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Fighters Guild
Opening Hours 11:00 - 23:00
A typical Fighters Guild guildhall

The Fighters Guild is one of the joinable factions in Daggerfall. They are a sophisticated mercenary service, often hired out as guards, escorts, and, occasionally, on more covert missions. The Guild is where everyone with any gold goes to for hired muscle.

In the Iliac Bay, the Fighters Guild is often essential for getting things done, leading to a range of possible assignments for guild members. Some quests involve killing creatures that have made their way into houses, killing giants or harpies, and protecting people. This is also the only guild that has a non-random quest, one of the "Lord K'avar" quest series, infamous for spawning seemingly unending waves of assassins.

Fighters Guild OverviewEdit

The Fighters Guild operates out of guildhalls in many towns across the Iliac Bay region. Guildhalls in all regions are identical in structure and interior layout, with the only difference being the color scheme (Hammerfell being beige colored, and High Rock being stone colored). Every guildhall has the same services and opening hours, regardless of which town or region it's located in.

Political AffiliationsEdit

Political Factions
(by influence)
Fighters Guild
Fighter Trainers
Fighter Equippers
Fighter Questers

Note: depending on the outcome of a quest, you gain or lose reputation directly with the Guild and the Fighter Questers. Both can therefore be considered as the "Main Faction" and the other two factions aligned with the Guild are considered as subgroups.


Your guild rank is determined by a combination of your reputation with the Fighters Guild and your two highest skills associated with the Guild:

Rank Rank Title Reputation High skill Low skill
0 Apprentice 0 22 4
1 Journeyman 10 23 5
2 Swordsman 20 31 9
3 Protector 30 39 13
4 Defender 40 47 17
5 Warder 50 55 21
6 Guardian 60 63 25
7 Champion 70 71 29
8 Warrior 80 79 33
9 Master 90 87 37

Guild SkillsEdit

The following skills are used to determine guild rank:


Advancing in rank within the Fighters Guild affords the following advantages:

Benefits by Rank
each rank Weapon and armor repairs at reduced cost: ((10 - Rank) ÷ 10) × RepairPrice
Increased quest reward: BaseReward × (10 + Rank) ÷ 10
Rank 0 Rest in any guildhall for free
Rank 6 Guild members/services available 24 hours per day


The people of the Iliac Bay may discuss the Fighters Guild if asked:

"The Fighters Guild is a sophisticated mercenary service. They often hire out adventurers as guards, escorts, and, occasionally, on more covert missions."
"Just a bunch of guards for hire, nothing mysterious or romantic."
"The Fighters Guild is just what its name implies -- an order for lances for hire and other mercenaries."
"The Fighters Guild is where everyone with any gold goes to hire additional guards, escorts, what-have-you. They are absolutely essential for getting things done in %reg."


Fighter QuestersEdit

A Quester of the Fighters Guild

Fighter Questers are the individuals at Fighters Guild guildhalls who offer quests and dispense the associated rewards. Each Fighter Quester potentially offers a wide array of quests for guild members, and a limited number for non-members.

Fighter EquippersEdit

An Equipper of the Fighters Guild

The Fighter Equippers will repair and mend unenchanted arms and armor for any member of the Fighters Guild. The costs for a repair depend primarily on your rank within the guild, though your reputation with the faction will also affect the price of their services.

Repair times when utilizing these services can take one or more days, depending on how worn the item is and how many items the Equipper is already repairing. At regular Fighters Guild guildhalls, they can only repair one item at a time. This is a serious drawback compared to Armorers, General Stores, or Weapon Smiths. They also hand repaired equipment over only during the regular opening hours (11:00-23:00), regardless of your rank within the guild.

However, the Fighter Equippers at Fighter Trainers guildhalls can repair as many items at a time as Armorers, General Stores, or Weapon Smiths. Since these guildhalls never close, pickup times are similarly not an issue.

Fighter TrainersEdit

A Trainer of the Fighters Guild

Fighter Trainers are found in every Fighters Guild guildhall. They are the guildmembers who offer training services in any skill associated with the Guild. The cost of this service is dependent on your character level, 100 gold per level to be precise. As with all skill training, Fighter Trainers can only train a skill up to a maximum of 50%.

Because the cost of a training session depends entirely on your character level, your reputation with the Fighter Trainers will not affect the price of their services.

