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The Arena District is one of the six inner districts of the Imperial City, on the eastern side of the city. As its name implies, it features the Arena and little else.

Arena District PeopleEdit

Arena District
Adoring Fan
Agronak gro-Malog
Blue Team Gladiator
Yellow Team Champion
Ysabel Andronicus

Seven additional Imperial City people may be present at the Arena Balcony on different days of the week:

Quests Starting HereEdit



  • The Arena: Join the Arena faction; fight for honor and gold!


  • This is the only active arena in Cyrodiil, although the remains of another can be found in Kvatch. In the eighth episode of the Bethesda Podcast, celebrating the fifth anniversary of Oblivion, it was confirmed that there was originally to be an arena in every city, but the feature involved too much dialogue and could not fit on the game disk. Removing the other arenas allowed about 800 lines of dialogue to be removed.
    • The arena that appears in the Imperial City in the final game was originally intended to be Chorrol's arena. Most related IDs in the Construction Set are still prefixed with ChorrolArena.
    • Owyn and Hundolin were also originally intended to appear in Chorrol, but were moved to the Imperial City together with the arena itself. The original Gatekeeper for the Imperial City arena was an NPC named Victoria Delacroix. Another NPC named Tunengore was also related to the original Imperial City arena, although their intended role is unclear.
  • An unowned bedroll can be found against the eastern wall of the district.
    • This bedroll once belonged to a beggar who was removed from the final game. It is internally referred to as LichalsSleepingMat, but no other traces of an NPC named Lichal remain in the game or its files.
  • After watching Saliith and Branwen spar with each other for a few minutes, you will learn some "new moves" and are awarded +5 in the Hand to Hand skill. You will receive a message when this happens.
  • A guaranteed magic item, the Bands of Kwang Lao, is in a locked chest near where Branwen and Saliith train. The chest is protected by a Very Hard lock, and the gauntlets will be marked as stolen.
  • An "Arena Lockbox" protected by a Very Hard lock and containing 500 gold coins is between the doors to the Bloodworks and the Arena.
  • The Arena District also appears in ESO.


Map of the Arena District
  1. Northeast Watch Tower
  2. Gate to the Market District
  3. Arena Bloodworks
  4. Gate to Green Emperor Way
  5. Arena
  6. Arena
  7. Gate to the Arboretum
  8. Southeast Watch Tower
  9. Statue of Morihaus
  10. Statue of Saint Alessia