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Mind-Shriven are mortals or Daedra who have had their will and mentality stolen by Molag Bal, the Daedric Prince of Domination and Enslavement.[1] They are not to be confused with Soul-Shriven, dead mortals whose souls have been stolen by Bal and replaced by a Daedric vestige. Unlike these "vestiges", Mind-Shriven are not dead and have retained their mortal bodies.

Becoming a Mind-Shriven involves drinking a poison known as the Blood of Coldharbour, which will slowly begin to rob the imbiber of their willpower. This process can be delayed through alchemy, but not halted. Mind-Shriven can be identified by the wispy blue veins of cold fire that emanate from their veins, and their glowing blue eyes. Once the transformation is complete, the victim takes on a lifeless, pallid grey tone and becomes mindlessly aggressive.[2] Some of the afflicted experience side effects apart from the intended effect, such as their vision being tinted blue as their eyes change.[3] The process is not just effective on the mortal races, as horses and wolves have been transformed into Mind-Shriven.[4][5] Even lesser Daedra can become Mind-Shriven, as in the case of Mind-Shriven Scamps, unusual specimens that are often found in the company of other Mind-Shriven creatures.[6]

The presence of Mind-Shriven on Nirn was most prominent during the Daedric occupation of the Imperial City in 2E 582, during the Planemeld. The Imperial Prison was used by the Daedra in the production of world-fouling biological weapons.[7] Many of the prisoners there were turned into Mind-Shriven thralls in addition to having their organs used in the creation of said weapons.[8] Members of the traitorous Legion Zero were required to drink the Blood of Coldharbour to prove their loyalty to Molag Bal. Some legionnaires remained loyal to the Empire, opting to face death instead.[2]


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