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Roland Jenseric
(RefID: 0001DB1D)
Home City Imperial City, Temple District
House Roland Jenseric's House
Race Breton Gender Male
Level PC+0 Class Warrior
RefID 0001DB1D BaseID 0001D34B
Other Information
Health 40 + (6+3)x(PC-1), PC=5-19
Magicka 175 + 1.5x(PC-1) (max=300)
Responsibility 90 Aggression 5
Faction(s) IC Citizens
Roland Jenseric
Seridur and his followers

Roland Jenseric is a Breton warrior who used to live a quiet and lonely existence in the Imperial City's Temple District. Recently, Roland met the love of his life, Relfina, and the couple often used Roland's remote cabin along the Blue Road for romantic moments, just the two of them. Sadly, Relfina was recently attacked by a vampire and killed, causing Roland to flee from the big city and isolate himself in the cabin. According to a dedicated local team of Vampire Hunters, the Order of the Virtuous Blood, Roland himself is the vampire responsible, and you are asked to track him down and kill him. He does not appear in the game until stage 50 of the Order of the Virtuous Blood quest.

He wears the rare weightless forester's shirt paired with laced leather pants and quilted shoes. He wields a leveled shortsword and carries a bit of food, a random book, the key to the cabin, another key to his Temple District house, and a small amount of gold.

There are two sides to every story, and when you meet the three members of the Order, you will get to know one side; Seridur, the leader of the group, will welcome you and tell you the full story about the Order and Roland's supposed bloodthirst: "Our goal is to root out the vampires that live in our fair city. So far, we've been unsuccessful finding one until now. It's come to the Order's attention that Temple District resident Roland Jenseric is a vampire, and has already claimed one victim. That's where you come in. We want you to slay this vampire and cleanse the city of his filth before he can feed or kill again." When asked to elaborate on Roland, Seridur will give you an eyewitness description: "A few nights ago, I was roaming the city as I often do, looking for any signs of a vampire. As I headed passed Roland's house I heard a cry. I rushed into the back garden to find Roland struggling with a woman he'd been courting. I tried to intervene, but he was too strong. He threw his lover to the ground and turned his attention on me. Luckily, I managed to run back into the street and escape his grasp. I hid for a while and then returned to the garden. Roland was gone and the woman was dead. She had two puncture marks on the nape of her neck. That's when I realized he was a vampire. The Order needs to [sic] you to track him and destroy him." On his location, Seridur will point you to his Temple District residence: "I would start by searching his home. He hasn't been there for days, so it should be safe. Return to us here if you have questions. We meet at night." The other members of the Order will provide additional information; Gilen Norvalo will tell you: "Roland was always a quiet man. It was only recently he'd met that young lady. Poor girl. We must avenge her death." while Grey-Throat will add: "Roland was very much the loner. He never married, and was rarely seen outside his house. I'm surprised his secret wasn't discovered sooner."

After you have searched Roland's house and discovered a very dedicated love letter from Relfina, suggesting Roland's cabin as his current location, the three members of the Order will provide the following observations; Seridur will be the most eager and say: "A letter, eh? I wasn't aware he had a cabin outside of the city. Perhaps that's where he lures his victims. Be careful, he may have others with him. I'm afraid we cannot go with you to this remote location. Fighting is not our specialty. Watch yourself... vampires are known to be crafty." Grey-Throat will provide more advice: "If I were you, I'd go to the cabin in the daytime. That way, if he begins to overpower you, the outside can be a sanctuary." Gilen Norvalo will be the only one puzzled when you tell him about the cabin: "Odd. A cabin is an unusual hideout for a vampire. They prefer dank caves and the like. Much darker and no need to block out windows."

