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(RefID: 00032A16)
Location Imperial Prison
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 41 Class Knight
RefID 00032A16 BaseID 00023F2B
Other Information
Health 1000 Magicka 64
Responsibility 60 Aggression 5
Essential Until Tutorial (Scripted Death)
Faction(s) Character gen Blades; Emperor faction, for Uriel and Martin

Glenroy is an Imperial Blade and a bodyguard of the Emperor during the game's tutorial. Together with fellow Blades Captain Renault and Baurus, he will attempt to lead the Emperor to safety through the sewers under the Imperial City.

Glenroy wears a set of Blades armor that cannot be looted. He is armed with his Akaviri katana, which will be retrieved by Baurus upon his death if you don't take it. He also carries a small amount of gold.

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"Usual mixup with the Watch, I ..."

When you first meet Glenroy, he will be following his captain into your prison cell. She will berate him when they find the cell occupied:

Renault: "What's this prisoner doing here? This cell is supposed to be off-limits."
Glenroy: "Usual mixup with the Watch, I ..."
Renault: "Never mind, get that gate open. Stand back, prisoner. We won't hesitate to kill you if you get in our way."
Glenroy: "You! Prisoner! Stand aside! Over by the window. Stay out of the way, and you won't get hurt."
"Stay put, prisoner."

If you refuse to move:

"Prisoner! Stand away from the door! Over by the window, now!"
"Prisoner! Get over by the window, now!"

He will then walk into your cell and say:

"Stay put, prisoner."

At this point, when you approach him he may say the following:

"This doesn't concern you, prisoner."
"Don't try anything. I'm watching you."

Speaking to him shows how he thinks of you as a bystander to the situation:

"This is official business. Do not interfere."

When Captain Renault dies, Glenroy will be first to notice:

"The captain's down!"

After the fight:

Baurus: "Are you all right, sire? We're clear, for now."
Uriel Septim: "Captain Renault?"
Baurus: "She's dead. I'm sorry, sire, but we have to keep moving."
Glenroy: "How could they be waiting for us here?"
Baurus: "Don't know. But it's too late to go back now."
Glenroy: "They won't be the first to underestimate the Blades. I'll take point. Let's move."
Baurus: "You stay here, prisoner. Don't try to follow us."

When you see them for a second time, Glenroy will begin getting worried:

Glenroy: "We should find a defensible spot and protect the Emperor until help arrives."
Baurus: "Help? What makes you help will get here before more of those bastards? We need to get the Emperor out of here."
Glenroy: "Here they come again!"

After the brief Mythic Dawn attack:

Baurus: "I think that was all of them. Let me take a look around."
Uriel Septim: "Have you seen the prisoner?"
Glenroy: "Do you think s/he followed us? How could s/he?"

If you don't come down off the ledge for him to acknowledge you, he may tell the Emperor to move on using one of the following lines:

"Sire, we have to go now."
"Your Majesty, we need to keep moving."
"Please, sire. We can't stay here. We have to go."

When you reveal your presence:

Glenroy: "Dammit, it's that prisoner again! Kill him/her, he/she might be working with the assassins."
Uriel Septim: "No. He/She is not one of them. He/She can help us. He/She must help us."
Glenroy: "As you wish, sire."
Uriel Septim: "Come closer, I'd prefer not to have to shout."

Should you approach him from this point, he may say the following:

"If you want to help, prisoner, keep alert and let us do our job."
"Don't get in our way."
"I've still got my eye on you, prisoner."
"I follow the Emperor's orders, but that doesn't mean I trust you."

After you have selected your birthsign, landing a killing blow on an assassin may or may not change his tone:

"You handled yourself pretty well back there. Just keep out of our way, got it?"

Similarly, Glenroy refuses to trust you if no assassins died by your hand and you attempt to enter conversation:

"The Emperor may trust you, but I don't. Stay out of our way."

He'll reconsider if you have managed to kill at least one assassin:

"Maybe the Emperor is right about you. The best way you can help is to let us do our jobs and don't get in our way."

He will also reprimand you for striking him, although after the third attack he will initiate combat. If he attacks, you must either yield or knock him unconscious:

"Don't push me, prisoner."
"You don't want to do that again."
"I'm out of patience with you, prisoner!"
Glenroy protects the Emperor until his last breath.

When in the final room, just before you head down the last of the stairs:

Glenroy: "Hold up. I don't like this. Let me take a look."

Upon getting a little closer:

Glenroy: "Looks clear. Come on. We're almost through to the sewers."

When he finds out the gate is barred from the other side:

Glenroy: "Dammit! The gate is barred from the other side! A trap!"
Baurus: "What about that side passage back there?"
Glenroy: "Worth a try. Let's go!"

When at the end of the side passage in a dead end room, if you don't head in straight away to force a dialogue change:

Baurus "It's a dead end. What's your call, sir?"
Glenroy: "I don't know. I don't see any good options here."

After a short while, he will be alarmed and say:

"They're behind us! Wait here, sire."
"Here they come again!"

After Baurus has told you to stay with the Emperor, he and Glenroy will storm off to kill the assassins and may yell:

"For the Emperor!"
"Watch your back, Baurus!"
"Watch yourself, prisoner!"
"For the Blades and the Emperor!"
"This one's mine."
"Take them down!"
"Oblivion take you!"
"You thought we'd go down easy?"
"The Emperor's in danger!"
"Protect the Emperor!"

Glenroy will meet his end in this battle, as he is scripted to die no matter how the fight goes.

Before you leave the prison for the sewers Baurus will take his and Captain Renault's katanas, if you possess them, and thank you for retrieving them.


  • Although for the majority of the tutorial he will simply be rendered unconscious if you beat him in combat, he loses his Essential status during the final fight and can be killed by your hand if you neglect to guard the Emperor. Doing so will not earn you a bounty, but it will attract the attention of the Dark Brotherhood.
  • Some of Jeff Baker's placeholder voice recordings for Glenroy as used in beta builds of Oblivion in 2004-5 are still in the game files. If his race (or the voice type for the Imperial race) is switched to Redguard, he will speak some of his lines in Baker's voice; the rest will be completely silent.
  • If Glenroy is not yet dead when the Emperor talks to you, he will immediately die.