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"Rest well this night, for tomorrow you sail for the Kingdom of Daggerfall."

Daggerfall begins with these words, spoken by the Emperor as he sends you to the Daggerfall region of High Rock to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of King Lysandus. Lysandus was loyal to the Emperor, as was his wife, the former Queen Mynisera. However, his death has complicated the always troublesome political situation in the Iliac Bay. Now, Lysandus' ghost haunts the city of Daggerfall, and your mission is to find out why. Additionally, the Emperor had once sent a letter of a "sentimental and personal nature" to Mynisera. It never arrived, and he would greatly appreciate its recovery. However, your journey will be complicated by an item of power which all the major powers in the Iliac Bay are racing to get their hands on.

In this journey, you will be forced to make many choices as to who will benefit from your deeds. A word of warning: the governments and factions of the Iliac Bay are not above sending assassins to deal with those they have quarrels with, so choose your affiliations well. To be brief, the six groups you will be dealing with in the Main Quest are the Nobility of the Kingdoms of Daggerfall, Wayrest, and Sentinel, along with Gortwog of Orsinium, the King of Worms and his vile Necromancers, and the enigmatic Underking. How you treat these leaders will shape the ending of the Main Quest.

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