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Looking for that latest patch for the game to stop those annoying crashes? Or perhaps a save game editor to 'adjust' your stats. Whatever type of Daggerfall file you are looking for, you can most likely find it here. The files are ordered by general type and sub-ordered by the date on which the file was added to UESP.

Daggerfall, Full VersionEdit

Since the 15th anniversary of The Elder Scrolls series, Daggerfall is free to download.

Filename Date Size Description 11 February 2024 230 MB DaggerfallSetup is a ready-to-play Daggerfall install compatible with modern Windows Systems originally compiled by Ancestral Ghost, now maintained by Daneel53. The game already includes patch 1.07.213 and the official CompUSA Special Edition quest pack and DOSBox 074-3. The Unofficial fixes are also installed so that the DaggerfallSetup installation in English is now fully compatible with DFU 1.0. Translations and utilities are also included as optional installation components. Current release is DaggerfallSetup 3.0.1. More details and Readme file here : (DaggerfallSetup Web Site) 10 July 2009 149 MB Official Daggerfall release available directly from Bethesda's website Courtesy of Bethesda Softworks. The terms of use for this software may be found in the distribution.

Official Patches and UtilitiesEdit

Get the latest and previous Daggerfall patches and official game utilities released by Bethesda.

Filename Date Size Description
DAG213.EXE 16 October 1998 1474 KB Last and final official patch (v. 1.07.213). Copy into your Daggerfall directory and execute.

This patch contains all previously released patches as well so this is all you need to update from any previous version. For exactly what this latest patch fixes read the file PATCH213.TXT.

FIXSAVE.ZIP v1.75 16 October 1998 102 KB Beta Save Game Repair v1.75. Repairs damaged save games which may cause errors in Daggerfall. Read FIXSAVE.TXT to see everything this program does. The latest patch v1.07.213 (above) only has FixSave v1.71 so you may wish to download this updated version.
ADDQUEST.ZIP 16 October 1998 46 KB CompUSA Special Edition Patch. Additional artifacts and quests.
DAG212.ZIP 2 May 2013 1348 KB Old Patch v1.07.212. Copy to Daggerfall directory, unpack and execute DAG212.EXE. You don't need this patch to upgrade to patch v1.07.213. First version to include FixMaps utility and cheat-mode.
DAG200.EXE 16 October 1998 1330 KB Old Patch v1.06.200. Copy to Daggerfall directory and execute. You don't need this patch to upgrade to patch v1.07.212 or greater.
DAG195.EXE 16 October 1998 1313 KB Old Patch v1.05.195. Copy to Daggerfall directory and execute. You don't need this patch to upgrade to patch v1.06.200 or greater.
DAG191.ZIP 2 May 2013 1184 KB Old Patch v1.04.191. Copy to Daggerfall directory, unpack and execute UPDATE.EXE. You don't need this patch to upgrade to patch v1.05.195 or greater. First version to use PKWARE ZIP instead of .RTPatch, first to include FixSave utility.
DAG179.EXE 16 October 1998 572 KB Old Patch v1.0.179. Copy to Daggerfall directory and execute. You don't need this patch to upgrade to patch v1.04.191 or greater.
DAG177.EXE 16 October 1998 392 KB Old Patch v1.0.177. Copy to the DAGGERFALL directory and execute. You don't need this patch to upgrade to patch v1.0.179 or greater.
DaggerfallPreview 16 July 2012 7.5 MB The Daggerfall Preview. It seems to be the oldest demo. An interesting insight into some dropped features such as the animated bestiary.
DAGDEMO.ZIP 16 October 1998 16.38 MB The Daggerfall demo which allows you to adventure briefly in a dungeon.
DFBETONY.ZIP 20 May 2003 58 MB The Daggerfall Betony demo. A much larger, and rarer, demo which allows you to adventure briefly outdoors. This version of the Betony demo includes the ARCH3D.BSA file which may be missing in other archives.

Unofficial Patches and FixesEdit

Patches and fixes created to solve problems that were not fixed in the latest patch.

Note: All of these require a Large or Huge installation.

