deliver the LetterEdit

Upon reading the letter at long last, Mynisera grows worried:

"(Player's first name), this letter is dangerous. Gortwog had undoubtedly sold copies of it to everyone from Wayrest to the Underking. After all, if the powers of the Iliac Bay become embroiled in war over the Totem, he stands to gain quite a lot.
Go now. You have done your job. I am sure the Totem will find its way into your life somehow. You seem to have a knack for such things. Just remember, the only safe master of the Totem is the emperor."

Beware, if you entered the room to speak to Mynisera the guards will attack you until you exit the castle.

Reputation GainEdit

If you bring the letter back to Mynisera, you will gain reputation according to the table below.

Faction/Person Reputation Gain
Daggerfall +15
Mynisera +15
Daggerfall's associated factions +7
Orsinium +10
Gortwog +10
Orsinium's associated factions +5

(Allies/Enemies affiliations for listed factions are not considered)



Queen Mynisera,
I have grave news. The Totem of Tiber
Septim has been found. You know what this
means. The power behind Tiber Septim could
be unleashed upon Tamriel again. Rumor has it
that Lord Woodborne, a minor lord of Wayrest,
has possession of it. He will doubtless
"lose" it soon. You must persuade him to turn
it over to you or Lady Brisienna. The court of
Wayrest has no love of King Lysandus, but you
still have influence there. I am asking you to
use it on my behalf.
Uriel Septim
Emperor of Tamriel
  • In the last chamber of the Stronghold of Orsinium the orc soldiers shout "Stop It!". This is what town guards shout to you before attacking when you are caught committing a crime in Arena.
  • Save before clicking on the letter itself, there is a bug where the letter will disappear when activated with no update to the quest log basically breaking the quest.

Quest LogEdit

Orcish Emancipation (S0000020)
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
0 (Date): Mynisera, Queen Mother to King Gothryd of Daggerfall, has asked me to retrieve the stolen letter sent to her by the emperor. I have to go to the hall of Orsinium in Orsinium and give Gortwog, the orc warlord, a letter from her.

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