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The Arboretum is one of the six inner districts of the Imperial City, on the southeastern side of the city. As its name implies, it is the city park, and features statues of the Nine Divines including a statue of Tiber Septim in the center.

Arboretum PeopleEdit

Larthjar the Laggard [a]
^aRelocates to the Skingrad prison during the quest Lost Histories.



Map of the Arboretum
  1. Gate to Green Emperor Way
  2. Gate to the Temple District
  3. Gate to City Isle and the walkway to the Arcane University
  4. Gate to the Arena District
  5. South Watch Tower
  6. Southeast Watch Tower
  7. The South East Tunnel, the sewer under the Arboretum
  8. Statue of Julianos, God of Wisdom and Logic
  9. Statue of Stendarr, God of Mercy
  10. Statue of Mara, Mother-Goddess and Goddess of Love
  11. Statue of Dibella, Goddess of Beauty
  12. Statue of Arkay, God of the Cycle of Birth and Death
  13. Statue of Akatosh, Dragon God of Time
  14. Statue of Kynareth, Goddess of Nature
  15. Statue of Zenithar, God of Work and Commerce
  16. Statue of Talos/Tiber Septim, God of War and Governance