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ON-creature-Armored Dremnaken.jpg
A Dremnaken (ESO)

Type Daedra
Range Apocrypha (invasive), Deadlands
Appears in


Dremnaken are quadruped bestial Daedra that somewhat resemble reptilian welwa,[1] with red scales, pointed ears, two sets of front-facing eyes, sharp fangs, and a long tail.[2] These creatures are native to the Deadlands, invasive to Apocrypha,[3] and rarely seen on Tamriel. Dremnaken are intelligent hunters that are capable of extreme cruelty, and have a desire to quite literally consume knowledge.[4][3] They gore their prey and have been known to use magic to steal the victim's life spirit. Despite their bestial appearance, Dremnaken are capable of speech.[5] They are known to hunt in packs.[6]

Dremnaken are often armored for battle.[7] Some, known as wrathsteeds, are ridden as fearsome war mounts.[8] Dremnaken runts are diminutive in size but just as fierce as their larger pack mates.[6]


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