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Imperial City Areas
The Imperial City
The Imperial City from above, as seen during the start of the Shrine of the Crusader quest
The Imperial City Map

The Imperial City (also known as Cyrodiil City or simply Cyrodiil) is the capital of Cyrodiil and the whole of the Empire. The circular city is located on City Isle, an island in Lake Rumare in the Heartlands at the center of the Imperial province. At the middle is the Imperial City Palace, containing the Imperial Palace and its White-Gold Tower. Surrounding it are six districts, starting in the northeast and going clockwise:

Also on the island is the Arcane University, the Imperial Prison and the Waterfront, which is the harbor of the Imperial City. A single bridge connects the island to the mainland near Weye. Roads lead from the capital in all directions.

For more information about The Imperial City, see the lore article.

The Sewer SystemEdit

Underneath the Imperial City is a sewer system as large as the city itself. The sewers can be accessed from most districts of the city; there are also a few entrances outside of the city. The sewer system is a fairly complex maze. The east and west sections of the sewer do not connect to each other, but within those sections there are many interconnections.

Occasionally, when a person from the Imperial City tries to go a different district than they are already in, their AI will decide that going through the sewers is quicker than walking the streets; so they'll duck into the nearest house with a sewer entrance in the basement and travel underground, possibly putting themselves in danger from rats and Goblins.

The Eastern SewersEdit

The sewers that connect together on the east half of the city are (from north to south):

The Western SewersEdit

The sewers that connect together on the west half of the city are (from north to south):

Other SewersEdit

There is an additional unconnected piece of the sewer:

The Watch TowersEdit

The watch towers are the tall structures located in six "corners" of the city. They serve as a bunker for the Imperial Guards, many of which can be found sleeping at night on the towers' upper floors. This, of course, includes many essential and temporarily-essential guards. Such guards include Hieronymus Lex and Adamus Phillida, who become non-essential at the end of the Thieves Guild quest Taking Care of Lex and upon acceptance of the Dark Brotherhood quest Permanent Retirement, respectively.


There is a watch tower at each of six "corners" of the Imperial City. Their names make their locations rather self-explanatory.

Southwest Watch Tower
Name Console Location Code Connected Districts
Northwest Watch Tower ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNW Talos Plaza District, Elven Gardens District
North Watch Tower ICImperialLegionWatchTowerN Elven Gardens District, Market District
Northeast Watch Tower ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNE Market District, Arena District
Southeast Watch Tower ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSE Arena District, Imperial Arboretum
South Watch Tower ICImperialLegionWatchTowerS Imperial Arboretum, Temple District
Southwest Watch Tower ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSW Temple District, Talos Plaza District

