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Fire Daemons
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A Fire Daemon (Arena)
Type Daedra
Range Netherworld
Appears in


Fire Daemons are creatures from the netherworld, often gating themselves into Mundus on some errand of their choosing. They are dangerous foes, highly intelligent, completely chaotic in nature, and powerful in the ways of magic. They are resistant to fire and possess the ability to see invisible entities.[1] They could possibly be considered a variation of doppelganger, as they have (or were given) the ability to transmogrify into the shape of others.[2][nb 1][nb 2]


When the Imperial Battlemage, Jagar Tharn, began his coup against Emperor Uriel Septim VII, he summoned a pack of Fire Daemons to steal the appearance of Septim's Imperial Guard, before banishing Uriel and his Guard into a timeless demesne within Oblivion.[2][3][nb 1][nb 2]

Circa 3E 427, there were riots within Cyrodiil City, with the people accusing the Septim Heirs: Geldall, Enman, and Ebel of being by replaced by doppelgangers of Jagar Tharn.[4][nb 3]



  • The Fire Daemon creature was originated for The Elder Scrolls: Arena. However, usage of term "Daemon" and "Demon" were semi-retired during Daggerfall's development, and replaced with the term Daedra, which was more neutral in nature, as it doesn't possess the real world negative connotations and assumptions that come with using the term "demon."[UOL 1]
  • ^3  The original plot for the Oblivion Crisis storyline dealt with the Septim Heirs. There an idea thrown around about "of holding a torch near important members of the court to see if they cast a human shadow and not some horrible, hunched over clawed thing" and there being "an invasion from another faction from within." But these ideas were ultimately left on the cutting room floor.[UOL 2]
  • Fire Daemons share several similarities with Daedroths in Daggerfall, including similarly reptilian forms and high intelligence stats.[5] Given their lack of appearance since Arena due to the use of the name Daemon, it's possible they were the inspiration for the Daedra species.

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