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Mages Guild
Opening Hours 11:00 - 23:00
A typical Mages Guild guildhall

The Mages Guild is an inter-provincial organization under a council of five archmagisters, dedicated to the study and application of magicka.

The Guild is the official center of magical study in Tamriel, and has existed for at least a thousand years. It is often described as a school or club for mages; a place for spellcasters to congregate, study, experiment, and learn from one another.

Applicants must show a minimum of magical ability before being granted admission, although the Guild does offer limited services to non-members. Most major towns in the Iliac Bay region have a Guildhall where spells and magical items are sold.

Mages Guild OverviewEdit

The Mages Guild of Sentinel City

The Mages Guild offers many magical services; members and non-members may purchase spells or have enchanted items identified, for a price. Members, depending on rank, may also receive training in the various schools of magic, use the library, buy soul gems, purchase or create magic items or spells, summon daedra, and use teleportation services. Joining the guild requires fair aptitude in at least one school of magic.

The Guild also offers a variety of quests to adventurers. Most of these involve casting a spell such as Open or Sleep, protecting the guild, fetching an item, or killing an evil mage. Many of the Mages Guild quests also have you help out or step on the toes of other factions, so tread carefully.

The guildhalls of the Mages Guild come in a wide variety of building shapes and interior designs. While these vary widely from each other, the mages within will always be found in the same places across identical floorplans.

Political AffiliationsEdit

Political Factions
(by influence)
Mages Guild
Master of Incunabula
Master of Academia
Master of the Scry
Master at Arms
Master of Initiates
Travelers League
Mercenary Mages
Utility Mages
Order of the Lamp
Odylic Mages


Your guild rank is determined by a combination of your reputation with the Mages Guild and your two highest skills associated with the Guild:

Rank Rank Title Reputation High skill Low skill
0 Apprentice 0 22 4
1 Journeyman 10 23 5
2 Evoker 20 31 9
3 Conjurer 30 39 13
4 Magician 40 47 17
5 Enchanter 50 55 21
6 Warlock 60 63 25
7 Wizard 70 71 29
8 Master Wizard 80 79 33
9 Archmage 90 87 37

Guild SkillsEdit

The following skills are used to determine guild rank:


Advancing in rank within the Mages Guild affords the following advantages:

Benefits by Rank
everyone Access to Item Identification
Access to Spell Merchant
Rank 0 Access to Spell Maker
Free magicka restoration for Sorcerers
Rank 2 Access to Library
Rank 3 Access to Magical Item Merchant
Rank 4 Access to Soul Gem Merchant
Rank 5 Access to Item Maker
Rank 6 Access to Daedra Summoner
Guild members/services available 24 hours per day
Rank 8 Access to Teleporter Service


The people of the Iliac Bay may discuss the Mages Guild if asked:

"The Mages Guild is the official center of magical study in Tamriel. Most major towns have a bureau of the Guild where they sell spells and magical items, in addition to their studies."
"The Mages Guild is sorta a school for studying spells. You have to already be pretty decent to get in, but even non-members can use some of their services."
"The Mages Guild is pretty much what the name suggests. It's an organization for all varieties of spellcasters to get together and teach each other. Used to be that mages were solitary types. No longer."
"It's just what you think it is. A school and a club for mages who are already pretty good to make them even better. It's been around for, oh, at least a thousand years."



The Guildmagister is the head of a local Mages Guild guildhall. He or she offers a wide array of quests for guild members, a limited number for non-members, and any promised rewards for those quests. A guildhall's Guildmagister can usually be found standing near the main entrance.

Odylic MagesEdit

The Odylic Mages specialize in perfoming Item Identification services within the guildhalls of the Mages Guild. If you find a magic item in a dungeon or receive one as a quest reward, for a fee they will tell you what enchantments it contains.

These services are available to everyone at a relatively low cost. The exact cost depends upon the value of the magical item and your reputation with the Guild.


The Academics are the spell merchants of the Mages Guild. Their spells are available for purchase by members and non-members alike. The price of a spell depends on the quality of the current guildhall, your mercantile skill, and also your current reputation with the Academics.

Unlike most types of Guild mages, there may be multiple spell merchants in a single guildhall.


The Patricians offer training and scholarly services within the Mages Guild. A Patrician can be found at every Mages Guild guildhall. Training services are reserved strictly for guildmembers.

The cost of a training session depends entirely on your character level; your reputation with the Patricians will not affect the price of their services. The cost to train a skill is 100 gold per character level. As with all skill training, the Patricians can only train a skill up to a maximum of 50%.

Patricians offer training in the following skills:


The Isolationists are the mages who can help you use the Spell Maker service within the Mages Guild. The Spell Maker is available to guildmembers only.

Since the cost of this service depends entirely on the created spell, your reputation with the Isolationists will not affect the price of their services.

