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An Ogrim

Ogrim (also known as Clannfear Daddies)[1]:40 are large dim-witted Daedra with very little intellect,[2] which are described in appearance as "fat-faced ogres".[3] They are chiefly sent into the mortal world to menace living things for the amusement of Daedra Princes. Ogrim are primarily associated with Malacath.[2][4] They are sturdy and powerful,[5] and can regenerate health by pounding their chests.[6] For clothing, most Ogrim wear minimal garments such as modesty cloths,[7] though the higher-ranking ones are often suited in armor.[8] Due to their immense weight, belly spoons made from curved piece of obsidian are used in easing Ogrim torsos into armor or through narrow doorways.[9] Tooth sharpener picks are made specifically for cleaning out the stubborn crevices between ogrim teeth.[10] Many of them wear jewelry including nipple piercings,[11] nipple caps adorned with copper,[12] and nose shackles etched with jagged runes that signify an Ogrim's obeisance to a Daedric master.[13]

Every Daedric Prince is said to possess legions of Ogrims among other common Lesser Daedra.[14] Sanguine uses ogrim as bouncers for his parties.[15] Ogrim are also known to serve Molag Bal and Mephala.[16][17] Molag Bal often employs them as guards[6] and torturers.[18][19] The lumbering ogrim is cruel, often entertaining itself by tormenting its underlings.[6] Ogrim Toss is a game where a crude ball is kicked around by ogrims, though it is unclear if it has any actual rules.[20]

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