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A Spider Daedra

Spider Daedra (also called Perthan)[1] are semi-intelligent Daedra[2] who appear as giant spiders with armored carapaces and humanoid torsos.[3] They are associated with Mephala,[2] though they can be seen serving other Princes,[2] such as Molag Bal.[4] Spider Daedra are capable of speech,[5] and some are willing to engage in relatively peaceable conversation with mortals.[6]

They are so fierce, unruly and irrational that not even Mephala's worshipers can trust them, as they may not heed the Spinner's commands.[3] Due to their disobedient and willful reputation, many sorcerers in Morrowind are unwilling to summon them.[3] They are unstable, oversexed, overstimulated, excitable, high strung, and keeping them focused and on-topic in conversation is a difficult task.[7] They are some of the more powerful Daedra, with formidable melee and spellcasting abilities. They can spin webs, spit poison and cast powerful storm spells.[8] They can summon spiderlings to aid them in battle.[8] They weave cocoons to ensnare mortals.[9] These cocoons are so resilient that they can only be broken from the outside.[10]

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