Filename Date Size Description
DFBIOGFIX v1.2 12 May 2020 189 KB DFBIOGFIX v1.2. This fix corrects numerous errors and inconsistencies in the BIOGXXT0.TXT files for the English/French/German version of the game. This patch works with all versions/patches, which do not override the BIOGXXTO.TXT files. To install, simply unpack the language folder and replace the files into your ARENA2 directory. Read the README.TXT, which comes with this file, for further information.
DFQFIX v3.3 06 October 2016 239 KB The most recent and up-to-date quest bug-fix for Daggerfall. To install simply unpack the contents of the file into the ARENA2 directory. For further information, see DFQFIX.
P0B10L08.ZIP 13 February 2012 30 KB Fix the "A Test of Determination" vampire Quest. The QBN file was misnamed and the quest never appeared in-game.
Clothes and Armor Fix 21 April 2014 365.92 KB Fixes graphical inconsistencies with clothes, armor & weapons on player inventory models (requires a Proboards account to download).
POLITIC.PAK 15 August 2009 19.2 KB Fixes enclave within the Wrothgarian Mountains as being associated with region #105, which does not exist. Entering, or attempting to open a fast-travel map, to any location not defined within MAPS.BSA will crash the game. The data is reassigned to Wrothgarian Mountains. Simply unzip into ARENA2 directory to install.
FACTFIX v1.2 05 August 2009 10 KB This fix corrects numerous errors in the Faction-Database that comes with the latest official patch 1.07.213. To install, simply unpack FACTION.TXT from the archive into your ARENA2 directory. Read the README.TXT, which comes with this file, for further information.
FACTION.TXT ~2015  ??? A more robust faction fix by DelphiSnake. It's based on the above download but with additional tweaks. More info here.
HACKFALL.ZIP 1 December 2011 240 KB Unofficial patch and extension project for Daggerfall 213. Contains multiple fixes. Home page found here. 8 November 2011 327 KB Fixes all the Wayrest Dark Elves to look like Dark Elves rather than humans.
Andy Polis: faces of Barenziah and Morgiah; textures of Barenziah, Helseth, and Morgiah. Originally released as part of AndyFall.
DelphiSnake: faces of Helseth and Karethys; texture of Karethys.
Ebony Blade 11 November 2011 43.7 KB Fixes the inventory screen graphics for the Ebony Blade. See a graphical comparison.
MAGIC.DEF ~July 2011 2.1 KB Fixes the mixed-up Leaping %it and %it of Venom Spitting.The effects of these items have been exchanged: Leaping now casts Levitate when used, and Venom Spitting enhances skill Dragonish. I have also changed the effect of Cursing %it to cast Paralysis on strike to avoid the duplicate effect of cast Toxic Cloud.
Castle Llugwych 15 November 2011 25.1 KB Fixes the exterior location at Castle Llugwych. Hit the link for more information. Also has a patch extension here.
Hammerfell NPCs Fix 07 December 2018 24 KB [verification needed] Fixes all parts of Hammerfell incorrectly using Breton and Nord textures for town NPCs to use Redguards ones instead. 11 May 2008 2 KB BIOG00T0.txt patch. This file patches the faulty Mage's Biography file. The file was faulty in all versions and releases of Daggerfall. Selecting "practicing acrobatics" in question #3 mistakenly improved the character's Orcish rather than Jumping. This patch corrects that flaw, and works will all versions/patches. To install, simply unpack the BIOG00T0.txt file from the archive into your ARENA2 directory. 01 October 2005 2 KB Fixes the circinate spell Jumping being tagged to the Dimunition effect in the SPELLS.STD file. By Nwart. To install, simply unpack from the archive into your ARENA2 directory. 01 March 2001 47 KB Fixes several broken quests since the last official patch 1.07.213. To install, simply unpack from the archive into your ARENA2 directory. Also adds five new quests. Source available here.
Q0C00Y03.ZIP 16 October 1998 2 KB Fix the Q0C00Y03 Quest. Come From XQPATCH. To install, simply unpack from the archive into your ARENA2 directory.

Unofficial Add-OnsEdit

Add-ons for the game (new monsters, items, quests, etc.). Information about quests in this category can be found on the legacy quests page.

Filename Date Size Description
No Insects 19 May 2017 63 KB Replaces the spiders and scorpions for sabertooth tigers. Sounds and stats unchanged.
Underware 04 March 2017 30 KB Characters aren't naked anymore if you remove their clothes. Perfect if you play this around children.
Playable Orc Race 09 December 2015 177 KB Adds new playable race, Orcs.
Almalexia Race Mod 20 July 2015 8 KB A mod that simply replaces the body of the high elf to Almalexia's body from Morrowind and adds in a head to match.
Daggerfall AHK script 20 November 2011 3.12 KB An extension to HackFall (above). Adds quick save and "turbo fire" LMB clicking for inventory navigation.
AndyFallLite.7z 22 June 2010 789 KB AndyFall with only aesthetic changes and no Gameplay changes. You may also want only a part of AndyfallLite, you can find it here:,,, &
Quest Pack #1A 20 April 2009 19 KB by Azileron. A quest pack for the Mages' Guild. Adds 7 quests.
QUESTPAK.ZIP 01 October 2005 498 KB The QUESTPAK - Quest Pack v1 includes all third-party quests and unofficial quest bug fixes that were made for Daggerfall up to 01 Oct. 2005. Also included among others are ADDQUEST, XTRAQST, XTRAQST2, XTRAQST3, XQSE, XQPATCH, lbsword, fixqs001 & SPELL.STD Fix. This file comes from where Daggerfall is currently translated into French. For more information see the __README.PDF file within. 31 May 2005 162 KB A modified TEXT.RSC file with expanded and additional entries (more straight version).
Kirafall 26 October 2004 1.6 MB A fork of Andyfall by Marty Runyon, mainly adding a white dress for female elves and changing the skin color of dark elves. Can also be downloaded, split into two separate archives, here & here.
ElvenLand 2.0 09 September 2004 34 KB Faces for wood elves, high elves, and nordic women. These faces are not compatible with helmets. 13 June 2002 160 KB A modified TEXT.RSC file with expanded and additional entries (more humorous version).
MIRROR.ZIP 17 April 2002 8 KB A mini-quest given by the mages guild which allows one to watch all the in-game videos sequentially.
DAEDRAFALL.ZIP 8 April 2002 433 KB An interesting mod that lets you play the game as a Daedra. See the Daedrafall mod page for more information.
LBSWORD.ZIP 4 March 2002 55 KB Live by the sword Add-on. Five new Daggerfall quests for fighters guild member.
Werefall 30 October 2001 93 KB Attempts to make playing as a lycanthrope more interesting. Adds a loose clan-like 'guild' for shifters, with quests, NPCs, services, artifacts, potions, and items etc. Source available here.
PiratesofTamriel.7z 25 October 1998 3.25 MB The Pirates of Tamriel Special Edition 1.3 Add-on.
ANDYFALL.ZIP 16 October 1998 1703 KB The first and possibly greatest, complete third-party add-on for the game. Includes lots of new things like knights on horses, more powerful monsters and more (see AndyFall Article).
FDAGGER.ZIP 16 October 1998 5.13 KB Allows Andyfall to run without a CD. Unzip into the Daggerfall directory and read the accompanying text file.
ADDTEXT.ZIP 16 October 1998 121 KB A modified version of the TEXT.RSC file in the ARENA2 directory replacing some of the text in the game to give it some variety. Read the AddText.Txt that comes with it for more info.
XTRAQST3.ZIP 23 December 1998 32 KB More custom quests for the game.
XQPATCH.ZIP 14 July 1998 7589 bytes Patch to fix some errors in Xtra Quests SE and v2.
XQSE.ZIP 14 July 1998 22 KB Xtra Quests special edition of the first series.
XTRAQST2.ZIP 14 July 1998 25 KB More custom quests for the game. Read the Help File which comes in the zip for more info.
XTRAQST.ZIP 18 February 1998 17 KB Several new custom quests which one can add to the game. Created by one of the quest editors that exist. Read the Help File which comes in the zip for more info.


