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A Lurker (Skyrim)
Type Daedra
Range Apocrypha
Appears in

Skyrim(DB), ESO

Lurker Spawn (ESO)

Lurkers are large daedric creatures that come from the murky waters of Apocrypha. They appear as tall, fishlike amphibious humanoids with gaping mouths and needle-like teeth described as "towering monstrosities".[1][2] They have what appears to be armor or thick scales lining their lower arms and legs.[1]

They serve Hermaeus Mora by guarding forbidden knowledge and are the "Apocrypha Keepers" alongside Seekers.[3][2] As their name may suggest, they lurk beneath the roiling pools of creatia (called Lurker-Summoning Chambers)[2] in their master's realm, and may surface if they detect trespassers. Lurkers use their long legs to stamp down on trespassers, and can attack from afar by spewing powerful dark tendrils from their mouths. Additionally, they can spit poisonous bile that looks like black spittle from their mouths, which travels far distances. Their slimy[2] flesh has regenerative properties, allowing them to heal when they are attacked as well as resist poison.[1] They are known to have aquatic spawn.[4] It was believed by some that Lurkers could grow larger because of the runoff of unfiltered magic in Apocrypha, feeding on nemesis loom spillways.[5]

They are rarely seen beyond the plane of Apocrypha,[6] but can manifest on Tamriel through orange-magenta portals. This was known to frequently occur when All-Maker Stones were cleansed of Miraak's influence.[7]

Uses and CultureEdit

Lurker-skin Sheath

Lurker-skin armor sheathings are harvested from living Lurkers, but it is hard to tell whether this is done willingly or not. Alchemical treatment is applied to preserve the sheathing in a state of quasi-life.[6]

In the Mythic Era, the cult of Miraak carved totems of lurkers within his temple.[2]


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