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A Harvester

Harvesters are intelligent, four-armed Daedra who serve Molag Bal. Their duty among his servants is to preside over sacrifices or the stealing of souls.[1] They act alone, and care little for concepts such as societal rank, unlike the Dremora.[2] Harvesters have the torso of a woman and the body of a serpent. They have piercing blue eyes just like their master.[3] Barbed gauntlets adorn their wrists, matching the harsh spikes running down their backs and the frilled crown of horns atop their heads. Dark plates of ebony are fused to their skin.[2]

Despite having many arms, their hands are not as suited for wielding blades as one might think. Instead, Harvesters opt to utilize the arts of conjuring and illusion.[2] They possess the ability to tear a mortal's soul straight from its body.[4] Harvesters feast on mortal vitality using their powerful sorcery. Said vitality appears in the form of dark orbs that emerge from their victims and gravitate towards the Harvester. When broken, these orbs will return the victim's strength.[2]

Some Harvesters appear in the service of Hircine and Sanguine.[5][6]

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