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Lore:Knower's Eye

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Knower's Eyes
ON-creature-Knower's Eye.jpg
A Knower's Eye (ESO)
Type Daedra
Range Apocrypha
(Infinite Panopticon, Infinite Archive)
Appears in


Knower's Eyes, (also known as Watchful Lights,[1] and Eyes of Mora)[2] are Daedric minions of Hermaeus Mora native to Apocrypha, taking the form of massive, floating green orbs resembling eyes. They possess the ability to captivate those who gaze upon them, diverting the attention of nearby foes and diminishing their combat capabilities. At times, they are observed patrolling landmarks in Apocrypha and firing green beams at intruders.[3][4] Individuals who have been granted one of the brief yet powerful blessings, referred to as Verses, from Hermaeus Mora himself, can conjure and command the Knower's Eye in combat up to a certain extent. These blessings are direct bestowals from Hermaeus Mora, intended to aid and alter one's exploration within the Infinite Archive.[5][6]

The Eyes of Mora may evoke terror, death, and despair for some,[1] but they also serve as vessels for storing information.[7] Dedicated followers of Mora take care of these floating eyes, tending to them like books on a shelf. These eyes are extracted from the countless orbs that comprise Hermaeus Mora's essence. Each eye, contains a memory personally witnessed by Hermaeus Mora, reserved as a significant recollection. To access one of these stored memories, one must physically enter the eye, which typically requires a key, a pass phrase, or another method of gaining access.[2][8][9]

Scholars questioned whether they are sentient beings or mere extensions of Hermaeus Mora. However, they agreed that the presence of consciousness does not always indicate independent will. These entities exhibit controlled movements, resembling observation, and serve as a source of light within Apocrypha.[1]



  • Glass Eyes of Mora served as a component of the attire of some of Mora's followers. They were also used in the construction of Apocryphal furnishings and structures.[10][11]

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