Fighter Trainers offer training in the following skills:


The following quests are offered by Fighter Questers:

General Quests and Information
Quest Name Quest Text Description Rank Required
Quests for non-members
Hunt for a Giant Scorpion You can call me (Fighter Quester's name). Normally we only give jobs to guild members. ... Kill a giant scorpion in a building in town. Not in Guild
Hunt for a Giant Spider My name is (Fighter Quester's name). I don't like handing out jobs to non-guild members. ... Kill a giant spider in a local building. Not in Guild
Hunt for Barbarians I am (Fighter Quester's name). The Fighter's Guild doesn't hand out charity work. ... Take care of some barbarians who are running rampant in a building in town. Not in Guild
A Rat Infestation My name is (Fighter Quester's name). We only give jobs to guild members. ... Clean a local building of giant rats. Not in Guild
Quests for members
Hunt for a Lycanthrope We've got a little job you might be interested in. Seems there's a loup... Kill a lycanthrope in a local dungeon. In Guild
Wild Animal I am (Fighter Quester's name) We have a request from a local citizen... A beast has infiltrated someone's home. In Guild
Unwanted Houseguest Every once in a while we get an idiot like this client. Some fool left his back door open and... A wild animal has moved into a residence in a local town. In Guild
Hunt for Giant Rodents I am (Fighter Quester's name). I have a relatively menial job, if you are willing to take it. ... Clean a local building of giant rats. In Guild
Giant Killing * Howdy, (player's first name). If you got a few days free, a job just came in ... Kill a not-so-gentle giant. In Guild
Runaway Pet * (Player's name), isn't it? Just who I was looking for. ... Bring back a noble's runaway tiger. In Guild
Lord K'avar Quest Part I *
Lord K'avar Quest Part II *
Lord K'avar Quest Part III *
(Player's first name), I have an important mission that will require the utmost discretion... You are tasked to protect a spy for Sentinel.

Free Lord K'avar from the dungeons of Castle Sentinel before his execution is scheduled.
Capture or execute Lord K'avar on Queen Akorithi's behalf in his hideout within Castle Wayrest.

Rank 1 or higher
Hunt for Harpies I like you, kid. This assignment ain't for just anyone. ... Kill a flock of harpies in a local dungeon. Rank 1
Pack of Giants Yeah, I got a little job for you. ... Kill some giants in a local dungeon. Rank 2 or higher
Standard Protection * How are you, (player's first name)? If you need work, I've got somethin' ... Kill assassins and avenge a dead man. Rank 2 or higher
Hunt for a Daedroth Something's come up. I don't know who else could handle it but you... Kill a Daedroth to put the locals at ease. Rank 3 or higher
Fighters Lich Listen, (player's first name), if you hadn't already done a bunch of jobs... Kill a lich for low pay. Rank 3 or higher
Domestic Squabble Bit of a domestic squabble, (player's first name). Seems that this woman... A woman is now married to one of the dead! Rank 3 or higher
Hunt for a Spriggan Some woodsmen have hired the guild to kill a spriggan. Seems the monster is attacking them... Take care of a spriggan who has attacked some woodcutters. Rank 4 or higher
Hunt for a Gargoyle A certain merchant needs to have a monster, a gargoyle to be precise, dispatched. ... Kill a gargoyle in a local dungeon. Rank 5 or higher
Hunt for an Atronach We have a new client who wants someone to hunt down an atronach, an elemental golem type critter. ... Kill an atronach in a local dungeon. Rank 6 or higher

* Quest is only available with CompUSA Special Edition.

Note: the Fighters Guild uses rank only and not level to determine which quests may be offered.

Fighter Trainers GuildhallsEdit

A Fighter Trainers guildhall in Myrkwasa

In certain regions of Hammerfell, the Fighters Guild often exists as a holy order. Such guildhalls are holy places which also count as Temples, and appear on the map as Fighter Trainers. These guildhalls are always open (like Temples), and its smiths can repair multiple items at once. Aside from these minor differences, they are otherwise identical to the Fighters Guild guildhalls found in the remaining regions of the Iliac Bay.


Location Region
Abibon-Gora Alik'r Antiphyllos Ayasofya Bergama Kairou Myrkwasa Pothago Sentinel Tigonus
Abibon-gora Agogurana Antyphyllos Ayasofya Behla Kairou Myrkwasa Menakat Akhoaisa Kalaan
Cerettunia Alik'ra Jalallaara Javii-Kom Bergama Kalereg Zagiladax Pothago Bubissidata Lastabia
Issaqumbaa Anteliiga Syrasa Kaluhbia Papiiton Isfijer Makumbazar
Tsetono Berbaaqnia Tulaia Puweyn Khajoajet Syra-Kom
Ceranda-Kom Tulaeh-Hassi Khajoharet Wadijuthua
Ceriburea Linisa Zagorana
Isfunnusa Mesehret
Kaloguja Naresa
Mettula Pythinis
Mogandaton Sedojer
Ramoaweyn Tasoparet
Tsetissiara Umbaaqwan
Total 4 12 2 4 5 3 2 2 12 6

Fighters Guild Map BlocksEdit