Daggerfall translations for other languages.

Filename Date Size Description
PFDSetup- 08 February 2024 50 MB The Projet French Daggerfall translates Daggerfall in French. The PFD version 0.34.0 translates around 98% of classic Daggerfall. (Projet French Daggerfall Web Site) 06 March 2021 53.7 MB This is a German translation of Daggerfall. Status: pre-Alpha (Daggerfall Deutsch Website) 11 February 2024 57 MB The Daggerfall RUS Pack is a Russian translation of Daggerfall from VorteX DrAgON. Release 1.04.2 is a repackage and update of 1.04.1 (04/2011) done by Daneel53. 13 February 2000 2.52 MB This is a Spanish translation of Daggerfall.

Save Game EditorsEdit

Editors used to change statistics and values in the game (Gold, Skills, Attributes, Items, etc.).

Filename Date Size Description 18 November 2008 65 KB DOS based save game editor. Edit: name, class, sex, race, speed setting, level up modifier, some general reputations, skill values, skill use counters, level, location, transport type, gold, HP, SP, fatigue...

Change primary/major/minor skills, advantages and disadvantages. Monster editor; item editor. 2 July 2001 227 KB Save game editor that allows you to edit faction reputation and legal reputation for characters, perhaps the only known editor that allows you to manipulate the latter. Comes with English and French documentation. Created by Ferital on the Bethesda forums.
DaggeD v1.07.213 16 March 1999 762 kb A good windows savegame editor with lots of options and capabilities. Copy the EXE to a temp directory and execute to unzip the program files.
DFITEM.ZIP v0.1b 16 October 1998 84 kb DOS program to edit any item in your savegame! Change name, uses, cost, enchantments, type, picture and more. Unzip into your Daggerfall directory.
DFHack v3 16 March 1999 893 kb Save game editor for Windows. Can edit/view just about everything including items, reputation in addition to the normal stats/skills, etc.
DFREPOBJ.ZIP 16 October 1998 14 kb Repair items in save games. Useful since patch 1.04.191 removes the ability to repair any magical item (although patch v1.06.200 optionally reinstates it via a z.cfg setting).
EDITBIO.ZIP 16 October 1998 111 kb Edit your biography file created during character creation.
TELE.ZIP 16 October 1998 81 kb Change your location in save games. Useful for bypassing that magically locked door in a dungeon.
DAGEDIT.ZIP 16 October 1998 7493 bytes Edit save games. Changes skills, stats and gold. For Windows.
DFREPAIR.ZIP 16 October 1998 11 kb Repair items in save games. Useful since patch 1.04.191 removes the ability to repair any magical item.
REP177.ZIP 16 October 1998 16 kb Reputation Editor. Edit your reputation with guilds, people and factions. Read the text file that comes with the editor, REP177.TXT.
DF-EDIT2.ZIP 16 October 1998 147 kb Second version of a Save Game Editor allowing you to edit most statistics, attributes, and skills.
DAGREFX.ZIP 16 October 1998 31 kb Displays/changes the monster reflex value in save games. Unzip into main Daggerfall directory. Includes C source and text file.
DAGGU10E.ZIP 16 October 1998 49 kb Daggerfall Graphical Utilities Skill Editor. Read the text file which comes with the program, DAGGU10E.TXT.
TES2  ??? 51 kb a character info view tool. It can repair all items, recover lost quest items, and label unknown potions with their effect.
GRAFT  ??? 25 kb grafts a PC's guild affilations from a pre-vamp save onto a post turn save, i.e. lets you keep DB and TG membership.
LISTVIEW  ??? 49 kb displays save-game records in 'chunks', e.g. which spells an enemy knows.

Game UtilitiesEdit

Utilities used for improvement, backup, and editing.

