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Auroran Sentry (Legends)

Aurorans are an idealized humanoid race of Daedra in the service of Meridia. Their armor usually appears golden in tone, but since they come from the Colored Rooms, Aurorans can be of any hue.[1][2] These beings have magical control over color and hue,[3] and are capable of manipulating certain spectra of light into working on their behalf.[4] Warm colors are the easiest for them to manipulate.[4] They are formidable foes that wield shock-based magic, and are resistant to both magic and lightning.[5][6] They wield powerful axes infused with lightning,[6] and may combine in phalanx formations to channel light and deter trespassers.[7] The Dremora of Coldharbour view them as "idiot tools" exhibiting pretensions beyond their worth. They are believed to lack a comprehensible hierarchy.[8]

When an Auroran knight manifests on Tamriel, they can summon Daedric warhorses from the Colored Rooms. These horses are composed of pure light, and like the Aurorans, they exist in various hues.[9][3] These mounts occasionally persist in the mortal plane if their knight is banished.[10] Aurorans choose their allegiances very carefully,[11] and usually only elect to fight beneath other servants of Meridia. In the presence of Dark Orbs, Aurorans are blessed by Meridia with uncanny vigor,[12] being healed,[7] resurrected, and even prevented from being banished to the Void as long as they remain in close proximity of the orbs.[13] Orbs that emit light in certain hues can control Aurorans of the respective color.[7] Mortals who revere Meridia often honor her by adopting an armor style inspired by that of the Aurorans, crafted with the use of Auroran dust.[14]


When the White-Gold Tower was stormed during the Alessian Slave Rebellion, the Ayleids made a pact with Meridia. The golden-hued "half-Elf" Umaril the Unfeathered was Meridia's champion, resembling a much larger Auroran.[15] Following his defeat at the Temple of the Ancestors,[16] Meridia entrusted one half the Wrathstone to the Ayleids of Garlas Malatar, blessing King Narilmor with a pact of immortality and granting a legion of Aurorans to help him guard it in the depths of the city.[17] When the ruins were infiltrated by the members of the treasure hunter Tharayya's expedition in 2E 584, they were made to fight many kinds of Aurorans after obtaining the Wrathstone. King Narilmor's mortal form was killed, and as part of his pact with Meridia he was resurrected as a Symphony of Blades, an immensely powerful Auroran suit of light.[7][18] Umaril later returned in 3E 433, having his Aurorans ambush various chapels to the Nine Divines. They guarded his sanctum in Garlas Malatar and were aided by a Dark Orb, which was later shattered, becoming frozen in time. Without the Dark Orb's presence, the Aurorans were unable to hold their form upon the mortal plane, and they perished immediately.[13]



  • Aurorans are noted as being able to use the light from yellow and white crystals to their advantage, but are unable to do the same with blue crystals or open flames.[4]
  • Aurorans share some similarities to Aureals, also called Golden Saints. According to Lyranth, they regard each other with "entirely deserved" contempt.[8] Darien Gautier also noted having the company of Golden Saints during his time in the Colored Rooms.[19]

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