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A Havocrel

Havocrel are a blind, giant, and ill-tempered Daedric race that serve as mercenaries in their quest to find their purpose. Thus they do not have loyalty to any Daedric Prince, and instead take up contracts in hopes of gaining something they desire. Some among them carry titles of nobility, such as Duke and Baron,[1] though it is unknown if they were granted these ranks through their clients. Havocrel are a solitary race that is rarely seen, and have no sense of kinship, ultimately resulting in them detesting others of their own kind.[2][3]

Havocrel's height are comparable to that of a Frost Giant, and their blindness is said to be a result of curse. Despite the lack of vision, these Daedra have no trouble sensing the whereabouts of those near them. Some opt to use headwear of varying intricacy to cover their eyes, though others show no care for such presentation.[2]

The treatise Havocrel: Strangers from Oblivion, provided a much needed expansion of knowledge on the reclusive race. Among the many questions the subject, Xeacus, answered was just a glimpse of what his kind may do during their leisure time. He described owning a palace of frozen magicka that he retreats to in-between the jobs he performs for the Daedric Princes. Of course, true to their nature, Havocrel are creatures that seek to gain from bargains, and for the knowledge he provided, he requested that the scholar destroy the summoning circle that bound him, leaving Xeacus alone with the summoner who would serve as an unwilling plaything.[2]


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