Filename Date Size Description
DaggerXL 22 June 2010 3.3 MB DaggerXL is a Daggerfall engine recreation for later operating systems and hardware. (Note: OpenAL is no longer supported, but the required dll can be downloaded here.)
DagPad v1.0 29 Sep 2023 781 bytes DagPad is a DOS program that maps Joystick Button 3 (and the Tab key) to Daggerfall's swing attack. The program also adds support for Joystick button 4, mapping it to the middle mouse button. To use, run DagPad before running Daggerfall. Can be used on its own or in conjunction with the DosBox keymapper and/or Xpadder.
FiryWoods v0.3 20 August 2012 43 KB FiryWoods is an editor for WOODS.WLD and CLIMATE.PAK. With this tool it's possible to export Daggerfall height map and climate map, edit and import these maps back into the game files.
Wldthing ??? 20 KB is an editor for WOODS.WLD and CLIMATE.PAK(?). With this tool it's possible to export Daggerfall height map and climate map(?), edit and import these maps back into the game files.
BackWoods  ???  ??? BackWoods is a fairly non-flashy utility for editing Daggerfall's WOODS.WLD file. Dumped BMP files are about as graphical as this program gets. You can edit the entire file with this program if you know what you're doing, but the built-in LargeMapData editor and the BMP dump/import stuff are the only functions I'd call idiot-proof. Any other editing is best done with a hex editor.
EyeOfArgonia 18 May 2010 330 KB Apply EyeOfArgonia to maximize the view distance of Daggerfall ("Detail" in Option menu) in your savegames. (An Example Here) Note: must be run from Windows! It is possible to apply the changes this tool makes manually by following the instructions here.
Fallhack  ??? 28 KB General file patcher and installer. Works not only for Daggerfall. Fallhack can install or load/unload compatible ('daggerhack/.dhk') mods each play session so the game files are not permanently changed. You can do a lot with this tool, such as editing material bonuses, weapon damage, etc without any hacking knowledge.
THAW 01 August 2008 23 KB THAW is a Quest Tool that allows to restart one of the seven subplots from the main quest. This is useful if the quest was turned down in the first place, or the quest will not start for other reasons.

It was originally written by Donald Tipton. For further information see the THAW.HTML file within. Source available here.

DFInstall 22 April 2003 1.4 MB A utility which allows you to install the game from the CD under modern Windows versions. Includes the v1.07.213 patch.
DFGAMMA.ZIP 16 October 1998 35 KB Have a dark monitor and can barely see things in the dungeons...this can help. Use this to increase, or decrease, the overall brightness of the games palettes. Unzip into your Daggerfall directory and run with no parameters to see brief explanation.
DFWAGON.ZIP 16 October 1998 10 KB Change the size of the wagon weight limit. Works in v1.07.213 only. Unzip into the Daggerfall directory. 16 October 1998 19 KB Allow attributes and skills to up to 200 naturally and become "master of Skill". Unzip into the Daggerfall directory. If you find this to be an overkill, use DFSkills below. Must be run from Windows, not DOSBox.
DFSKILLS.ZIP 16 October 1998 9792 bytes Allow attributes up to 200 and skills up to 127 naturally. Works in v1.07.213 only. Unzip into the Daggerfall directory.
DDFQL.ZIP 16 October 1998 161 KB Displays the direction and distance to objects in a dungeon. Quite useful to get hints about where that quest object is without really cheating (kinda like a detect-item type spell which DF really needs). Is for Win95 only. Read the text file that comes with this utility, DDQLHELP.TXT.
DAGUTIL2.ZIP 16 October 1998 3431 bytes Save game backup utility.
DAGBK32.ZIP 16 October 1998 105 KB Save Game Backup Utility, Win95 Only.
QSRC.ZIP  ??? 324 KB Quest Source, reverse engineered source code to all, unmodified, original Daggerfall quests from the last official patch presented in an HTML document. Originally hosted at, retrieved from Wayback Machine.

Editors and ViewersEdit

More editors and utilities for viewing Daggerfall textures, editing quests, modifying monster difficulty and more.

Filename Date Size Description
DFTools v3.1.0 26 January 2019 14254 KB A complete and up to date set of 9 tools in English that permit to visualize, edit and translate the following Daggerfall files : books BOK*.TXT, MAPS.BSA, MONSTER.BSA, NAMEGEN.DAT, MAGIC.DEF, FALL.EXE, *.QRC, TEXT.RSC, SPELLS.STD, and to visualize the IMG files. These tools run under Windows up to Win 10. Documentation included, sources available here :

Initiated with a HMI in Russian in 2004 by Vortex Dragon for Russian Daggerfall, the DFTools has been translated in English, debugged and strongly enhanced by Daneel53 since 2011. The DFTools are currently used for the projects French Daggerfall and Deutsch Daggerfall. Read the DFTools Readme file for more information.

NameGen  ???  ??? Allows editing NAMEGEN.DAT.
UnPAK  ???  ??? Decompresses PAK files.
Template v1.11 4 July 2012 318 kb Daggerfall quest compiler by Donald Tipton. Documentation included.
DaggerSound v0.1 20 June 2012 32 kb With DaggerSound you can extract sound files from DAGGER.SND, change them and repack them back. For example you can get rid off that (sometimes) annoying horse neighing if you wish.
DAGSND  ???  ??? Allows you to extract DAGGER.SND.
VIDTitle 23 June 2012 207 kb A collection of tools for adding subtitles, captions, or other overlays to Daggerfall VID files. Examples included.
ATLAS 01 August 2008 56 kb ATLAS is a powerful Location Tool that allows to extract every location relevant information directly from the MAPS.BSA file in the ARENA2 directory.

It was originally written by Donald Tipton. For further information see the ATLAS.HTML file within.

DagVid v1.1 2004 30 KB A simple tool by CorrodedCoder that permits viewing Daggerfall's .VID video files and converting them to AVI.

Tested in 2021, still working fine under Windows 10.

