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Imp (Oblivion)

Imps are small, winged humanoids who are slightly intelligent and can cast a variety of spells. They are known to be aggressive and mischievous creatures. The origins of the imp are not clearly understood; some sources suggest they may be Daedric beings,[1][2][3][4] while others state that they are artificial constructs similar to golems. It may be that both theories are correct, or that they are something else entirely.[5][3] Imps are listed among the types of common Daedra that can be found in service to every Daedric Prince.[1] Imps were also among the first beings summoned from Oblivion during the development of Conjuration magic, further suggesting at least some imps could be Daedra.[4][3] They are commonly found in the wilderness throughout Tamriel, often gathering in caves.[6][7][8] They can also be found in the Deadlands,[9] Apocrypha,[10] or in the company of elemental atronachs.[11][12]

Speakers of Impish can tame or even summon these creatures.[13][14] The language is taught by both the Mages Guild and the School of Julianos.[13] Imps often serve as familiars or vault guardians for magisters, although they have been known to go rogue.[15][16][17] Although usually hostile, some imps can be quite good-natured once they have imprinted on an individual.[18] Daedra have been known to hire imp-drawn carts to transport items across the planes of Oblivion.[19]

Imps are sometimes killed and harvested for their imp gall, a valuable alchemy ingredient.[8][20] Their hide and other bodily fluids are also sometimes harvested.[7]

In nearby Bravil, the Imps in the southern Great Forest near the Upper Niben are known to gather in Robber's Glen Cave.[8]

A wide variety of imps exist. Although their skin is usually green, imps can come in other colors such as olive, red, or grey. They may or may not be horned; usually an imp's set of horns are small, but they can be curved and protruding.[21][6][7][14] Stoneglow imps are a dark-colored variety that possess icy blue eyes and glowing claws that can shatter stone.[18] Frostshriek imps appear to be formed from solid ice, and are known to drop the ambient temperature of their surroundings when summoned.[22] Illusion imps are notorious for conjuring fantastical illusions, such as disguising themselves as miniature dragons.[23] Cinder-imps are known to nest in the ducts of Daedric forges and gorge themselves on supplies of charcoal.[24]



  • The Homonculus is physically similar to the imp. Like imps, homonculi have been described as constructs created by a powerful wizard.
  • Hemopteras are physically similar to imps. They are ethereal creatures summoned by blood magic and are usually associated with vampires.
  • Imps were originally considered to be Daedra in Legends before they were given their own card subtype.

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