Imperial City PeopleEdit

Arcane University
Boderi Farano Trainer (Advanced)Mysticism (Advanced)
Borissean Spells
Gaspar Stegine Spells
Hannibal Traven
Irlav Jarol
Julienne Fanis Alchemist
Martina Floria Recharge Trainer (Master)Illusion (Master)
Raminus Polus Spells
Renald Viernis
Arena District
Adoring Fan
Agronak gro-Malog
Blue Team Gladiator
Yellow Team Champion
Ysabel Andronicus
Chestnut Handy Stables
Brielus Gawey
Restita Statlilia
Snak gra-Bura
Imperial Palace
Evangeline Beanique
High Chancellor Ocato
Elven Gardens District
Adrian Decanius
Astav Wirich
Beran Sintav
Carmana Sintav
Cyronin Sintav
Dovyn Aren Trainer (Basic)Alteration (Basic)
Dul gro-Shug Trainer (Basic)Light Armor (Basic)
Fathis Ules General Fence
Fralav the Faker
Elisa Pierrane
Geem Jasaiin
Herminia Cinna
Ida Vlinorman Trainer (Basic)Acrobatics (Basic)
Iniel Sintav
Irene Metrick Trainer (Master)Blunt (Master)
Jastia Sintav
Jena Sintav
Kastus Sintav
Ley Marillin Food (The King and Queen's Tavern) Innkeeper
Luther Broad Food (Luther Broad's Boarding House) Innkeeper
Mandil Trainer (Advanced)Security (Advanced)
Marinus Catiotus
Othrelos Trainer (Advanced)Sneak (Advanced)
Pista Marillin
Roderic Pierrane
Romana Faleria
Tertius Favonius
Vontan Sintav
Market District
Calindil Magic Items (Mystic Emporium) Spells
Cicero Verus
Claudette Perrick Alchemist (The Gilded Carafe)
Delos Fandas Food (The Feed Bag)
Edgar Vautrine Magic Items (Edgar's Discount Spells) Spells
Gin-Wulm Trainer (Master)Armorer (Master)
Hamlof Red-Tooth Clothing (Red Diamond Jewelry)
Jensine General (Jensine's 'Good as New' Merchandise)
Maro Rufus Blacksmith (The Best Defense) Repairs
Ogier Georick Alchemist (The Main Ingredient)
Palonirya Clothing (Divine Elegance) Trainer (Master)Mercantile (Master)
Phintias Books (First Edition)
Rindir Magic Items (Rindir's Staffs)
Rohssan Blacksmith (A Fighting Chance) Repairs Trainer (Advanced)Armorer (Advanced)
Simplicia the Slow
Sergius Verus General (Three Brothers Trade Goods) House Upgrades
Tertullian Verus General (Three Brothers Trade Goods)
Thoronir General (The Copious Coinpurse)
Urbul gro-Orkulg Blacksmith (Slash 'N Smash) Repairs
Varnado Blacksmith (The Best Defense) Repairs Trainer (Advanced)Heavy Armor (Advanced)
Velus Hosidius Food (The Merchants Inn)Innkeeper
Viator Accius Blacksmith (Stonewall Shields) Repairs
Vinicia Melissaeia House
Imperial Watchtowers
Audens Avidius
Carmalo Truiand
Hieronymus Lex
Itius Hayn
Servatius Quintilius
Imperial City Prison
Adamus Phillida
Claudius Arcadia
Giovanni Civello
Talos Plaza District
Astinia Atius
Augusta Calidia Food (Tiber Septim Hotel) Innkeeper
Collatinus Vedius
Dralora Athram
Dynari Amnis
Erissare Arenim
Ernest Manis Food (The Foaming Flask)
Gemellus Axius
Helvo Atius
Jakben, Earl of Imbel
Matthias Draconis
No-Coins Draninus
Ontus Vanin
Rochelle Bantien
Samuel Bantien Trainer (Basic)Security (Basic)
Severius Atius
Soris Arenim
Ulen Athram
Temple District
Alessia Ottus
Algot the Northerner
Amantius Allectus
Ancus Afranius
Caula Allectus
Cylben Dolovas
Gilen Norvalo
Hastrel Ottus
Ida Ottus
Luronk gro-Glurzog
Marana Rian Trainer (Master)Sneak (Master)
Marguerite Diel
Pennus Mallius
Praxedes Afranius
Ragbag Buntara
Ralsa Norvalo
Renee Geonette
Roland Jenseric
Salomon Geonette
Stantus Varrid
Surius Afranius
Tandilwe Trainer (Master)Speechcraft (Master)
Trenus Duronius
Umog gra-Marad
Willet Food (The All-Saints Inn) Innkeeper
Tutorial Dungeon
Captain Renault
Emperor Uriel Septim
Valen Dreth
Waterfront District
Armand Christophe Lockpicks
Bronsila Kvinchal
Damian Magius
Dranas Llethro
First Mate Malvulis
Gaston Tussaud
Graman gro-Marad
Hillod the Outlaw
Isleif the Open Handed
J'baana Trainer (Master)Security (Master)
Kastav Kvinchal
Myvryna Arano
Ormil Food Innkeeper
Puny Ancus
Uzul gro-Grulam
Vlanarus Kvinchal
Velan Andus
Captain Gepard Montrose
Larthjar the Laggard
Shady Sam Poisoner

Quests Starting HereEdit

  1. The Collector: Help Umbacano, a collector of ancient artifacts, recover the "Ten Ancestors", a set of ancient Ayleid statues.
  2. Nothing You Can Possess: Umbacano wants you to recover a decorative carving from the High Fane.
  3. Secrets of the Ayleids: Umbacano wants you to try to buy the Crown of Nenalata from a rival collector.
  • The Arena - Join the Arena faction; fight for honor and Gold!

Mages Guild QuestsEdit

Thieves Guild QuestsEdit


The Imperial City also appears in Arena, Oblivion Mobile, and ESO.