DFJukebox 14 January 2003 800 kb Play Daggerfall Music directly from the game's files!
DFUnpack.ZIP 14 January 2003 124 kb Extract files from the compressed PACKED.DAT file on the DF cd.
WINRipper 4 January 2003 28 kb Extract HMI files from MIDI.BSA and convert them to MIDI files (among other things).
DFto3DS v1.1 16 October 2002 244 kb Export Daggerfall 3D objects in ARCH3D.BSA to DXF and 3DS files. 3DS files support textures.
DMPQuest.ZIP v1.3 16 October 1998 280 kb A good quest editor.
WQE14EXE.ZIP 16 October 1998 320 kb Edit almost all the fields of the QBN files to create custom quests. Currently is in the development stages so you should be familiar with hacking and hexadecimal numbers. Still a great tool for quest development.
ANDYPIC.ZIP 16 October 1998 42 kb An improvement over the DagPic utility allowing one to view just about all IMG, CIF, and texture files in the game. Cannot yet successfully import pictures into all texture formats (if you don't change the image's size it works better). Same command prompt syntax as DagPic with several expanded options.
DFSPELL.ZIP - v0.1b 16 October 1998 101 kb Edit the SPELLS.STD file in the ARENA2 directory. This file holds the default spells sold in the mages guild. Add, delete, or edit existing spells in a graphical interface. Developers release.
DFBEDIT.ZIP 16 October 1998 37 kb A Daggerfall book editor for Windows 95. Edit an existing book or create a new one for the game. Is relatively easy to use and doesn't require any hacking knowledge. If you haven't installed any Visual Basic 5 applications on your system you will need to grab the VB5 Runtime (1MB Download).
DFVTEXT.ZIP 20 June 1998 27 kb A TEXT.RSC editor for Windows 95. This is not an editor meant for everyone since it requires that you are familiar with hacking some of the Daggerfall files. If you haven't installed any Visual Basic 5 applications on your system you will need to grab the VB5 Runtime (1MB Download).
DFART.ZIP v0.5 BETA 16 October 1998 136 kb The first (and hence most likely buggy) release of the custom artifact editor. Create a directory somewhere and unzip the files into it. Create an Artifact Module file (AMD) containing new user defined artifacts and descriptions using the DOS editor with a simple GUI interface. Modules can be installed in the game using a program included. To use an artifact you must create a quest using it first.
BOOKEDIT.ZIP 16 October 1998 101 kb Updated version of the Daggerfall book editor. Create or edit the books found in the ARENA2\BOOKS directory and view them in Daggerfall. Contains a basic text editor, cut/paste, mouse support, save/load normal text files. Read the Program Documentation for more information.
DAGPICG.ZIP v0.35G 16 October 1998 143 kb Same program as the original DagPic but now is fully graphical, no more command line parameters to type. Easily load and save pictures in a variety of formats. View them directory on the screen. Simply bitmap editor included so you can make changes without having to use external editors! Includes zoom factors, flood fill, etc. Display IMG/CIF files found in ARENA2 directory using PAL/COL palette files. Optionally convert images to PCXs or save PCX files to IMG/CIF. Great for creating your own character portrait. Cannot yet load TEXTURE files. C++ source files not included but available upon request. Unzip to DAGPIC directory in main DAGGER directory. Read the text file which comes with the program, DAGPICG.TXT.
DAGPIC.ZIP v0.30 16 October 1998 76 kb Display IMG/CIF files found in ARENA2 directory using PAL/COL palette files. Optionally convert images to PCXs or save PCX files to IMG/CIF. Great for creating your own character portrait. New version can now display most TEXTURE files as well. Includes C++ source file. Unzip to DAGPIC directory in main DAGGER directory. Read the text file which comes with the program, DAGPIC.TXT.
DFTEXT.ZIP v0.1b 16 October 1998 38 kb Extract, delete, add, and modify any text in the TEXT.RSC file. Was originally created for adding artifact texts but can be used for just about anything else. You probably should have some hacking knowledge to use this program. Simple command line interface for DOS.
DEFEDIT.ZIP v0.1b 16 October 1998 82 kb Simple DOS editor for adding, deleting and modifying magical item and artifact entries in the file MAGIC.DEF. You should have some Daggerfall hacking knowledge to use this program. Originally intended for adding custom artifacts in the game.
DFQEDIT.ZIP v0.30 BETA 16 October 1998 149 kb Edit Daggerfall quests. Load/save QRC quest text files for custom designed quests. Can now edit the item and NPC fields although not everything is well understood at the moment. Unzip into new directory in DAGGER (or elsewhere). Read the DFQEDIT.TXT or DFQEDIT.SHTML in the archive before starting. The source code DFQEDSRC.ZIP (77kb) is also available.
DF-MONST.ZIP 16 October 1998 21 kb Monster Editor
DaggerClass  ??? 74 kb by Andy Polis. Windows editor for the class*.cfg files. Allows you to customize the standard character classes.
ILIAC  ??? 34 kb displays the map of DF locations. Shows shops, guilds, temples, etc, and also shows which houses could be Glenmoril covens.
ROOMS  ??? 125 kb extracts the polygons of dungeons in blocks.bsa, and extracts the polygons of the town block exteriors.
ROCHAY  ??? 49 kb can add new enchantments to the items dropped randomly in treasure piles, including all 35 skills and poisons. Can also change the effects of the standard potions to cast identify or recall.
TITLE  ??? 106 kb sprite viewer and animator, faction viewer with portrait display, and character editor.
Daggerfall Player January 18, 2009  ??? Daggerfall Player is image and texture viewer for The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall. It is able to load and show all images, multi-images and textures (*.img, *.cif, texture.*) from the game. They can be saved to PNG/JPG/TGA/BMP file format. Files that contain more images (CIFs and textures) are saved as file sequences. Note, now abandoned.
SKY2BMP  ???  ??? Extracts sky image sprites and converts them to Windows bitmap format.
VIDDump  ???  ??? dumps the palette (in JASC-PAL format), the audio (in WAV format), and every frame (in RAW format) of Daggerfall's VID files. This is still beta software, and is largely composed of bolted-together hacks. It is highly unlikely that this program will work correctly in pure DOS *or* Windows NT/2000/XP.
VID Audio Dumper  ???  ??? dumps the audio of Daggerfall's VID files to WAV format.
MakeVID prototype  ???  ??? Prototype tool for making VID files from scratch (currently limited to 320x200 greyscale videos with no audio). All frames files used as input are expected to be in raw 8-bit format.
BSAD  ???  ??? general purpose BSA disassembler.
MakeBSA  ???  ??? BSA file creator utility.
openscrolls  ???  ??? attempt to create a set of opensource tools to handle the game data of Daggerfall and Arena. more of a suite than a single tool.
DFCode  ???  ??? A collection of source code for manipulating the various file formats (images, maps, sounds, models, etc...) used by The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall, an old, but still popular CRPG.