Roland's Cabin

When all is said and done in the Temple District, it is time to meet the suspect himself, Roland Jenseric. He will spawn inside the cabin when you read the letter from his beloved Relfina, trying his best to clear his mind after his terrible loss. He sleeps between midnight and 6am, then wanders restlessly around until he sits down and eats a two-hour dinner at 6pm. If you enter the cabin while he is asleep or eating, you will have to approach him yourself. At any other time, he will seek you out and approach you: "Go away! I know what you're here for! Just leave me alone!"

At this point, it is obvious that Roland is alone in the cabin without any fellow vampires to protect him. On this topic, Roland will reply: "Vampires? Why would you ask me about those filthy creatures?" When you confront him with Seridur's accusations, you will get the second side of the story, this time the surprising truth: "That bastard! Seridur dares accuse me of being a vampire? Me?! Ha! He's the one who is the vampire! I can't believe him! I knew he would try and pin this on me! If only I could get my hands on him... " When you ask him to calm down, he will tell you the truth about Relfina: "I - I'm sorry. I've been hiding up here in this cabin and I've forgotten my manners. Try and understand. I loved her, I'd never harm her! Relfina was the love of my life. For the first time, I had a positive outlook. Then I saw Seridur looking at her with those coveting eyes. When she started taking walks in the garden at night, I became suspicious. I didn't want to lose her. I should have trusted her... oh, Relfina...." When asked, he will finally reveal the truth about her death at the hands of the real vampire, Seridur: "Yes. I must let someone else know. That night, I decided to follow Relfina. I wanted to see where she went on her walks. When she stopped in the garden, and Seridur stepped out of the shadows, my heart sank. Then, suddenly, he was upon her! She seemed entranced as he wrapped his arms around her and sank his teeth into her neck. I burst from my hiding place and attacked Seridur. He became startled for a moment and tossed Relfina aside. She fell to the ground and I heard a sickening crack as her head struck a stone. I was no equal to Seridur. He knocked me down in one quick movement. As I lost consciousness, I saw him laugh and then run away. Now I know why he didn't finish me that night. He wanted to cast suspicions on me instead." When you ask him why he kept it a secret, he will say: "I panicked. By the time I awoke, her body was gone. I knew Seridur was a respected member of the community. They'd never believe he was a vampire. I retreated here to the cabin to collect my thoughts." Back to the topic on vampires, he will then let you decide who to believe: "I suppose you must decide what to do. Are you going to kill me?" If you say yes, he will draw his shortsword with the words: "Then, I'll fight you until my last breath. I won't surrender and admit to a crime I didn't commit!" He will then proceed to attack you, with the inevitable result.

Should you choose to believe in him, he will be grateful: "Thank you. I'm happy you gave me a chance to explain." On Seridur, he will explain: "I know about Seridur and his 'secret order.' What better way for a vampire to hide than to pretend he hunts them? You may want to speak to Phintias at the First Edition bookshop in the Market District of the city. I know he goes there occasionally. I doubt that he's told Gilen and Grey-Throat anything, but you could always try." He will finish the conversation with some advice: "As you know, the vampire can't remain in sunlight. I'd wager that you'll never see Seridur outside during that time of day", then greet you farewell with the words: "Remain leery of Seridur, he's much more cunning than you may suspect."

If you chose to slay Roland back in his cabin, Seridur will say: "Has the deed been done?" When you confirm, he will be relieved, reward you with 250 gold, and never speak to you again. Grey-Throat however, will reflect on Roland: "A shame he had to die. Before he turned, he was a fine man." Gilen Norvalo will still be in doubt, with good reason: "I never would have guessed that Roland was a vampire. I could have sworn I saw him walk in daylight."