Utility MagesEdit

The Utility Mages trade in magical items and soul gems to guildmembers of the appropriate ranks. The prices offered by the Utility Mages for these goods depend upon factors such as your mercantile skill and your reputation with the faction.


The Crafters are the mages who create enchanted items for the Mages Guild. Their services are reserved to members of the appropriate rank. Since the cost of creating such an item depends entirely on any applied magical effects, your reputation with the Crafters will not affect the price of their services.

The CabalEdit

Not much is known about the Cabal of the Mages Guild. It is generally supposed that their power comes from summoning great Daedra Lords and Princes. They are the cloaked, glowing-eyed mages who perform Daedra summoning for members of the Mages Guild. The price of this service depends entirely on your reputation with them.

Travelers LeagueEdit

The Travelers League is made up of the mages that offer teleporter services within the Mages Guild. Their services are free to members of the appropriate rank. Beware, the trip is one-way.


The following quests are offered by the Mages Guild:

General Quests and Information
Quest Name Quest Text Description Rank or Level Required
Quests for non-members
Missing Book My name is (Guildmagister's name). You want work but.... Retrieve a missing book for the Mages Guild. Not in Guild
Grab an Ingredient I am (Guildmagister's name). As a rule, only guild members... Grab an ingredient from a local dungeon. Not in Guild
The Loose Pet Imp You may call me (Guildmagister's name). Normally I can only give work... A student's pet imp has been released. Not in Guild
An Ancient Scroll Hmmph. You're not a guild member... A local dungeon has a scroll needed by the Mages Guild. Not in Guild
Quests for members
Retrieve an Ingredient We need you to get a rare ingredient that is hidden away...
One of our more brilliant students...
Grab an ingredient from a local dungeon. In Guild
Mummy Wrappings (Oath), is there anything more exasperating than the discovery...
Recipes are a daft business, (player's guild title)...
A nearby mummy has a bit too much cloth. In Guild
Cast the Sleep spell Noble (noble) has sponsored the guild in...
If you are capable of casting the standard circinate spell Sleep...
Help a noble get some sleep. In Guild
Research Notes As the premier research institution in the Empire...
The Mages Guild of (guild town) has...
Grab some research for the Mages Guild. In Guild
Open a chest * I need someone who can cast the Open spell... A merchant needs a magical chest opened. In Guild
Azimuthal Vectors * (Player's guild title), I am perplexed. Perhaps...
Hmm, yes, if the internal azimuthal vectors...
Help a mage with his research. In Guild
Former Student Part I *
Former Student Part II *
Former Student Part III *
You are loyal member of the Mages Guild ... Hunt down or befriend a former student practicing unsanctioned magic.
Help the renegade mage find a box within the Direnni Tower.
Help the renegade mage find a lost magical item.
Rank 1 or higher
Atronach Hunting Rather embarassing [sic], but one of our experiments...
Actually, we have had a bit of...
An atronach has escaped from the Mages Guild. Rank 1 or higher
Guard the Guild The Guildhall -- how should one...
The Mages Guild is in need of someone...
Thieves are trying to steal a magic item from the Mages Guild. Rank 1 or higher
Protect an Honored Mage I am (Guildmagister's name), servant of the mighty (mage's name)...
It is a very great honor, my dear...
Assassins are coming for an entranced mage. Rank 2 or higher
A Dangerous Wizard Doubtless, you have heard of the crazed wizard (wizard's name). ...
The people of (region) have been...
A powerful wizard threatens all of Tamriel. Rank 2 or higher
Oracle Are you (player's name)? The (player's guild title)? A noble is prophesied to die. Rank 2 or higher
Rogue Imp My name is (Guildmagister's name). We need someone to kill... Kill an Imp that has been annoying some nobles. Rank 3 or higher
Banish Daedra I don't know if you can assist me at ...
It is a great irony that summoning a daedra...
Banish Daedra is one of the most difficult of ...
Banish a Daedra for the Mages Guild. Rank 4 or higher

* Quest is only available with CompUSA Special Edition.

Note: quests are offered based on rank or character level, whichever is higher.

Guildhall Map BlocksEdit


  • If you're saving/reloading to manipulate the quests you receive, or are using Daggerfall Unity, some quests are clearly more rewarding than others. For quickly raising your reputation with the guild, the quests Open a Chest and Cast the Sleep Spell are the most efficient in terms of in-game time and can be done in less than an in-game hour if the settlement size/RNG is favorable. Protect an Honored Mage is somewhat slower and far harder, taking a bit over 3 in-game hours and requiring combat, but gives substantially better rewards, lower cost in real time, and can be less of a strain on your Magicka reserves for characters skilled with weapon use. Guard the Guild is near identical to Protect an Honored Mage if the guild is near closing time when receiving quests.