Information and Data FilesEdit

Various text, spreadsheet and other data files which provide useful tips and hints in the game.

Filename Date Size Description 22 June 2010 465 kb All MIDI song files from the game.
DF_MID.ZIP 16 March 1999 47 kb 12 MIDI song files from the game. Released as a preview from Bethesda. Songs marked with an asterisk were not present in the final game.
DagAni.ZIP 3 small FLC animation files of monsters (Rat, Gargoyle, and a Spider). Released as a preview from Bethesda.
KWIK2.ZIP 16 October 1998 231 kb Excel spreadsheet with good information/tips, formulae, etc.
DAGTABLE.ZIP 16 October 1998 31 kb Another Excel spreadsheet with information/formulae, etc.
WHOAMI.WPS 16 October 1998 10 kb MS Works document with Daggerfall information/tips.
DFGIFS.ZIP 16 January 1995 689 KB Collection of early pre-release screenshots from Daggerfall.
Daggerfall VID File Format March 29, 2007  ??? Document explaining Daggerfall's VID format from a reverse engineered point of view.
Daggerfall SKY File Format March 7, 2004  ??? Document explaining Daggerfall's Sky image format from a reverse engineered point of view.
Daggerfall's BSA File Formats 6 April 2002  ??? Document explaining Daggerfall's BSD format from a reverse engineered point of view.

XML Data FilesEdit

Translations of various Daggerfall binary files to a XML format. To be used by Daggerfall modding and other related projects.

Daggerfall filename Wiki page Description
Namegen.dat Namegen_dat_xml Contains name banks which in turn contain name parts used to generate people names according to race and parts of names used in towns and ruins.

Conversions and RewritesEdit

  • DaggerXL - An open source project to create an updated playing environment for the game, capable of being run on modern operating systems.
  • Daggerfall Tools for Unity - A dynamic engine used to have Daggerfall take advantage of modern hardware using the Unity Engine's powerful engine. With this program, any user can play, create, and modify the game as they please. It can be used as a powerful editor.
  • Daggerfall Unity - A project attempting to re-create Daggerfall in the Unity engine.

Saved GamesEdit

Retrieved from Daggerfall Save Games. Feel free to submit your ZIPed save game, along with the relevant details.


  1. Please run all save games through the FixSave utility before posting them.
  2. Saved games will be removed if they fail testing on other machines.
  3. While historical saves are included below, all new saves should be made with Daggerfall version 2.13. If you're using a lower version of Daggerfall, please be aware that saved games from later versions may not work with your game.
  4. To use any of the files below, go to your Daggerfall folder and find (or create) a folder with a name between SAVE0 and SAVE5. Extract all of the files in the ZIP to that folder. If you're overwriting an existing saved game folder, be sure to back up those files if you want to keep them.
  5. To post a game of your own, reverse the process above. Go to one of the SAVE# folders, zip the files there, then use the upload file feature on the wiki to post a file here with a name like DF-SavedGame-your name Finally, add your file to the table below, along with all the relevant information.
Name Save
Date Size Description
Rhiidah 2.13 10 April 2024 52 kB
Level: 24
Race: Khajiit
Gold: 930,000
Legitimate: No
Artifacts: Oghma Infinium (unused)
Guilds: School of Julianos (7), Fighters Guild (7)
House: Small size, Whitewold, Dwynnen
Special: Can't cast spells

A character who has collected every book and stored them alphabetically in his wagon. Made for easy in-game verification of UESP's book pages. Note that the third book in the list is the German Ark`ay The God, which was removed for the GOG release - GOG players should either avoid trying to read that book or acquire the file BOK10000.TXT from a different release and place it in Daggerfall\arena2\books\.

Trevor 2.13 20 December 1998 96 kb
Level: 16
Class: Custom Paladin
Race: Breton
Legitimate: Yes
Skills: Primary: Etiquette, Long Blade, Restoration
Major: Dodging, Mysticism, Blunt Weapon
Minor: Critical Strike, Short Blade, Axe, Dragonish, Thaumaturgy, Destruction
Special: Str: 81, Int: 70, Wil: 80, Agi: 60
End: 82, Per: 60, Spd: 60, Luc: 60

A very well designed character with lots of interesting and unique magic items and spells.