If you chose to believe Roland and spare his life, the situation will be a whole lot different. Before you head to First Edition, visiting the Order will net you the following question from Seridur: "Have you slain Roland?" You can now choose between two responses; if you choose to lie and say "He wasn't there", a disappointed Seridur will say: "Hmmm. He must have known we'd look there. Search around town and see if you can find any more information." Grey-Throat will say: "Ashame [sic] he wasn't there. I thought that you'd be able to put an end to this madness." while Gilen Norvalo will remark: "I knew it. Like I said before, a vampire wouldn't hide in a cabin. It'd be more like a cave or some other dank place." If you choose to tell the truth and say "He said he wasn't a vampire", Seridur will get angry and say: "Well of course he'd say that! He'd do anything to save his skin! Please, don't let him deceive you. You must return there and put an end to his masquerade. Quickly, before he has a chance to get away!" If you approach Seridur again, he will angrily shout: "Well, don't just stand there! Go and kill him!" The two other members will be silent and simply repeat what they said before you left.

Regardless of your choice, Phintias will still point you towards Memorial Cave where Seridur hides. Talking to Roland on your way to the cave will give you the following response: "Memorial Cave, eh? Be very careful. That's obviously his true lair. There may be others with him." In the depths of the vampire-infested cave, you will encounter Seridur, who will reveal the truth about Relfina's death: "I was sloppy last time with Roland's lover, and I won't make the same mistake twice. After I'm through with you, I'll find Roland and finish what I started." After the battle against Seridur, Roland will welcome you back to the cabin, eagerly awaiting news: "I hope you're here to bring me good news." When you tell him about Seridur, he will be relieved and present you with the idea of him joining the Order of the Virtuous Blood: "He's dead? Thank goodness! I feared I'd never be able to leave here, or worse, that he would come for me. I can finally return home. The ironic thing is that I think the Order of the Virtuous Blood should continue its work. Perhaps I'll speak to the others. Yes, I think that the Order will live on. Give me time to make arrangements, and meet me in Seridur's basement." If you ask about Seridur again, he will simply state: "Let us never speak of that abomination again."

Roland and his followers

On your way back to the Imperial City, Roland will relocate to Seridur's basement, wandering around 24 hours a day, waiting for you to arrive. When you do, he will greet you with open arms, provide excellent news and hand you the Ring of Sunfire as a reward: "It's so good to see you again. I've spent a good deal of time speaking with Gilen and Grey-Throat. They agree that the Order should live on. Not only that, but we'd like to make you an honorary member. If you're ever in need of our services, we'd be happy to provide them for you. In addition, we'd like to reward you with this enchanted ring. Use it well in the fight." When you ask Gilen Norvalo, he will say this about Roland: "He's a fine man, and an honored brother." Grey-Throat will agree: "I'm pleased to call him brother." When you ask Roland about vampires, he will explain another reward, namely the option of bringing the Order vampire dust as proof you have slain a vampire: "At least there are a few less vampires in the world now. Well done. But there are more of these creatures that still roam Cyrodiil. If any of our books can help you in the cause of destroying more, you're welcome to read them. Since you're an honorary member of the Order, if you bring back proof you've slain a vampire, we'd be glad to compensate you. Bring back the vampire dust from their remains. That should be proof enough."

Roland will then resume his life in the Imperial City, dedicating almost all of his time to the Order. He always starts the day at 8am with a two-hour breakfast on the ground floor of his house before leaving for Seridur's basement. Here, he will wander around all day before he sits down at 7pm, carefully studying one of the many books found on the nearby shelves. At midnight he gets up and strolls around for two hours before he returns to his residence. He never sleeps and spends the nights on the ground floor of his house.

If you return to Roland later, he will greet you: "Our brother/sister returns to the fold!" If you have any vampire dust in your inventory and choose the "vampire" option, he will say: "Excellent! Another vampire has been slain. Here's your reward." Without any dust he will simply say: "Return to me when you have slain another vampire, and the Order will gladly reward you." In any case, the grateful Breton will always bid you farewell with the words: "May the sunlight always safeguard your path."

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  • Roland has an unused greeting and Imperial City topic that would play if you talked to him before the quest, since that is impossible, they never get heard: "I don't know you. Just stay away from me." and "It's not safe, talking to strangers. I don't know what's going on, but I have to be careful."