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Martina Floria
(RefID: 00034EB9)
Home City Imperial City, Arcane University
Location Chironasium
Race Imperial Gender Female
Level 27 Class Sorcerer
RefID 00034EB9 BaseID 00034EB5
Available 10pm-2pm every day
Training Trainer (Master)Illusion (Master) Illusion, Master
Other Recharging Recharging
Other Information
Health 178 Magicka 250
Responsibility 50 Aggression 5
Faction(s) IC Citizens; Arcane University; Guild for Mages Wizard(Wizard Wizard)
Martina Floria

Martina Floria, an Imperial sorceress, is a Wizard of the Mages Guild who offers Master Training in Illusion and Recharging services at the Arcane University.

Martina is a real night owl. Starting at 10pm and through the whole night, she can be found pacing restlessly around the ground floor of the University's Chironasium, offering her services the whole time. In the early afternoon, at 2pm, she finally heads to bed on the second floor for eight hours of sleep.

She wears the standard mage's robe, but no shoes. She also carries the key to the Enchanting Center and a sizable amount of gold. She doesn't wield any weapons, relying instead on a leveled set of sorcerer spells (always strongest for Martina's skill level).

The first time you meet her, she will introduce herself and her services: "Martina Floria, Master Enchanter for the Mages Guild. Welcome to the Chironasium. Enchanting, isn't it?" Unlike most of her colleagues at the Arcane University, she actually likes the city: "I like cities, and this is the biggest and the best. All races, cultures, cuisines, crafts... the City has them all." If you ask her about your mage's staff in the related quest, she will direct you to Delmar: "Delmar handles all staff enchantments. You'll need to speak to him about it."

Even other talented illusionists acknowledge Martina's skill: the heads of both the Anvil and Bravil guild halls will refer you to her once you reach an illusion skill of 70. Kud-Ei in Bravil tells you that "Martina Floria at the Arcane University has truly mastered Illusion spells. You should speak with her about training further." and Anvil's Carahil admits that "Martina Floria at the Arcane University has a much better mastery of Illusion spells than I. You should travel there and speak with her."

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

Illusion TrainingEdit

If you have started her related quest, she will make you an offer:

"Hmm. A trade is in order, don't you think? My services in exchange for... oh, let's say ten Welkynd Stones. I'd say that's fair. Let me know when you have them."

Asking her again on the topic will net you:

"When you can provide me with ten Welkynd Stones, I'll provide you with training."

And when you bring her the stones, she will be delighted:

"Ah, ten Welkynd Stones. Most useful for my research. Thank you. And now, I am at your service."

Unused DialogueEdit

Every Master trainer has unused dialogue related to them refusing you training if you hadn't completed their quest yet (likely when you selected the train icon). For Martina this is supposed to be:

"I'll need something in exchange for my services."