Pooky Bear 2.13 18 December 1998 53 kb
Level: 120+
Legitimate: No
Special: Wereboar

A very high level, completely hacked character.
Captain Moronic

King of Worms
Under King
13 September 1998
13 September 1998
17 September 1998
18 September 1998
12 September 1998
18 September 1998

91 kb
104 kb
102 kb
102 kb
109 kb
104 kb
Level: 20
Class: Custom Sorcerer
Armor: Daedric, Magical
Legitimate: Yes
Skills: Long Blade (89), Destruction (90)
Guilds: Mages Guild 9(9), Akatosh Chantry 9(9)

Savegames just before you pick up the mantella for each of the possible endings. Character has 16 HP per level and is a custom sorcerer-type; no spell point regen/absorbs spells, INT points in spell points, can't use orcish or iron, no leather armor or buckler. Character is unhacked except for the lockpick skill because I was getting aggrivated having to bash down every other door :-)
Bill Faulk

Morthag Iron Heart 2.13? 1 May 1998 93 kb
Level: 13
Class: Paladin
Race: Nord
Gold: 500,000
Armor: Mithril/Adamantium
Legitimate: Yes
Artifacts: 3
Guilds: Knights of the Flame 8(8), Fighters Guild 6(6), Temple of Stendarr 4(4), Mages Guild 5(5)

Morthag is a brave paladin, a kind of special knight that assemble the sword and magic in the fight for the good. They dont fail in any mission and try to help the people so far as they can. They will go any distance to defeat Daedras and undeads. And they follow a very rigorous code of honor. He hasn't failed ANY mission! People in Anticlere react well to him.

Ming 2.13? 14 April 1998 54 kb
Level: 31
Class: Samurai
Race: Redguard
Gold: 3 million
Armor: Full Magical Daedric
Legitimate: Yes
Artifacts: All
Guilds: Rank 9 in many

Has not yet started the main quest. The only cheats used were a bio editor to create custom biography and the show all dungeons cheat because one of the artifact quests refused to mark the dungeonon on the map. All primary, major and minor skills maxed out and all miscellaneous trained to at least 50. Owns all books and potion recipes. Revered status in Daggerfall, Wayrest, Sentinal and home town of Santaki (owns a large house there).

Ghash 2.13 6 March 1998 88 kb
Level: 27
Class: Wanderer
Race: Redguard
Armor: Daedric
Legitimate: Yes
House: Medium Size, Crossing, Wrothgarian Mountains

All kinds of nice daedric armor/weapons and magic things. Only cheated to lower skills to get a higher level Ghash is a cured werewolf, but his mind is still perverted as if he was still a werewolf. He likes the smell of fresh blood and did recently kill 109 knights in the town of Tsetoaret, Dragontail Mountains, and about 30-50 civilians. While he was amputating those knights he broke one Daedric Short Sword, one Mithril Short Sword and did almost destroy a Dai-Katana. When he didn't want to kill anymore guards he went to a nearby pub and got real drunk, when he finally got sober he couldn't remember a thing.
Dennis Nystrom

Dorian Kaine 2.13? 30 December 1997 58 kb
Level: 41
Class: Hunter
Gold: 51 million
Armor: Full Magical Daedric
Legitimate: Unclear
Guilds: Rank 9 in all

Your basic kick-a** character...full suit of Daedric all enchanted with soul bound Dragonling, Feather Weight, etc... Has lots of jewelry for the same purpose, but it is all worn. Is currently on the Wayrest Painting quest. About 51 million gold, most in letters of credit. Is rank 9 in EVERY GUILD in Tamriel (all temples, knights, etc...). Have been told this is a legitimate character, not merely a pure cheat, which is entirely possible but how likely?

Lord Soth 1.75 28 December 1997 56 kb
Level: 4
Race: Dark Elf
Legitimate: Yes

4th level Dark Elf affected from Lycantrophy, in the WereBoar form. No cheats or patches used.

Keophex of Wroth 2.13 25 December 1997 53 kb
Level: 20
Class: Dark Minion (Mage/Thief)
Race: Dark Elf
Gold: ~51 million
Armor: Full Magical Daedric
Legitimate: Yes
Skills: Archery, Hand-to-Hand, Restoration, Critical Strike, Backstabbing (80%), Illusion, Stealth, Medical, Running, Dodging, Destruction, Lockpicking
Guilds: None
Special: Vampire

Keophex is the essence of evil. She murders for fun, actively tries to end life any way possible, and loves to fight dirty. I have made a LONG custom bio for her (in the history), which describes the dementia rather well. Basically, her goal is to get a complete set of the Artifacts the Daedra Princes send her to get. If you could "join" a witch's coven, and go up rank, she would be a "Master Witch". Basically, do quests for Wroth coven until you can afford to summon a Daedra, do it, get the artifact, store it, and start again. She currently has 7 artifacts acquired in this manner. Keophex is ALWAYS invisible, and tries to make every hit a backstab, and usually pulls it off. Ebony material is her thing, and she's currently looking for a full suit (minus helmet, of course) of ebony. Keophex prefers the Bow and Fist style, but currently uses an Ebony Longsword and an Ebony Kite Shield, as she doesn't want to master anything yet. Most importantly, KEOPHEX HAS NEVER DIED. Never once has she died, unless the game messed up, Just be sure to read the history before you play her, it really makes you understand this character's psyche. Keophex does not mingle with mortals, except Mordastyr Yeomsmith, the leader of the Wroth Coven of the Wrothgarian Mountains.

Kral BlackHaven 2.13 2 November 1997 79 kb
Level: 40
Class: Oriental Knight
Race: Redguard
Gold: 60+ million
Armor: Chain, Magical
Legitimate: Mostly
Skills: Critical Strike, Hand-to-Hand, Archery (~99%), Dodging (85%), Stealth (99%), Mercantile (65%), Restoration, Running, Alteration, Mysticism, Medical, Swimming
Guilds: Several (9)

Advantages: Resistance to Shock, Disadvantages: Critical Weakness to Poison and Disease, Forbidden to wear buckler or tower shields, axes, long blades (Level Advancement: Just above the 0.3 Position). Kral is the typical 'good' knight, except he uses his hands and a bow instead of a blade and a shield. Starting skills set to 0 so I could reach a higher level. Owns a large boat and a house in the Glenpoint capital. Is a member in a bunch of guilds, most of them rank 9. Over 60 million in various banks, obtained without stealing or cheating, mostly from selling dungeon loot. Around 14 artifacts, and a good set of custom magical equipment and spells. No cheating used except to reduce skills. Enjoy...
Dave Humphrey

Kral BlackHaven 2.13 9 April 1997 81 kb
Level: 31
Class: Oriental Knight
Race: Redguard
Armor: Chain, Magical
Legitimate: Mostly
Special: Vampire

The same character as listed above, except he is level 31 and a full blown vampire now! All attributes are now at 100...and this is without modifying them by cheating! Several skills like critical strike and hand-to-hand are at close to 130%. Definetly not someone you'd want to mess with...ever!
Dave Humphrey

Kral BlackHaven 2.13 9 April 1997 82 kb
Level: 31
Class: Oriental Knight
Race: Redguard
Armor: Chain, Magical
Legitimate: Mostly
Special: Werewolf

The same character as listed above, except he is level 31 and now a werewolf! Game starts out while he is in the werewolf form, having just slaughtered a guard. To change to werebeast form you can cast the Lycanthropy spell once per day. You stay a werebeast for 24 hours and you must kill an innocent once per month or your hitpoints drop to 4.
Dave Humphrey

Shadow 2.0.0 11 February 1997 59 kb
Level: 30
Class: ShadowLurker (Thief/Mage)
Race: Dark Elf
Gold: ~3 million
Armor: Daedric
Legitimate: No
Guilds: Most Temples, Knights of the Dragon, Mages Guild, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood 9(9)
House: Large, Daggerfall
Special: Good rep with everyone

Has Advantages: General Spell Absorption, Immunity to Magic, Extertise in Short Blade, Increased Magery x3 and Athleticsiscm. Disadvantages: Critical Weakness to paralysis and Poison, Forbidden materials Elven and Orcish, and forbidden weapons Axe and Missile. Great reputation with everyone and ALL bribes for totem. Most of the money was received from stealing stuff from the Odd Blades. Most levels and stats attained with an editor. Is a patriarch in all temples but Zen and Dibella, a Paladin for the knights of the Dragon, an Arch-mage, and a master thief AND assasin. Owns a large boat and is well into the main quest.
David A. Uhen

Tlalac Boram 1.91? 19 November 1996 95 kb
Level: 24
Class: Ninja (Thief/mage)
Gold: 2+ million
Armor: Ebony/Orcish
Legitimate: Yes
Skills: Blunt Weapon (65%), Hand-to-Hand (98%), Critical Strike (76%), Dodging (93%), Stealth (100%), Mysticism (86%), Restoration (62%), Long Blade (71%), Backstabbing, Lockpicking, Swimming, Short Blade
Guilds: Akatosh Chantry 9(9), Knights of the Dragon, Mages Guild 9(9)
House: Medium Size, Crossing, Wrothgarian Mountains
Special: Int, Wil and Spd at 100

Is immune to paralysis, spell absorption in darkness, magery x2, Expert in HandtoHand, inability to regerate spell points, critical weakness to disease. Has over 2 mil gold in credit in his medium size house in Crossing, Wrothgarian Mtns. Also has a full suit of Mithril and Dwarven in the house. Owns a small boat which holds most of the books in the game. Has found the Ring of Namina, Skull of Corruption and has created the artifacts: Wrothgar, Mage's Bane, and Ebonarm's Anvil. You'll have to play it to find out what they are! All magic jewelry.
Jason O'Brien

Mordallis Lonfallew 1.79 10 November 1996 85 kb
Level: 18
Class: Shadow Ranger (Fighter/Thief)
Race: Wood Elf
Gold: ~1.3 million
Artifacts: Hircine's Ring, Auriel's Shield, Auriel's Bow
Skills: Restoration, Stealth, Long Blade (all ~80%), Mysticism, Critical Strike and Dodging (30-40%), Climbing, Archery, Mercantile, Alteration (70%), Lockpicking (45%), Pickpocket (30%)
Guilds: Mages Guild 6(6), Fighters Guild 8(8), Knights of the Rose 5(5), Benevolence of Mara 5(5), Thieves Guild 3(3)
House: Merhope Hall, Wayrest
Special: Small boat

Has not yet started the main quest. Has tons of magical equipment, most of it stored in the house or wagon. Several powerful enchanted items and all armour is featherweight (mostly ebony/adamantium armour).
Dave Humphrey

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